ASR Honors List- April 2001 Round Table

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Smaller ASR Insignia

Outstanding Players

  • Natalie Parker (USS SERAPIS) has distinguished herself as a relatively new player to ASR. Her cooperative attitude, skill with plot and character development, and deft hand in the writing of others characters has served to distinguish her as an exceptionally strong writer and led to multiple nominations for outstanding player.
  • Geoff Buckett (USS CHESAPEAKE) has distinguished himself as a relatively new player in ASR. His contributions are consistently well-written, interesting, and truly *interactive*. He is a good-humored pleasure in NRPG as well.
  • Matthew Cunliffe (XO, USS ENDEAVOUR) who is writing a TAC PC while doing XO NRPG duties (until he takes over the XO role in RP). His return to the ENDEAVOUR was extremely welcome and couldn't have been more timely. He's set a great example for newer players with both excellent posts and friendly, prompt NRPG communications.

Outstanding Command Players

  • Fred Warren (CO, USS CIRCE) is to be commended for the skill with which he took over the USS CIRCE from her founding captain. His efforts to integrate new players into the story while continuing to cultivate relationships with veterans and preserving the environment they built over a period of years should serve as an example to others with a similar task.
  • Scott Freligh (CO, USS CONSTELLATION) Scott jumped into command of the CONnie with both feet. He was both flexible and proactive in the team effort to rebuild his crew, and is running a solid, steady unit after only a few months. He deserves recognition as one of ASR's most promising leaders.
  • Karen Fainges (CO, USS HUNTER ADAMS; XO, USS YORKTOWN) Karen has worked very hard to make USS ADAMS the excellent ship it is. She leaves no detail unexamined and is always there for her crew. In terms of administration she is generally the first to respond to queries, make suggestions and generally strives to make SILVER Fleet better. Her efforts at the RP and NRPG level are greatly appreciated.
  • Pat Schumacher (XO, USS YAMATO) deserves recognition for his enthusiastic and diligent support of the USS YAMATO during his tenure there. He sets an example by keeping the plot moving. His posts are constructive, cooperative, and display a good sense for interactive role playing.

Outstanding Unit Citation

  • DS13 (GOLD)

Most Improved Unit

  • DS4 (GREEN)

Retired Personnel

  • Chris Aubrey (CINCGREEN, USS CIRCE, USS CHESAPEAKE) No one has been more keenly missed by his fellow players than Chris Aubrey. Both in game play and in nrpg relations, Chris left a gaping and grievous hole when he left. It is hoped by all who played with his units that Chris will recover speedily and rejoin us as soon as he feels able.
  • Scott Lusby (COMALB) took over COMALB after the previous officeholder moved on to the position of CSFO. His contagious enthusiasm, motivation, and attentiveness proved very effective in an admin position which is often new players' first contact with ASR. His contribution to the club from that corner cannot be measured.
  • Jeffrey Trock (CSFO) deserves special recognition for his six month term as CSFO. He stepped into one of ASR's most demanding admin roles and handled the responsibilities seamelssly, demonstrating good judgement and an ability to work with a variety of very different administrative styles. His support of the CINCSF in keeping the organization running smoothly and successfully warrants our appreciation and thanks.

Special Honours

  • Jeffrey Jenkins (CINCSF) served ASR longer in the top spot than any other player in the history of the game. His tireless patience for answering even the most trivial player concerns, his accessibility, and his friendliness helped see ASR through some of her roughest periods. We recognize him as one of ASR's hardest working administators and will miss his contributions at the upper admiralty level. His contributions to ASR have gone far above and beyond the call of duty, and he is therefore awarded this special commendation.


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