ASR Honors List- April 2002 Round Table

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Smaller ASR Insignia

Outstanding Players

  • Andrew F. (ENDEAVOUR/SUFFOLK/DAEDALUS/CONSTELLATION): Andrew has created some of the most unique characters in ASR and is to be commended for the way in which he can bring them into almost any mission all while continuing to work with different members of his units. He also maintains a very high post rate across several units, including XO of CONSTELLATION. He works just as hard in the nrpg arena developing story ideas with his crewmates.
  • Jeff Garcia (HUNTER ADAMS): Jeff's portrayal of a Counsellor aboard the HUNTER ADAMS brings a wealth of ideas to his unit while his continued character interaction and co-operative attitude towards role play are appreciated by all who write with him.
  • Charles Jencks (SUFFOLK/DAEDALUS/DS13/TEMPEST): Charles is recognised for his sustained commitment to his units, despite his multiple billets. His elevation to Commanding Officer of the SUFFOLK is testament to this hard work.
  • Dennis Manski (NEBULA): Dennis has taken a leading role in bringing the various threads to a conclusion. His knack for character development and storytelling helped sustain the ship during periods where both the CO and XO were distracted by personal commitments offline, and his co-operative attitude sets a positive example to the entire game. (Multiple nominations)
  • Lezley McDouall (CIRCE) continues to merit commendation for her portrayal of the USS CIRCE's counsellor. Her knack for weaving long term character development with mission related story lines and her enthusiasm for joint posts have greatly contributed to her fellow players' enjoyment.
  • Sean Murphy (LEVIATHAN, DS13) remains a pillar of the two units where he fields regular characters. Sean's reliability, commitment to helping new players get acclimated, and his enthusiasm are without match. His warmth sets a particularly outstanding example to others.
  • Greg Rickards (NOVA) continues to receive recognition as a model player. His reliability, outstanding writing efforts, and commitment to long term story development all combine to make him the USS NOVA's most valued contributor.
  • Jennifer Shafer (TEMPEST): Jennifer's enthusiasm, energy and reliability in developing subplots to spur writing from others is a singular source of forward momentum for her unit while her enthusiasm for joint posts has assisted others in their own character development
  • Sean Speake (CIRCE) is to be commended for his effortless portrayal of the USS CIRCE's MCO. He continues to provide outstanding support to his crewmates and his captain, particularly with his knack for reviving dying threads. His writing style is both entertaining in its own right and singularly motivational to fellow writers. He stands as an example to other veteran writers in ASR.

Outstanding Command Players

  • Ed Bell (CO CONSTELLATION): Ed should be recognised for his leadership of the CONSTELLATION after having two previous Commanding Officers disappear from the unit - in particular his ability to do this while working with a unit that is less than half crewed is truly exemplary.
  • Rick Drake (XO TEMPEST): Rick has been a mainstay of the USS TEMPEST. His enthusiasm, energy, and reliability have set an example to other players.
  • Karen Fainges (CO HUNTER ADAMS): Karen remains one of the hardest working Command players in ASR. Her enthusiasm, approachability and sense of fun has helped to make the HUNTER ADAMS one of the most popular units in ASR.
  • Tess Gratton (SERAPIS, DS13) is recognised for her significant contributions and commitment to the KRIMA story arc. Her tireless energy, her willingness to engage other players in joint posts, and her efforts at kicking up enthusiasm during lulls in the action have made her one of KRIMA's most valuable new command players.
  • Charles Jencks' (CO SUFFOLK, XO DAEDALUS) hard work, enthusiasm, and leadership-by-example have been instrumental in the continuing success of USS DAEDALUS and the revitalisation of USS SUFFOLK. His quiet, efficient management style provides the essential "inertial stabilisers" for DAEDALUS, arguably the highest-energy unit in ASR, and is an excellent study for all aspiring XOs. Charles took command of SUFFOLK, which was teetering on the edge of deactivation, restaffed it in two weeks, and brought it back to life.
  • Lezley McDouall (CO ENDEAVOUR) has received multiple nominations and is to be praised for her continuing work as the commanding officer of USS ENDEAVOUR. Under her leadership, ENDEAVOUR is a strong and vibrant ship with a character and style all her own.
  • Natalie Parker (KUSANAGI, SERAPIS) deserves the highest recognition as an outstanding new command player in KRIMA. Her organisational and writing abilities, coupled with her friendliness, enthusiasm, and commitment to acclimating new players set an example to ASR as a whole.
  • Noah Rains (CO THUNDERCHILD, XO TEMPEST, XO MACRONIN): Noah has provided consistently strong leadership on the three units he holds command positions for and his players appreciate his efforts.
  • Jeffery Trock (XO NOVA) has been instrumental in the current revival of the USS NOVA's posting levels. His commitment to joint posts, his active role in shaping the course of the story, and his excellence in depicting the nuances of space warfare are an inspiration to other players, particularly his commanding officer.
  • Fred Warren (CO CIRCE): Fred has performed exceptionally as the CO of the USS CIRCE over the past year. He has provided consistently strong leadership of his unit. His work on provided background material for the CIRCE's missions are appreciated by all under his command.

Outstanding Unit Citation


Most Improved Unit


Meritorious Administrative Commendations

  • Ed Bell (MEDCOM): Ed's work as MEDCOM continues to make him one of the most active and effective branch commanders. His attention to detail, readiness to answer any query and genuine enthusiasm continue to have a positive influence on the number of Counsellors and Chief Medical Officer's joining ASR.
  • Karen Fainges (SILVERXO/COTFZ) has again received multiple nominations for recognition of her leadership and dedication to the ships under her command as well as her commitment to SILVER Fleet as a whole.
  • Masako Goto (ALBADJ/aCOMALB): With Takako Nagumo overseas and Chris Hatch forced to resign from ALB administration due to real life concerns it fell to Masako Goto to pick up the pieces. Not only did she go above and beyond the call of duty in her new role she has helped to revitalise ALB with a commitment to upgrading documents and sourcing and training new instructors. (Multiple nominations)
  • Harry Iha (ASR Webmaster): Harry continues to do an outstanding job on the ASR website, which is updated frequently and constantly reviewed for ease of navigation.
  • Noah Rains (COMODGREEN, THUNDERCHILD) As a new administrator in ASR, Noah's performance in smoothly merging ODGREEN Division into GREEN Fleet from SFPD, while maintaining a solid RP unit in USS THUNDERCHILD, clearly deserves recognition. (Multiple nominations)

Honours to Retired Personnel

  • Chris Hatch (former ALBADJ/aCOMALB) and Geoff Buckett (former Personnel Officer) for their hard work at ALB.


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