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Smaller ASR Insignia

Outstanding Players

  • Rick Drake (USS TEMPEST, USS MACRONIN, USS THUNDERCHILD, GREEN Fleet): Rick's involvement in TEMPEST and MACRONIN have in large part helped to maintain (TEMPEST) and revive (MACRONIN) both ships. Neither would be where they are without him.
  • Jeanette Rizzo (USS THUNDERCHILD, GREEN Fleet): Jeanette's posts have thoughtfully and provocatively explored many issues involving her Security officer's interactions with others among the crew, and her role play as Ilya Karasov on the USS KRONSHDADT adventures last fall reflected her excellent capabilities as a command officer player.
  • Kel Favi (USS TEMPEST, GREEN Fleet): Kel's involvement as the ship's counselor has helped maintain that ship. She's a frequent joint poster and makes significant contributions to the ongoing game. TEMPEST would not be where it is without her.
  • Allan MacLennan (USS CONSTELLATION, GREEN Fleet): Allan emerged as a consistent poster for CONSTELLATION in a billet (CSO) not always known for its posting consistency around ASR. He picks up hooks left by other writers well, and consistently involves others in his writing. An emerging writer to keep an eye on.
  • Elaine Chao (USS CHESAPEAKE, GREEN Fleet; USS KIROV, SILVER Fleet): Elaine continues to be consistent writer for her units despite having accepted additional responsibilities as the Director-General of UFPESCO. Her ability to write well with others while helping to move her units plot lines along serve as an example to the rest of ASR.
  • Shep Copeland (USS KIROV, SILVER Fleet): Shep has a been a key player on KIROV since the moment he arrived. His commitment to embellishing the plot, while drawing others into the story, is exemplary. His enthusiasm and committment are contagious and he has quickly become on of SILVER Fleet's stars. Received multiple nominations.
  • Nel Mackenzie (USS EXCALIBUR, USS YORKTOWN, SILVER Fleet): Nel has received multiple nominations in recognition of her dedication to her units. She is a strong writer and has taken an instrumental role in plot development and character interaction.
  • Craig Barrett (USS SERAPIS, GOLD Fleet; USS YOPRKTOWN, SILVER Fleet): Craig, a veteran of many years in ASR, is recognised for his dedication to the units on which he serves and his ability to move a plot line along in a meaningful, provocative manner. His ability to work with the other writers in his unit effectively makes Craig an invaluable part of any ship on which he serves.
  • Jeff Garcia (USS HUNTER ADAMS, SILVER Fleet): Jeff is one of HUNTER ADAMS' core players, always writing with an eye to involve most, if not all, of his fellow writers. His posts are always of the very best quality in terms of creativity and thoughtfulness as well. To continue to do this while accepting an administrative position in ASR (COMSCI) is truly commendable.
  • Michael Lafferty (USS SERAPIS, GOLD Fleet; USS BURKE, GREEN Fleet): Michael also received multiple nominations for his work on both BURKE and SERAPIS. He has been a strong contributor to the both units, especially commendable as a new player. His strong RP and non-RP support have helped the command team to rebuild the ship in short order. His sense of humor has provided a lot of entertaining reading as well.
  • Andrea Mills (USS LEVIATHAN, USS SERAPIS, USS TESLA II, GOLD Fleet): Andrea has been a model player. Her enthusiams and reliability make her a steadfast presense who can be depended upon to involve others and build a compelling story on any ship on which she serves. Received multiple nominations.

