49 Adio V

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Official UFPDOCA Colony Entry: 49 Adio V

  • Colony Name: 49 Adio V, aka New Paulatuk, aka The Sovereign Theocracy of Surakan
  • Creator: James Braun


  • System/Location: Fifth planet of the 49 Adio System
  • Distance to nearest Starbase: 42 days to SB GAMMA
  • Planet Classification: M-Class
  • Satellites/Space Stations: Two moons, both uninhabited
  • Land/Water Ratio: 64%/36%; New Paulatuk is, in fact, a watery world, but most of the freshwater is locked in permanent glaciers which cover most of the planet's surface. The remaining landforms are grassy steppeland.
  • Climate controlled: No.
  • Native Sentient Life: None.


  • Colony Age: 80 years
  • Population: 35 000
  • Species Present: Vulcan 70%, Human 30%
  • Colony Status: New Paulatuk remains a nominal UFP Protectorate. Surakan has declared itself independant of the Federation, but the Federation council does not recognize the motion.
  • Government: New Paulatuk elects a tribal council every three years. The Vulcan Order of Surakan, headed by an elected First Abbot, rules the Theocracy of Surakan. The First Abbot rules for life.
  • Major Cities/Settlements: Federation City: 8 000. Really only a semi-sedentary camp, based around the site of New Paulatuk's UFPDOCA Office.


49 Adio V(the only agreed upon name by the colonists) has come up a number of times as one of the few black marks in the long history of Human-Vulcan cooperation.

The first colonists were Vulcan secessionists; a monastic order who believed that Vulcan's troubles with interstellar aggressors were brought on by increased involvement in galactic affairs. They wanted to create a new, de-industrialized Vulcan, where the people led a simpler life, dictated by the teachings of Surak, and didn't make their planet an attractive prize for interstellar mauraders like the Orion Pirates and the Borg.

When the Order saw that it would not gain popular support on Vulcan, it gathered up it's followers and left the planet en masse in search of a new home. Roughly 25 000 Vulcans left the planet in 2319 AD, in search of a suitable planet far enough from the civilized Federation bastions to ensure they would be left alone. Ten years later, they settled on 49 Adio V, and staged a sort of 'squat'.

Meanwhile, in 2374, another group of Federation 'secessionists', this time an Inuit band from Northern Canada, were attempting to find a new home were they could practise their traditional lifestyle unhindered by Federation contact. In 2372, they were granted a 400 year lease on 49 Adio (still believed to be uninhabited), and provided with a small fleet to move them.

Upon their arrival, confronted with a sizeable number of Vulcans living in scattered hamlets across the steppes, the Inuit tribal council registered an immediate complaint with the UFPDOCA, accusing them of trying to disrupt their patterns of life with Vulcan colonists. This began a number of diplomatic and legal maneouveres which led to the deadlock today.

First, the UFPDOCA sent out a fleet to recover the Vulcan monks. The Vulcans staged a sit-in, refusing to cooperate with the relief force. When Starfleet attempted to beam out the Vulcans, it prompted a rash of suicides and a number of hunger strikes. The Vulcan ambassador to the Federation immediately protested the UFPDOCA's actions on humanitarian grounds, and the relief force withdrew empty-handed. In the meantime, the Inuit settled in and built Federation city.

The next move, on the part of the Vulcan colonists, was a referendum on Surakan's sovereignty; the Inuit were allowed to participate(although most abstained from the vote), and the colony voted overwhelmingly in favour of independance. An immediate government was put in place, a declaration of independance was transmitted to Terra, and citizenship was made, by motion of Parliament, to hinge upon membership in the Order of Surakan. The Vulcans filed an immediate request with the Federation, calling for the Inuit's deportation; the Federation council responded by saying that it did not recognize the results of the referendum or the Surakan government, citing an order of protest by the legitimate leaseholders of the colony of New Paulatuk.

Later, the Vulcan Colonial Affairs Bureau tried to step in on behalf of the Federation. A representative was sent to the Surakan Parliament, who tried to force a bill calling for negotiations with Vulcan Colonial Affairs to resettle them on another planet. Parliament responded by voting to turn the Parliament houses into a monastery, effectively barring the VCAB representative from entry.

The situation as it stands now is thus: The Inuit and Vulcan settlements are scattered along the equatorial regions of 49 Adio V. Every year, the UFPDOCA office releases a statement to those who will still listen, exhorting Surakan to negotiate with the Federation, and begging the Inuit not to resort to violence to settle the conflict. The Surakan First Abbot releases a statement in response, stating invariably that Surakan sees no room for negotiation in a closed diplomatic affair. Furthermore, that the Federation has roughly 10 000 illegal residents on Surakan who have been politely asked to leave.

Since stardate 91019, the Inuit tribal council has voted to recall 7 different UFPDOCA representatives, citing each time 'cultural insensitivity in internal tribal matters' as their cause. The Federation has taken this as a sign that the Inuit are losing faith and patience with efforts at negotiation, and may be preparing to strike out on their own.


Both the New Paulatuk and Surakan colonies work on a barter system.

Tech Level:

  • Surakan: Neolithic era
  • New Paulatuk: Paleolithic era

Both tech levels have been arrived at voluntarily, according to the wishes of the colonists to adopt a more traditional pattern of society.


  • Surakan: A Surakian fundamentalist theocracy; the Vulcans there are exclusively the most devout of Surak's disciples. Strict non-violence, and the discipline of logic are central to their belief system.
  • New Paulatuk: The Inuit, too, have reverted to their traditional hunter-gatherer, polytheistic



Effective stardate 100209, Starfleet issued a general order not to approach 49 Adio unless specifically invited by one of the factions.

Both governments are to be treated as Federation members, although the Federation Council only recognizes the tribal council of New Paulatuk as legitimate.