ASR Honors List- April 2004 Round Table

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Smaller ASR Insignia

Please join me in congratulating the honored writers, administrators
and units that follow.

-Scott Lusby
=^= ADM Conrad Veld
Commander-in-Chief, Star Fleet

**Special Honors**

Greg Rickards (DEPCINCGOLD, USS INDEFATIGABLE, and numerous other billets)
is recognized posthumously for his unmatched dedication to ASR and role-
playing in general.  His ability to create intricately-woven storylines 
with the other members of his team- without the benefit of his own personal 
computer, I should add- and to motivate interest and enthusiasm in his unit 
and ASR in general will be sorely missed.

**Outstanding Players**

Craig Barrett, (NAV, USS YORKTOWN) Craig can be counted on for his steady 
and ongoing contribution to the ship, bringing character and plot 
development in a steady, and very entertaining, stream.  His ability to 
write well with others while helping to move the unit's story-lines 
along serve as an example to the rest of ASR.

Dennis Manski (CNS, USS NEBULA)  With the USS Nebula's situation at flux 
at best, a loss of her Captain, with little to no command staff to speak 
of, and with people coming and going, Dennis Manski was dedicated enough 
to stick with her. With his hard work and loyalty, he has almost single-
handedly kept the Nebula from folding.  His posts are well thought out, 
creative, and great literature to read. He is an invaluable member of the 
crew of the Nebula, and we are fortunate to have such a great role player!  

Michael Allibrando (ENG, USS EXCALIBUR) for is a strong contributor to 
EXCALIBUR and is adept at enhancing the plot to include everyone on the 

Nel Heggis (COU, USS EXCALIBUR)  On a ship with a number of excellent 
writers Nel stands out for her creative and entertaining writing. She 
brings a wealth of ideas to her unit while her continued character 
interaction and  co-operative attitude towards role play are appreciated 
by all who write with her.

Kyungmi Kim (SCI, USS KIROV) Master of the joint post she goes out of her 
way to include everyone in the story line.  She can be counted on for 
rich character development and to help move the plot along when things 
stall.  Her contributions behind the scenes including mission suggestions 
are greatly appreciated by her CO as is her hard work and dedication.  
KIROV would be lost with out her.

Alan Rogers (SCI, USS CONSTELLATION; OPS, USS CIRCE- multiple nominations)
Alan joined Constellation and jumped into the story right away, but more 
that that, he also motivated other players to write more and better posts 
while developing their characters to new levels in the process.  His 
Captain credits Alan’s outstanding playing as having done much to develop 
my own character, and credit deserves to go to Alan for contributing to 
an environment that sees CONSTELLATION enjoying a revival of energy in 
role play.  On top of this, he has handled new command billets in stride, 
contributing significantly to both USS CIRCE and TASK FORCE SIERRA.

Brian Zednick (ENG, INDEFATIGABLE) and Antony Fletcher (SCI, 
INDEFATIGABLE) - Brian and Antony stepped in and provided leadership for 
INDE after Greg's sudden passing.  Antony was the first in contact with 
the fleet commander to make sure that he knew the status of the mission 
and crew on the ship.  Brian was instrumental in organizing the roll call, 
sat for the ship at the RT on short notice, and worked with the fleet 
adminsitration to plan the transition to a new command group.  For their 
industry and willingness to take responsibility for their ship and fellow 
writers in a time of great difficulty, they are to be commended.

**Outstanding Command Players**

Jeffrey Jenkins (CO, USS NOVA- multiple nominations) has had the command of 
USS NOVA for over nine years. The current ship is the second Nova under 
Jeff’s command as Captain Brooks. USS NOVA is one of ASR’s longest running 
units. His ship has seen service in Gold, Green and Red Fleets (and a stint 
in BLUE before Mr. Jenkins assumed command). NOVA's website is a fount of 
useful information for other CO’s and players to learn from. The logical and 
sensible application of naval operations to the operations of USS NOVA is 
clearly and impressively presented on the unit’s website. Nova’s place in 
ASR role play history is secure and significant, and the roster of players a 
telling mix of long time ASR veterans and fresh faces. USS NOVA’s continued 
longevity is a testament to Mr. Jenkins' command ability - to have survived 
so long in an era (the last nine years) where units often pop up only to 
fade away. His dedication to his unit, and to ASR, is unparalleled and 
without question. ASR is in need of more people with his interest and talent 
and very lucky to have him.

Tim Cooke (CO, USS NEBULA)  Tim took over a faltering unit with few 
active writers and has done a excellent job in turning it a round. 
Without his efforts and the time he has invested in NEBULA and her 
crew it is fairly likely the unit would have folded.  Tim's dedication 
and commitment to his crew are an example to all and are greatly 
appreciated and respected by his Fleet Commander.

multiple nominations) Rick’s characters are three different individuals, 
and his posts have helped interest his fellow players and make these units 
stronger than they would be without him.

Lars Duening (CO, USS KUSANAGI)- Lars is a dynamic writer who is a driving 
force in all of the units to which he contributes. He is also an energetic 
commanding officer who demonstrates dedication to both outstanding 
storytelling and to his crew.

Chris Hatch (CO, Task Force SIERRA)- Chris has been a fountain of energy 
in the creation of Task Force SIERRA.  He's been both a focus of 
storytelling and a driving force behind the structuring and development 
of background material for the new Intel-based tread.

Sean Murphy (XO, SERAPIS)- Sean has been a driving force in the story 
development and general life of the ship.  His greatest strength are, 
perhaps, the contributions that he makes towards helping to build a close 
sense of community on the unit.

**Meritorious Administrative Commendation**

Stefan Wiedner (COMPA), since taking over Public Affairs in October,
has done a wonderful job in assisting in the management of the web
site.  On top of this, he has taken it upon himself to continue to
develop his branch beyond simply a newsgroup and archive watchdog.
His Federation news Network is in the planning and testing stages as
we speak, and it is hoped that this new sub-branch of ASR will help
pull the various unit storylines into recognizable patterns.  His 
influence has been such that he has recently accepted promotion to 

**Honors to Retired Personnel**

Michael Lafferty (CoS/SFMC)- Michael has been a steady hand at the helm
of SFMC since accepting the job in the wake of Sean Murphy's election to
CSFO last April.  He has helped develop new supplemental material for the 
branch and was a tireless voice for the Marines in ASR as a whole.  His
efforts will be missed.

**Most Outstanding Unit**


**Most Improved Units**