ASR Honors List- October 2000 Round Table

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Smaller ASR Insignia

Outstanding Players

  • Andrea Mills (MCO, USS BURKE) has been a consistently valuable member of the crew of USS BURKE. Her reliability and leadership as a member of the crew have been significant to the success of BURKE in the last six months. She has not only been responsible for some great posts involving the BURKE's Marines, but also for assisting in posts for other departments.
  • Scott Freligh (DS13, USS LEVIATHAN) has proven one of Gold Fleet's most productive, reliable, and enthusiastic players. In the last six months, he has played a key role in supporting the Krima story arc while several command players were pre-occupied with real life obligations. We expect that he will show the same qualities in his new role as XO of the USS SERAPIS.
  • Rob Gonzalez (CNS, USS KIROV) Rob has a been a key player on KIROV since the moment he arrived. He is excellent at expanding on the plot as well as inolving other writers in the story. His enthusiasm and committment are contagious and KIROV is a better ship because of him.
  • Reginald McKamie (ENG, OMEGA; FCO, DAEDALUS; FCO, ENDEAVOUR) has consistently brought his enthusiasm for and enjoyment of interactive writing to his units. His writing, both in solo and frequent joint posts, has grown in sophistication and creativity and has served as a focal point for the writing of other players who serve with him. happy to share his learning with others.
  • Fred Warren (USS CIRCE) is recognized for the facility with which he integrated himself into the USS Circe storyline. As a returning veteran player, he set an example to others in ASR for courteous, engaging, and supportive role play. His popularity with his fellow players and his proven track record at command led to his appointment as commanding officer upon Jeff Finocchiaro's retirement.

Outstanding Command Players

  • JP Balzen (OPS, USS DAEDALUS) has revitalized the unit not only with creative and well-thought-out posts, but also by recruiting several players to fill vacancies and open positions. JP has also undertaken the role of DAEDALUS Webmaster so the players can have an up-to-date resource to aid them in their posts. He has been a leader in forging both new and returning players into a team which has made the DAEDALUS a fun place to play.
  • Karen Faines (CO, USS HUNTER ADAMS; XO, USS YORKTOWN) has worked very hard to make USS ADAMS an excellent ship. She leaves no detail unexamined and is always there for her crew. In terms of administration she is the first to respond to queries, make suggestions, and strive to make Siler Fleet better. Her efforts at the RP and NRPG level are greatly appreciated.
  • Marc Johnson (CO, USS SERAPIS) has set an outstanding example a newly appointed commanding officer. His attention to detail, concern with recruiting a well-balanced and cohesive crew, and the considerable thought he has put into the unit concept, have combined to make the USS SERAPIS one of ASR's most successful launches.
  • Scott Lusby (CO, USS LEVIATHAN; XO, DS13) continues to receive multiple nominations in his capacity as a veteran commanding officer. His energy for ASR and his concern for the long term development of the Krima story arc have earned him a high profile within Gold Fleet through which he has set an example to others.

Outstanding Unit Citation


Most Improved Unit


Honors to Retired Personnel

  • James Bowman (former CINCGREEN) served in the role of Commander in Chief Green Fleet. James first came to the Flag Council during a difficult time in the history of the club, stepping forward and offering leadership to represent a segment of the club that had been abandoned by its previous fleet commander during the split of early 1999. Since that time, he served with distinction as a fleet commander and member of the Flag Council and demonstrated sound leadership and judgement. He will be missed.
  • Jeff Finocchiaro (former CSFO) served in the demanding role of CSFO. His dedication to this club and service as Chief of Star Fleet Operations and as a member of the Flag Council have have gone far above and beyond the call of duty. His devotion is an example to anyone who would serve the club as an administrator.