ASR Honors List- October 2003 Round Table

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Smaller ASR Insignia

Special Honors

  • Masako Goto (ALB and other admin and RP billets) is recognized for her long dedication and service to the club. Her recent passing has left a void in ASR that will be impossible to fill. Masako's wit and humor- on top of her exceptional administrative skills (most notably with ALB)- will be missed dearly. Her characters all brought a distinct morality and compassion to the game, and made it a little more human as a result.

Outstanding Players

  • Ashley Sparrow (MED, USS HUNTER ADAMS) Ashley returned to ASR and her role as CMedO on the USS Hunter Adams after RL forced a break. Now she is back with a vengeance. She has shown what persistent writing combined with good humour and talent can do to really spice up a ship.
  • Brian Mansur (ENG USS KIROV, OPS USS LYSANDER) Brian continues to be a driving force in SILVER Fleet. He is an excellent writer who excels in drawing all players into the storyline. His efforts extend into admin taking on the web duties for LYSANDER and he is always first to make mission suggestions and plot ideas.
  • Michael Lafferty (MCO USS BURKE, MCO USS KUSANAGI, CIC USS SERAPIS) has played an integral role in the continued development of each unit he is a part of, even after assuming new administrative duties (CoSSFMC) in recent months. His plot development and ability to write with others serves as a model for all players, both veteran and new.
  • Antony Fletcher (ENG Staff, USS INDEFATIGABLE)- Antony has developed a main character with depth and significant character conflict, built a cast of characters around him, and used all of these to move the plot forward and enrich the game. He has also worked continuously to improve the quality of his posts.
  • Parker Jones (NAV, USS CIRCE; CMO, USS KUSANAGI)- Parker has an ability to completely immersed himself in the fabric of the ship's plot and every aspect of the ship's mission with enthusiasm. His interactions with his crew mates bring a unique flair to the stories of his units.
  • Andrea Mills (SCI, USS TESLA II; OSFI, USS LEVIATHAN; MXO, USS BURKE; MED, USS EXCALIBUR)- Andrea is a driving force on any unit for which she writers. She has managed to create a network of interpersonal interactions among players and characters that brings a crew together beyond their normal interactions in the course of writing as a group. She involves other writers, not only through plot hooks which promote the story and push it in new directions, but also as individual people beyond the story.
  • Lee Foley (TAC, USS CONSTELLATION)- Lee jumped right into the mission when he joined, and despite it being a time of transition with Ed Bell being deployed and Andrew Fishkin taking command, Lee became one of Constellation’s most active writers. Lee has not only involved himself in the mission, but has participated in numerous joint posts and has been extremely helpful in easing the arrivals of other players new to ASR or Constellation. He is a credit to the USS Constellation, Green Fleet, and ASR, and we should all expect great things from him in the future.
  • Rick Drake (2O USS TEMPEST)- Rick contributes significantly in the development of the mythology of each of these separate units in ODGREEN. His characters on Tempest (Adam Malloy) and Macronin (Meredith Fleeter) are unique and distinctive while still being eminently human – their backgrounds and bios unrelated to each other or his other character (Carver Halsted) on Thunderchild.

Outstanding Command Players

  • Stefan Wiedner (CO USS EXCALIBUR) Stefan is one of the hardest working COs in ASR. He has provided consistently strong leadership of his unit and his players appreciate his efforts. He contributes regularily in Fleet discussions with SILVER Fleet commands and cares about the continual improvement of SILVER Fleet as whole as much as his own unit. A true rolemodel.
  • Karen Fainges (XO, uss YORKTOWN) Karen provides a strong and steady motivational force that works tirelessly towards the success of the unit. Her creativity and dedication to YORKTOWN unit (as well as her other units and the club as a whole) stand as a model for us all.
  • Greg Rickards (CO USS INDEFATIGABLE) continues to show his expertise at plot development and player interaction, creating intricate and compelling stories that inspire both fun and, as a consequence, rapid posting. His ability to motivate his crew to such levels serves as an inspiration to all.
  • Austin Forsyth (OPS, USS CIRCE)- Austin kept things moving while his CO was preoccupied elsewhere, and has shown himself to be a reliable writer and consistent help to both his former and current captain. His administrative and creative help in reorganizing CIRCE and creating the current mission and his dedication as a team player are a model for all writers.
  • Jeff Trock (XO, USS NOVA)- The degree of compenetration betwenn Jeff and his CO is astonishing, and his ability to get everybody motivated and posting is really brilliant. He's also a very funny player, and though that humor manages to get eveybody involved in a dynamic and enjoyable story. He is an inspiration to both his CO and crew.
  • Charles Jencks (CO USS NORMANDY; XO USS DAEDELUS; OPS SB GIBRALTAR) has immersed himself in the plotlines and role play of all three units in Tacron 47, and is one of the driving forces sustaining the three units.Without his efforts in Tacron 47 this Division of GREEN FLEET would be hard pressed to survive. His family of characters - Captain Christophe Boulanger (Normandy), Captain Caitlin Boulanger, USS Daedalus-D, 2445 C.E. (Daedalus) and Alexandra Boulanger (Gibraltar OPS) connect these three storylines in intriguing and entertaining ways.
  • Andrew F. (CO, USS CONSTELLATION)- In over two years he has been aboard, he has repeatedly demonstrated exemplary leadership skills. This summer Andrew took over command of CONSTELLATION when Ed Bell had to retire due to real world commitments. He has been an excellent example to the players on Constellation and has embraced the spirit of community that is possible within ASR.

Meritorious Administrative Commendation

  • Noah Rains (CINCGREEN, DSFI), in the past 6 months, has taken on a fleet command AND a branch head position, and has not slowed down. Most impressively, he has taken the lead in the redevelopment of OSFI as an active, vibrant part of ASR's support services, and for this in particular he is recognized.
  • Lars Duening (ALBADJ) has managed to keep abreast of the varied number of players entering the ALB process. He has designed and implemented a web based tracking matrix for players in the ALB pipeline. He has also volunteered his time to recontact prospective players who have not reported or dropped out without comment.

Honors to Retired Personnel

  • Takako Nagumo (CINCGREEN) is recognized as a long-time contributor to ASR's administration. In the past, she has been COMALB, CSFO, and, most recently, CINCSGREEN until real-life circumstances forced her to resign as CINCGREEN in June. Though still a part of ASR's fabric as CO of CHESAPEAKE, her diligence and compassion on the administrative front will be missed.
  • Chris Aubrey (CO, USS CIRCE; XO, USS CHESAPEAKE)- Chris has been a long-time member of ASR, holding various command and rank-and-file billets over the years here. He was always a conscientious, talented writer with a good sense of humor (thus his success on CHESAPEAKE) and a sense of class that will be missed in ASR.
  • Andrea Schalk (Deputy CINCGOLD)- Andrea is honored for her four year service as Deputy CINCGOLD and superintendent of CRUDIV-11. Her active role in recommending players for recruitment, tireless assistance of the former CINCGOLD with conflict resolution and personnel management, and support of the efforts of veteran commanding officers set the standard for the position. Her consummate maturity, calm assurance, and restraint made her advice and counsel invaluable to CINCGOLD. Her unfailing support during her long tenure of service was in large measure responsible for the smooth operation and administrative stability of Gold Fleet. She is also thanked especially for her efforts to ensure a smooth handover to the current fleet administrators. (Note: This award was an inadvertant omission from last year's awards list.)

Most Outstanding Unit


Most Improved Unit


Please join me in congratulating the above honored writers, administrators and units.

-Scott Lusby ADM Conrad Veld Commander-in-Chief, Star Fleet