ASR Player's Manual Appendix I Part C: Officer and Warrant Officer Dress Uniform Insignia

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Created by Scott Lusby, based on previous work by Scott, Jeffrey Jenkins and Jason Bostjancic.


Below are the official flag and officer epaulette rank insignia for ASR dress uniforms. Other insignia can certainly be used, so long as tunic color and style, as well as rank pins, are the same as those authorized by ASR.

These new insignia reflect the current officially recognized ASR specifications- in short, these specifications state that both Naval and Marine personnel use the same insignia for both officers and enlisted personnel. Also included are the newly-authorized (in order to agree with the ASR Manual uniform specifications) Medical, Sceinces and Engineering insignia. All insignia are shown in their actual size- 61 x 150 pixels.

**Download the insignia graphics here.**

  • For the Flag officer and Officer Insignia, click here.
  • For the Warrant officer and Non-Commissioned Officer Insignia, click here.

Insignia forthcoming. Please check back at a later time.