ASR Player's Manual Appendix K: Dress Uniforms

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Created by Edward Bell and Sean Tourengeau


The Star Fleet dress uniform are, as with the duty uniforms, an all-black affair. However, they are distinguished by an assymetric flap that extands from the right-hand shoulder yoke down the length of the coat jacketto the center of the jacket at the bottom. At the yoke, the flap reverses direction, fastening at the center of the high Prussian-style collar. Dress slacks and boots round out the uniform.

For flag officer jackets, the piping along the flap is gold, while the yoke piping is the color of the officer's group or department. The piping down the leg of the dress trousers mirrors that of the duty uniform- a single gold stripe and a single stripe in the officer's group or department color. Senior, junior and warrant officer jackets feature group/department flap piping, and two like stripes in the group/department color running down the sides of the trouser leg. Enlisted uniforms are the same as the officer uniforms, except that the actual shoulder yoke is gray.

Another feature of the dress uniform are the shoulder epaulettes to denote rank on the flag, senior and junior officer's uniforms. These epaulettes run parallel to the shoulder seam (as in United States Civil War uniforms), and have the clustered insignia on each end of the group/department-colored epaulette. Flag officer epaulettes are bordered in gold fabric; senior, junior and warrant officer epoaulettes are bordered in black.

A visual representation of the officer dress epaulettes can be found here.

Enlisted dress uniforms do not carry epualettes, as this traditionally has been only an officer convention. Enlisted dress uniforms carry rank on the sleeves just below the shoulder, as on the duty uniforms.

All dress uniforms also carry the same sleeve cuff striping found on the duty unforms.

Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers of the Star Fleet Navy and Marine Corps