ASR Honors List- October 2001 Round Table

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Smaller ASR Insignia

Outstanding Players

  • Craig Barrett (FCO, USS YORKTOWN; CSO, USS EXCALIBUR) Craig has turned his posting levels around to become one of the most regular posters on both YORKTOWN and EXCALIBUR. His posts show a character that has become a pleasure to know and a breadth of ideas that has added a great deal to his units.
  • Ed Bell (OPS, USS CONSTELLATION; SEC, USS CHESAPEAKE; DPR, DS4) is recognised for his consistent active participation and enthusiasm which sets an example for new and old players alike... all with limited connectivity on an overseas military assignment.
  • Elaine Chao (SCI, USS KIROV) is recognised for her sustained enthusiasm and creativity. She has taken a substantial role in plot development and character interaction and her contributions and commitment to the USS KIROV are appreciated by all.
  • Amy Douglass (CNS, USS CHESAPEAKE) was most frequently nominated by her fellow players for her consistent and high-quality contributions on an extremely talent-rich crew. She has seamlessly woven her character into the action and has become a valuable member of the crew in a short period of time. Early selection for OPS on the USS ENDEAVOUR.
  • Austin Forsyth (USS QUASAR) continues to set the standard for planetary development. His deft hand in showing the many dimensions of Chernova have brought the planet alive for his fellow players. Coupled with his commitment to joint posts, and development of secondary characters, he once again sets an example to all ASR.
  • Laurel Moody (CEO, USS HUNTER ADAMS) A newcomer to ASR, Laurel has brought a life and substance to her character that makes the whole ship come alive. A regular poster she develops not only her character, but those of others playes adding a great deal of plot and colour to shipboard life.
  • Susan Phillipps (CMO, USS LEVIATHAN) is recognised for her consistently outstanding portrayal of a chief medical officer. Susan's drive and enthusiasm have proven an anchoring force during the ship's transition through three commanding officers in the course of the last year. Her helpfulness, commitment to welcoming new players, and her attention to detail have been major components of the ship's ongoing success.
  • Jason Zitzka (CMO, USS CIRCE) is to be commended for his exceptional portrayal of a chief medical officer. Jason's knack for difficult ethnic characterisation has been a very welcome addition to the unusual mix of characters. As well, his commitment to plot development and to interactive storytelling as a whole sets an example to ASR.

Outstanding Command Players

  • Charles Jencks (XO, USS DAEDALUS) is recognised for his excellent performance as the new XO of the USS DAEDALUS. He provides a steadying, supportive influence on a high-energy crew and leads quietly and skilfully by example.
  • Yoni Levanoni (CO, USS YORKTOWN) has performed exceptionally as the CO of USS YORKTOWN over the past year. He has provided consistently strong leadership of his unit and his players appreciate his efforts. He has had to contend with a number of open slots through the past 12 months and has done so in a positive manner working to find new recruits while ensuring the YORKTOWN maintains its strong foundation and consistently good posting. He is tireless in his dedication to his ship and his crew and his goal of making YORKTOWN the best unit in ASR.
  • Christopher Mayberry (CO, USS LEVIATHAN) is to be commended for his efforts as a new commanding officer. His promptness, willingness to work with a wide range of players, and his sensitivity to the established traditions of his unit have combined to both keep things on an even keel and to improve posting levels dramatically.
  • Melvin Pollack (CO, DS4) is recognized as the CO of a steady well run unit with delightful imaginative skill and rapport that is a direct reflection of their leadership. His crew never seems to get stuck or argue. They all work together towards the completion of their current storyline.
  • Jeffery Trock (CO, USS NOVA) has set an example to ASR in his current role of executive officer. While very approachable, organized, and effective in coaching players in NRPG, his greatest contributions are in his role playing posts, which in addition to being highly readable offer plentiful story hooks for other players.
  • Fred Warren (CO, USS CIRCE) has once again received multiple nominations for outstanding veteran commanding officer. His friendliness, attention to detail, commitment to welcoming new players, even-handed command style, and enthusiasm for plot development set an example to all of ASR.

Outstanding Unit Citations


Most Improved Unit


Meritorious Administrative Commendations

  • Edward Bell (BATA/MEDCOM) has set an outstanding example through his efforts at BATA and MEDCOM. His attention to detail in expanding and developing the Romulan specs, as well as his overhaul of the MEDCOM pages, make him one of the most active and effective branch commanders. He is no doubt in no small part responsible for the recent upswing in counselling and medical characters in ALB. He received multiple nominations for his administrative efforts.
  • Geoff Buckett (Personnel Officer) has received multiple nominations for his consistently excellent work as the point of contact for new players joining ASR. He is prompt, courteous and efficient.
  • Karen Fainges (SILVERXO/COTFZ) has received multiple nominations for recognition of her leadership and dedication to the ships under her command as well as her commitment to SILVER Fleet as a whole.
  • Chris Hatch (ALB Adjutant) received multiple nominations for his outstanding, long-term work at ALB. He is currently acting COMALB while our COMALB is on an extended LOA.
  • Harry Iha (ASR Webmaster) is to be commended for his work on the new website. He has designed an attractive, accessible and easily navigable site which is updated frequently.
  • Susan Phillipps (COMPA) is to be commended for her truly exemplary efforts as Deputy COMPA. Her regular posting of the FAQ's, her plans for increasing recruitment, and her quick responses to enquiries on the newsgroup yielded an almost immediate upswing in new members over the summer. ASR should be grateful for the services of enthusiastic new administrators of her calibre. She received multiple nominations for her administrative work.

Honours to Retired Personnel

  • Lezley McDouall (former CINCGREEN) is to be commended for her hard work over the past year in keeping GREEN on an even keel. Her dedication to the fleet and its players has helped to ensure the continued success of GREEN's units.

Very Respectfully,

Margaret Kipp, Admiral Mary Davis Bussey Commander-in-Chief, Star Fleet (CINCSF) Star Fleet Command, SB ALPHA