ASR Honors List- October 2005 Round Table

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Smaller ASR Insignia

Congratulations on all those that received awards, though we need to
acknowledge all those that help people shine, those players that offer
JPS and hooks for others to write from. Everyone that does that
deserves our praise.

Outstanding Player
Anna Cordray (USS SAM HOUSTON, DSIPT): Anna gives the plotline strong
life and good imagination and is one of the most reliable players.

Mary McNeely (TAC USS ANDROMEDA): Always an enthusiastic player, Mary
keeps things humming with interesting side plots and fascinating NPC's

Lena Rose - (CMO USS COVENTRY) Lena's enthusiasm is infectious as she
writes to draw other players into the storyline. Having transferred
her character over to COVENTRY from the closed USS BURKE, she jumped
right in and established herself firmly in the CMO's chair for what is
hoped to be a long enjoyable time.

Jeff Jenkins - (CEO USS KRONSHTADT) Lt. Commander Walker keeps the
ship intact and as Jeff Jenkins writes him also keeps the ship life
interesting. Grappling with his own demons, Walker is not the perfect
man or officer, but the perfect Engineer for this ship of people
trying to achieve success despite their imperfections.

Madonna Eagle (CMO, USS CIRCE)- Ms. Eagle has been a dynamic addition
to the CIRCE crew; she has been an active team writer, adept at both
picking up and leaving hooks for other players as well as writing
joint posts. Her posts touch on the more 'human' aspects of her
characters, making them both sympathetic and real. In short, a
talented writer CIRCE is lucky to have amongst its crew.

Eric Boyum (CEO, USS CIRCE)- Mr. Boyum continues to come up with
creative solutions to the complex and unusual engineering problems the
CIRCE crew throws at him. A wonderful team player as well- writes
equally well on his own or as part of a joint post. The overall
quality of CIRCE's writing would suffer greatly without Mr. Boyum.

Craig Evans (COU USS FEARLESS, CEO USS COVENTRY)- Since his return to
ASR, Mr. Evans has jumped in with both feet. Through his writing, Mr.
Evans has helped to drive the storyline and has gone out of his way to
involve others around him by writing player hooks into almost every
post. In character and behind the stage, Mr. Evans has gone out of his
way to be an asset, offering his help on several occasions where ever
needed. His dedication to the story and the group is evident by his
annoyance when the posting rate drops off. There isn't anyone on
board more dedicated to the mission of the FEARLESS than Mr. Evans.

Susanne Dubrov (TAC/SEC, USS SERAPIS)- Ms. Dubrov, simply put, has
been the most consistent poster on SERAPIS since her arrival. She is
adept at picking up hooks from other players, and works hard to ensure
that others may join in on her threads. A team player to the last.

Ashley Sparrow (OPS USS ANDROMEDA) has decided her character isn't
good at OPS and regularly send the ship backwards or turns off the
deflectors by mistake. But while Krista needs help, Ashley did a great
deal towards making the Andromeda a fun ship to be on. She will be

Mary McNeely (SEC USS ANDROMEDA) is a powerhouse of posting, not just
her character but an amazing array of NPC's both good guys and bad
guys. Entire missions can be based around NPCs so well fleshed out.

Kevin Thigpen (NAV KIROV). Kevin was a longtime member of the KIROV
writing crew, finally returning after a three year sabbatical. Since
returning, he's added a certain action-based flair to the KIROV's
collective writing, encouraging other players to participate and play
with one another.

Juan Angel Romero (MCO USS Exalibur) The Ex has lost many a player yet
Juan does his best to keep the ship running with continuous and
excellent posts.

Scott Ramos (NAV USS YORKTOWN) Scott has shown that he is able to
quickly immerse himself in the mission. Scott is always willing to do
a JP with any player and is a wonderful assist to the Yorktown.

Outstanding Command Player
Mike Tripp (CO, USS SAM HOUSTON): Mike always sets up great and well
thought plots and encourages players to continue posting even when
they miss time. His dedication to each of his players is exemplarily.

Ed Bell (CO USS COVENTRY): Ed Bell has been involved in ASR for
several years and held command previously in GREEN FLEET with USS
CONSTELLATION before service to his country required a leave of
absence. Ed's return helped launch USS COVENTRY as GREEN FLEET's
newest unit and his dedication and with have propelled Coventry to
have a legitimate claim as ASR's best new unit in 2005. Ed has
inspired a team of skilful players to rise to the challenge of
launching a new adventure in GREEN FLEET and in ASR.

Austin Forsyth (XO, USS CIRCE)- Mr. Forsyth, at two different times
over the past six months, has been called upon to lead CIRCE while the
unit CO was AFK for personal reasons. On each occasion, Mr. Forsyth
stepped up and moved the plot without an appreciable drop in momentum.
CIRCE continues to post at consistent levels largely due to Mr.
Forsyth's experience and efforts.

Bruce Summa (CO, USS FEARLESS)- Mr. Summa stepped into the Commanding
Officer's role on FEARLESS an immediately took control of the new unit
after only being a command player for a few months. His efforts in
reorganizing both the crew and plot in such a short period of time
deserve recognition.

Reggie McKamie (XO, TASK FORCE SIERRA)- Mr. McKamie, like Mr. Summa,
stepped into a suddenly-absent command position and filled in
admirably, breathing life into a floundering unit while still
maintaining his own regular command in GREEN Fleet. A testament to his
character and experience as a command player in ASR.

Mary McNeely (XO USS Yorktown) - Mary's enthusiasm for writing shows
in the quality of her posts and her willingness to JP with anyone.

Special mentions to:
Michael Shea - USS KRONSHTADT (XO Cal Nevari)
Staci Golladay - USS DAEDALUS (XO Jade Phoenix)
Reg McKamie jr - USS DAEDALUS (CO Tre Harris)
Scott Lusby - USS COVENTRY (OPS Delbrak Dommo)


jumped enthusiastically into the running of things since SAPPHIRE's
addition to ASR, handling command of the MARRKESH Expeditionary Force
as well as command of his own unit, while at the same time being
instrumental in the set-up and activation of both the Bureau of
Information and the ASR Player's Portal projects. Recently, in
recognition for his abilities and expertise, he has been nominated for
and accepted the critical post of Commander, Public Affairs. His
efforts deserve the highest recognition.

Kevin Richter (COMBOI)- Mr. Richter was- and still is- the man in
charge of the massive Bureau of Information project that has seen much
of ASR's resources placed in an easy-to-use, wiki-style database; he
oversaw its creation and supervised the initial ports to make sure it
was done both timely and correctly. Work is and will continue to be
ongoing in this project; as such, Mr. Richter's efforts deserve
recognition at the highest level.

Scott Lusby (Webmaster/ALBPO/COSCSFO)- Mr. Lusby's service to this
organization goes without saying, but more than just his service to
the organization is his service to the people. Mr. Lusby is always
there for the players or command staff in what ever way he can help.
We all know that real life has its own demands but Mr. Lusby always
makes time for the little details. When there is a question to be
answered or help that is needed, Mr. Lusby is always a first choice.
His desire to be involved and to help is infectious to those around
him, helping to drive this organization as a whole and making it work.

Outstanding Unit

Most Improved Unit


Chris Hatch (DEPCINCGOLD)- Mr. Hatch stepped into a difficult position
when he assumed the DEPCINCGOLD position in the wake of Greg Rickards'
passing, and performed in an outstanding manner.