ASR Honors List- October 1998 Round Table

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Smaller ASR Insignia

Outstanding Player Awards

  • Kira Anastasia (NOVA)
  • Chris Aubrey (ALLIANCE, TEMPEST)
  • Anna Cordray (TEMPEST, PERSEPHONE)
  • Jenny Dahl (NELSON)
  • Masako Goto (NEBULA)
  • Lee Harris (CENTERPOINT, 21MTFW)
  • Mark Johnson (NOVA)
  • Edmund Kapusniak (CORONA)
  • Dave Kiel (SORANUS)
  • Dana Loeblich (PROMETHEUS)
  • Scott Maxfield (ALLIANCE, CORONA)
  • Brad Mitchell (NOVA)
  • Riff Raff (PROMETHEUS)
  • Kevin Thigpen (FEYNMAN)
  • Josh Young (PROMETHEUS)

Outstanding Command Player Awards

  • Michael Alibrando (CALLISTO)
  • James Bowman (CONSTELLATION)
  • James Braun (CORONA)
  • Jenny Dahl (ALLIANCE, CORONA)
  • Austin Forsyth (DS4, QUASAR)
  • Marrku Herd (ANDROMEDA)
  • Holly Huckeba (BISMARCK, TFEXO)
  • Kat Robertson (ARIANE)
  • Peach Sweeney (CHESAPEAKE)
  • Mike Tripp (USS SAM HOUSTON, FNS)

Meritorious Administrative Commendations

  • Jason Bostjancic (SFE)
  • Mark Elwell (ALB)
  • Christine Fontaine (ALB)
  • Seth Green (HQSFMC)
  • Mike Groner (DANTEXF)
  • Mary Ann Harrison (ALB)
  • Chris O'Connor (RED)

Winners of Star Fleet Outstanding Unit Citations

  • Federation News Service (ANC)

Most Improved ASR Unit Award

  • Starfleet Diplomatic Task Force (ANC)

Honors to Retired Personnel

  • Masako Goto (former ALB personnel officer)
  • Seth Green (former COMANC, CINCRED)
  • Jeffrey Jenkins (former COMSFE)
  • Stuart Scruggs (former, CO SB OMEGA)
  • Randy Severance (former ANCREC)
  • Jeffery Trock (former INDIGOXO)

Special Honors

  • Christine Fontaine for her work as TFZ, CO of NEBULA, and ALB duties.
  • For exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services and achievements while executing the duties and responsibilities of the office of Commander in Chief Star Fleet after the sudden and unexpected resignation of her predecessor, Admiral Midori Takahashi is hereby awarded the Legion of Merit.

NRPG: I say sudden and unexpected because this Round Table and the concept of a "Flag Council" have no place in RP in ASR. There would probably be roughly 20,000 starships (not including support vessels) in Star Fleet by 2410. Therefore, in role play, while the resignation of a particuilar admiral might be important at a place and time, the fact that one or two admirals out of a few of hundred resign is not earth shattering.

I know that it has a big impact on the club, but there is no basis for bringing the Round Table up in role play. There are a number of people who have done so to make comments on particular issues with no possibility of those poked fun at or accused of different things being able to reply. I think this is extremely counterproductive. As CINCSF, I won't attempt to enforce any ruling like "no role play related to the Round Table." That would be impossible to enforce and I think that some will continue to role play the RT, a gathering of the *players* to determine the course of the club, anyway. One of the first rules of command is never give an order that you know will not be obeyed, so I will not give this one.

I will simply ask everyone to attempt to keep NRP and RP business separate. As someone who has first hand experience with how RP can cause NRP disagreements and of the poor quality and agravating posts that result when NRP disagreements spill into RT, I can say with authority that we want to avoid this whenever possible. It is a very rare even indeed when anything NRP should enter RP as with the above award for Takako's character.

Congratulations to the all of the players noted abive.


Jeffrey Jenkins

Admiral John R. Brooks Commander in Chief Star Fleet Star Fleet Command, SB ALPHA