ASR Honors List- October 2002 Round Table

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Smaller ASR Insignia

Outstanding Players

  • Chris Aubrey (CHESAPEAKE) As a veteran returning player Chris has continued to be an outstanding member of the CHESAPEAKE where his writing style is both entertaining and a source of forward momentum for the unit.
  • Kel Favi (TEMPEST) As a new player to the unit Kel has worked tirelessly in inserting her character into the plot with imaginative and well-written posts.
  • Antony Fletcher (INDEFATIGABLE) Despite having limited connection time Antony has become one of the main-stay contributors to the INDEFATIGABLE. His enthusiasm for character development and JP's are an inspiration to all.
  • Austin Forsyth (CIRCE) An excellent writer, Austin's support to his Captain and fellow crewmembers though plot development and momentum help add to his fellow players enjoyment.
  • Brian Mansur (KIROV) Brian has long been a powerhouse aboard KIROV. He goes out of his way to make new players feel welcome and is adept at involving everyone in the storyline. Behind the scenes he is always first to make mission suggestions and plot ideas as well as being the inhouse 'cheerleader' for the unit and all of its members.
  • Marco Mueller (KUSANAGI, INDE) Marco brings a wealth of ideas to his role-playing and his enthusiasm for interactive writing is appreciated by all.
  • Sean Murphy (LEVIATHAN) Sean is to be recognized for his commitment to the LEVAITHAN and in particular his efforts in sustaining the unit, while at the same time marinating the pressures of his own command.
  • Jeff Uribe (YAMATO, YORKTOWN) Is recognised for his sustained enthusiasm and creativity and for his role of often taking on the task of plot development and character interaction.
  • Gabrielli Weckesser (ENDEAVOUR) Since rejoining the ENDEAVOUR, Gabe has helped immensely on more than one front. His character and his posts are so creative they inspire others; he makes it his business to tie up loose ends and distribute golden hooks; and his NRPG persona is indefatigably pleasant. While he's not the most prolific writer on the ENDEAVOUR, he sets an excellent example for us all.
  • Jason Zitzka (KIROV, CIRCE, HUNTER ADAMS, LYSANDER) Jason is an outstanding writer amongst talent-rich crews with a knack of interactive story-telling with a genuine enthusiasm for his characters and his units.

Outstanding Command Players

  • Lars Duening (XO KUSANAGI) Lars deserves the highest recognition as an outstanding new command player in Gold. His organizational and writing abilities, coupled with friendliness, enthusiasm and commitment to acclimating new players is appreciated by all.
  • Karen Faignes (CO HUNTER ADAMS, YORKTOWN) Karen continues to receive praise as a veteran commanding officer. Her enthusiasm, approachability and sense of fun helps maintain the HUNTER ADAMS as one of the most popular units in ASR.
  • Markku Herd (CO ANDROMEDA) Markku is tireless when it comes to his ship and crew. He strives to keep all involved at both the RP and NRPG level from providing avenues for each to follow to NRPG discussion of current and upcoming missions as well as how to best to write fun and interesting stories. In terms of administration he is often the first to respond to queries, make suggestions, and strive to make Silver Fleet better. His efforts are greatly appreciated by his fleet commander.
  • Charles Jencks (CO NORMANDY) and Reggie McKamie (CO DAEDALUS) for their cooperation in developing the Gibraltar Expeditionary Force in a multi-unit thread context. They had indicated a long-term commitment to the GIBXFOR part of the Green Fleet tapestry and look forward to filling in the details of the unexplored background.
  • Noah Rains (CO THUNDERCHILD) Noah's energy for his units remains as an example to others while all under his command appreciates his concern for the long-term development of the ODGREEN units.
  • Greg Rickards (CO INDEFATIGABLE) Greg has been a mainstay of the USS INDEFATIGABLE. His enthusiasm, energy, reliability and commitment to the unit have set an example to other players.
  • Jeff Trock (XO NOVA) Jeff's commitment to actively shaping the course of the story, and his excellence in depicting the nuances of space warfare continue to be an inspiration to other players, particularly his commanding officer.

Outstanding Units

  • USS DAEDALUS (Green)

Most Improved Units

  • USS NOVA (Gold)
  • USS EXCALIBUR (Silver)

Meritorious Administrative Commendations

  • Laura Ashley (Personnel Officer) For stepping in to take on the most demanding role of Personnel Officer. Laura's commitment to responding to Biofiles and her enthusiasm for welcoming new players are appreciated.
  • Karen Fainges (SILVERXO/COTFZ) has again received multiple nominations for recognition of her leadership and dedication to the ships under her command as well as her commitment to SILVER Fleet as a whole. She is tireless in her interaction with her units and is appreciated by all who write with her.
  • Masako Goto (former ALBADJ, COMALB) Masako took on the role of COMALB after serving as ADLBADJ as well as acting COMALB earlier in the year. Masako's contribution is made all the more admirable as she has taken on COMALB at a time when both the number of applicants and new instructors are increasing.
  • Takako Nagumo (former COMALB, CINCGREEN) A veteran administrator in ASR, Takako has thrown herself into updating the ALB documents and in sourcing and training new instructors since her return in March.
  • Susan Phillipps (CSFO) for her continuing exceptional performance in what is arguably ASR's most demanding role. Her efficient handling of the day to day responsibilities of the position are a testament to her dedication to keeping the organisation running smoothly.

Honours to Retired Personnel

  • Fred Warren (former CINCGREEN) is recognised for his dedication to GREEN fleet over the past year. His dedication to the fleet and players helped to ensure the continued success of GREEN's units.


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