Outstanding Command Players

  • April Post (CO USS MACRONIN, GREEN Fleet): In the last few months, April has been able to turn around her ship by interacting with a small core of players to develop an interesting mission and role playing opportunities for those players.
  • Andrew F. (XO, USS CONSTELLATION, GREEN Fleet): In the two years he has been aboard, he has repeatedly demostrated exemplary leadership skills. He has recruited players, run threads, and has proven to be a reliable deputy when the CO has been unavailable due to RL commitments. His characters are all very rich, multi-faceted characters. He is a stellar writer and an excellent Executive Officer.
  • Charles Jencks (CO, USS NORMANDY, GREEN Fleet): Charles, another ASR veteran, has shown what a fertile, creative mind can do when given command over a unit in ASR. His continued exploration of compelling plot threads, coupled with his knack at character development, make for entertaining reading almost without exception.
  • Noah Rains (CO, USS THUNDECHILD, GREEN Fleet): Noah continues to set an example for others with his creativity, attention to detail and leadership abilities. As CO of THUNDERCHILD, Noah consistently guides her to excellence in the quality of her collective work.
  • Tim Cooke (XO, USS ANDROMEDA, SILVER Fleet): An ASR veteran, Tim has long been the mainstay of the ANDROMEDA. Over the years he's provided a steady, supportive influence on the crew and lead through skillful example.
  • Jason Zitzka (CO, USS LYSANDER, XO, USS HUNTER ADAMS, SILVER Fleet): As CO of SILVER's newest ship Jason has done a tremendous job building the unit into the excellent team it has become. As long standing XO of HUNTER ADAMS he continues to be a driving force in the ships continued success. And his contributions to SILVER Fleet as whole is greatly appreciated but his Fleet Commander.
  • Andy Catterick (CO, USS KIROV; XO, USS LYSANDER, SILVER Fleet): Andy, another veteran of ASR for many years, is once again recognised for his ability to create provocative story lines and motivate player posting. The fact that Andy does all this while running SILVER AND serving as XO on another ship is truly astounding.
  • Karen Fainges (CO, USS HUNTER ADAMS; XO, USS YORKTOWN, SILVER Fleet): Karen's ability to juggle both the CO's role on HUNTER ADAMS and the SILVERXO slot and perform both jobs in an exceptional manner is no small accomplishment. She is a wonderful organizer, and is able to continually motivate her crew by her example. If a new CO were looking for an example of how to command a unit, he or she would do well to watch Karen during his or her research.
  • Kim Huff (CO SERAPIS, GOLD Fleet): Kim has been a tireless organizer aboard SERAPIS. Since accepting command in December, she has worked to build a strong sense of community which has been a key to the renewed success of the ship.
  • Sean Murphy (XO SERAPIS, OPS LEVIATHAN, GOLD Fleet): Sean's steadfast support of his commanding officers aboard both SERAPIS and LEVIATHAN and his tireless work supporting role-play and moving the plot forward have made him a major driving force on both starships. He works to build a sense of community on these vessels and involves others in the story. Received multiple nominations.
  • Greg Rickards (CO INDEFATIGABLE, GOLD Fleet): Greg, another recipient of multiple nominations, is a master of story building. He manages complex plotlines with ease and maintains player interest and involvement. He is the driving force behind his very successful command. His energy and ability to turn around a floundering game is impressive, and his ability to get people to write cannot be discounted. Received multiple nominations.

Meritorious Administrative Commendation

  • Andy Catterick (CINCSILVER): In his role as CINCSILVER, Andy has continued to bring an energy and dedication to all aspects of adminstering SILVER Fleet. He works tirelessly with unit CO's to develop rich, intriguing plots that are not only enjoyable to participate in but make for enjoyable reading as well. His presence at the helm of SILVER Fleet is a major reason for the fleet's prosperity.
  • Karen Fainges (SILVERXO/COTFZ) has, once again, received multiple nominations for recognition of her leadership and dedication to the ships under her command as well as her commitment to SILVER Fleet as a whole. Her tireless efforts to continually improve not only her taskforce but SILVER Fleet are appreciated by all but most especially by her Fleet Commander
  • Laura Ashley (PO, ALB) is recognised for her excellent service as Personnel Officer, a demanding administrative position.
  • Chris Mayberry (COMALB) is recognised for his substantial contributions to ALB over the past year while serving as Director of Special Operations, ALB Adjutant and finally COMALB. Received multiple nominations.

Honors to Retired Personnel

  • Susan Phillipps (former CSFO) is recognised for her oustanding contributions to ASR. As COMPA she breathed new life into ASRs advertising programme and worked hard to attract new players. As CSFO she brought her attention to detail and good judgment to bear on what is arguably ASR's most demanding administrative position. Her tireless dedication and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty contributed greatly to ASRs success over the past two years.
  • D'Maris Coffman (former CINCGOLD) is recognised for her ceaseless efforts as a intergral member of ASR for almost a decade. Ms. Coffman had been CINCGOLD since its re-opening in January of 1999, and was the person most responsible for its sustained success as a fleet; before that, D'Maris was one of the few people in ASR to hold the title of CINCSF. Such was her influence in the club that many of the documents she penned during her time in ASR Administration are still in use today. Her didication and attention to detail will be missed.
  • Masako Goto (former COMALB) is recognised for her contributions to ASR as the head of ASR's training facility. Ms. Goto's patience, attention to detail and the ability to bring a smile to the face of anyone and everyone with whom she has contact all made for a positive experience for the new recruit and the instructors as well. Her influence in ALB will be missed.
  • Melissa Carver (former PO, ALB) is recognised for her work as one of ALB's Personnel Officers. Recently retired, Melissa was often the first contact a perspective player had with ASR, thus making her job a critical one. Her ability to interact and communicate with new players in a positive fashion made it far easier on the new player as he or she eased into the world of ASR for the first time.

Most Outstanding Unit

  • GOLD Fleet- USS SERAPIS (multiple nominations)

Most Improved Units


Please join me in congratulating the above honored writers, administrators and units.

-Scott Lusby ADM Conrad Veld Commander-in-Chief, Star Fleet