ASR Player's Manual Appendix H: Blouse Color and Officer Sleeve Devices

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Colors (by Group) of Piping Colors


Command Maroon
Command (CO, XO), Combat Information Center personnel, Administrative Department, Supply Department, Navigation Department
Engineering Orange
Engineering Department
Support Mustard
Operations Department, Combat Systems (Tactical) Department, Security
Sciences Royal Blue
Science Department
Intelligence White
Intelligence (Office of Star Fleet Intelligence (OSFI) and military officers serving in Star Fleet Security and Investigative Services (SECIS)) and personnel of the Judge Advocate General Corps.
Medical Sky Blue
Medical Department and Counselors
Flight Operations Charcoal
Combat shuttles (flight control officers, pilots, crew, and maintenance personnel), CAG
Marine Olive
Marines (when wearing black duty uniforms rather than camouflage)

Officer Sleeve Devices

Service Designation Insignia Service Designation Insignia
Line Officer Line Officer Science Corps Science Corps
Engineering Corps Engineering Corps Judge Advocate General Corps Judge Advocate General Corps
Medical Corps Medical Corps Supply Corps Supply Corps
Chaplain, Christian Chaplain, Christian Chaplain, Jewish Chaplain, Jewish