ASR Honors List- April 2000 Round Table

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Smaller ASR Insignia

Outstanding Players

  • Mark Brown (FCO, USS NEBULA) is recognized for his sustained enthusiasm and creativity. He has taken an instrumental role in plot development and character interaction, thereby becoming a driving force behind shipboard role play. As a relatively new player, he stands as a gamewide example.
  • Michael Bursey (USS BURKE, USS DAEDALUS) is recognized for his sustained commitment to his units, despite his multiple billets. Long known in ASR for his marine characters, he has recently moved into command roles where it is hoped that he will continue his efforts in supporting plot development and character interaction.
  • Rob Gonzalez (CNS, USS KIROV) has a been a key player on KIROV since the moment he arrived. His commitment to embellishing the plot, while drawing others into the story, is exemplary. Moreover, his enthusiasm and commitment have proven contagious, making role play more enjoyable for all aboard.
  • Andrea Mills (USS BURKE) is recognized for the high quality of her writing and her cooperative attitude towards role play. She exhibits enthusiasm for all aspects of interactive storytelling, and takes a very active role in non-role playing discussions about shipboard direction as well.
  • Craig Plant (USS AURORA) is recognized for his contributions as an outstanding new player on the USS Aurora. Arriving in late December, he jumped into the story at an awkward time (near the mission climax) and took a leading role in bringing the various threads to a conclusion. His knack for character development and storytelling helped sustain the ship during periods where both the CO and XO were distracted by personal commitments offline, and his cooperative attitude sets a positive example to the entire game.

Outstanding Command Players

  • James Bowman (USS CONSTELLATION) is recognized for his recent efforts to rebuild his command. Faced with attrition, player burnout, and falling posting rates, he implemented a number of radical ideas to encourage player participation in the plot, and has set an example through his own renewed commitment. Many command players have commented that they look to him for a positive role model.
  • Mary Ann Harrison (CO, NEBULA) and Chris Mayberry (XO, USS NEBULA) have received multiple nominations for their efforts to ensure the continued success of the USS NEBULA when the previous CO disappeared and the XO resigned. The dedication and hard work have helped the USS NEBULA remain one of ASR's strongest units.
  • Marc Johnson (OPS, DS13) deserves recognition for his leadership and initiative with the escort threads on DS13. His knack for plot development, sensitive characterization, and effective story management have helped make DS13 one of the most successful multi-mission environments in ASR's history.
  • Scott Lusby (CO, USS LEVIATHAN; XO, DS13) remains one of ASR's hardest working command players. His extraordinary dedication to the organization, his commitment to the writers under his care, and his knack for eliciting the best from those with whom he writes sets an example to others.
  • Takako Nagumo (CO, USS CHESAPEAKE) is recognized for her continued excellence as a veteran commanding officer. Her diligence, reliability, and commitment to maximizing her players' enjoyment of their ASR experience remains an outstanding example to others.

Meritorious Administrative Commendation

  • Chris Aubrey (GREENXO) remains one of ASR's hardest working fleet administrators. Most notably, his ability to balance obligations to his units with those to his fleet have set him apart in an environment where all too often one is sacrificed for the other. His helpfulness, approachability, and enthusiasm have made him indispensable to the success of Green Fleet.
  • Margaret Kipp (former COMSILVERTFZ) is to be commended for taking a leading role in securing the survival of the USS NEBULA during the unit's upheaval last autumn. She also demonstrated, through her dealings with the captains under her command, good judgement and attentiveness to duty. Moreover, her ongoing efforts as Silver Fleet's webmaster are evidence of her continued outstanding commitment to ASR admin.

Outstanding Unit Citations

  • USS NEBULA (Silver)

Most Improved Units

  • SB OMEGA (Indigo)
  • USS ENDEAVOUR (Silver)

Honors Retired Personnel

  • Jason Botsjancic (former COMSFE) is to be commended for his legendary efforts on behalf of Star Fleet Engineering, one of ASR's traditionally most active branches. SFE is very fortunate he has elected to stay on as a graphics designer and web consultant.
  • Alton Reich (former CINCSILVER) is thanked for his service as CINCSILVER, and for his efforts to serve as a fleet commander during the personal turmoil of job change and a cross-country move. ASR looks forward to his continued service as COMSFE.