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Captain Adrian P. Makkedor, CO USS CIRCE-A

Personal Data


  • Full Name: Adrian Pierce Makkedor [SEC-079663-9109]
  • Surname: Makkedor
  • Given Name: Adrian
  • Current Rank: Captain (O-6)
  • Current Billet: Commanding Officer, USS CIRCE NCC-27000-A
  • Species: Homo sapiens sapiens (Terran Human)
  • Gender/Sex: Male/XY
  • Age: 40 Terran Standard Years
  • DOB: 11 August 2386
  • POB: Kings Park, New York, Terra
  • Parents: James Gerard Makkedor, Jr. (DOB: 2361); Margaret Chancellor (DOB: 2363)
  • Siblings: Daniel Ryan, Junior Executive, Montgomery Materials (DOB: 2389); Gregg William, Star Fleet Navy (DOB: 2394)
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None

Physical Description

  • HT: 6' 0"
  • WT: 178 lbs
  • EY: Blue
  • HR: Brown
  • SK: Light Tan; Goatee with hint of gray
  • Blood Type: Ak+
  • Vision: O: +.05, S: +.025 (effectively 20/20)
  • Religion: None
  • Citizenship: Terran, United Federation of Planets

Educational Background

Academic Institutions Attended

  • Star Fleet Academy {Graduated *magna cum laude*}
    • Bachelor of Science, Political Science

Service Schools Attended

  • Star Fleet Space Warfare Officers School
  • Star Fleet War College


  • Qual: Tactical Officer
  • Qual: Navigation/Astrogation Officer
  • Qual: Junior/Senior Officer Bridge Tests
  • Qual: Security Officer's Tests
  • Qual: Command Officer's Tests

Star Fleet Academy Record

  • Honors: *Magna Cum Laude*
  • Final Cadre Rank: Cadet Commander
  • Academic Major: Political Science
  • Professional Major: Starship Combat Strategy/Tactics
  • Class Rank: 4/250
  • Reprimands: 0
  • Commendations: 2
  • Athletics: Terran baseball; Null gravity handball.
  • Activities: Cadre, Future Starship Captain's Club, Nova Squadron

Biographical Notes

Chronology (tabular form)

  • 0-17: Lived with parents on Terra. Received standard public education there.
  • 18-22: Attended Star Fleet Academy.
  • 23-Present: Active duty in Star Fleet.

Background Summary

Mak is extremely dedicated to his posting (regardless of what that maybe) and the members of his unit, despite his snafu in reporting to ALB. He is fiercely driven for absolute excellence, and expects nothing but the same from his team. Mak is also outwardly confident in his abilities and self-assured; he knows he's "a natural" at his chosen career path.

In his younger days, Mak was often accused as being cocky and, at times, conceited. This in actuality stemmed from his knowledge of his natural abilites and his confidence in them rather than misplaced ego. His stance has softened in the three years since he graduated Star Fleet Academy, toning down his behavior somewhat.

He has also gotten past, for the most part, his apprehension towards making friends with his crew. He still has trepidations regarding forming close relationships with colleagues, but has come to learn that isolating oneself is a sure way to turn an exciting adventure of discovery and exploration into something far more mundane. He has even found himself considering more intimate relationships...

Mak enjoys spending his off time either in the holodeck honing his already brilliant tactical skills or reading a good 19th-20th century novel when not enjoying the company of his crew-mates.

He avoids physical confrontations unless backed into a corner, as he doesn't have much confidence in his hand-to-hand fighting capabilities. He much prefers a hand phaser, with which he's pretty good. Unfortunately, he's not much good at being diplomatic, either. He does spend time trying to improve this skill, as he knows it is vital to be adept at it if one is to make Captain someday. Another reason why he keeps to himself when off duty-it keeps him out of trouble. He comes from a family of five, with two younger brothers. Both are still in school at various levels. His family still lives in Kings Park, a small town in what was once known as New York state, on Earth.

His career to date has been sprinkled with brilliance after an initial trauma at the hands of the Fardons. His first assignment- the ill-fated CHARLEMAGNE mission designed to negotiate a treaty with the Fardons- turned into a bloodbath, giving Mak his first taste not only of Fardon duplicity but also of the dangers for which no Academy class could adequately prepare one. This mission would scar him, dominating his psyche for a long time.

Soon enough, however, he learned to deal with his experiences, and has since had successful stints as the XO of KUSANAGI, the CO of the small destroyer USS MANCHESTER, the XO of the new Deep Space 13, and the TACFLEET Liaison for Gold Fleet.

Official Star Fleet Record

Promotion History

  • Star Date (24)040801: Entered Star Fleet Academy. Appointed Cadet Fourth Class.
  • Star Date (24)050801: Advanced to Cadet Third Class, Cadet Ensign.
  • Star Date (24)060801: Advanced to Cadet Second Class, Cadet Lieutenant.
  • Star Date (24)070801: Advanced to Cadet First Class, Cadet Commander.

  • Star Date (24)080531: Graduated Star Fleet Academy.
  • Star Date (24)090217: Commissioned as Ensign (O-1).
  • Star Date (24)101013: Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade (O-2).
  • Star Date (24)111016: Promoted to Lieutenant (O-3).
  • Star Date (24)120220: Given brevet promotion to Lieutenant Commander (O-4).
  • Star Dtae (24)120730: Brevet rescinded.
  • Star Date (24)130417: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander (O-4).
  • Star Date (24)180923: Promoted to Commander (O-5).
  • Star Date (20)200601: Promoted to Captain (O-6).

Service History

  • Star Date (24)040801: Accepted into Star Fleet Academy, San Francisco, Terra
  • Star Date (24)070801: Promoted to Cadet Commander at Star Fleet Academy
  • Star Date (24)071001: Received Bronze Star for bravery and leadership under extreme circumstances.
  • Star Date (24)080531: Graduated Star Fleet Academy, 4th in class of 250
    • Major: Starship Combat Strategy and Tactics
    • Minor: Starship Helm Operation
  • Star Date (24)090101: Assigned Armstrong Lunar Base, Holodeck 17 to complete officer's training
  • Star Date (24)090203: Graduated Armstrong Lunar Base (with honors), assigned to SB ALPHA for assignment
  • Star Date (24)090217: Promoted to Ensign (O-1); Assigned FCO, USS CHARLEMAGNE NCC-800
  • Star Date (24)091201: Granted Leave of Absence
  • Star Date (24)100401: Resumed Active Duty as FCO, USS CHARLEMAGNE
  • Star Date (24)100921: Tour of Duty as FCO, USS CHARLEMAGNE ends.
  • Star Date (24)101013: Promoted to Lieutenant, JG (O-2); Assigned TAC/CSO, USS AURORA NCC-57103
  • Star Date (24)111016: Promoted to Lieutenant (O-3); reassigned OPS, USS RAMSES NCC-1198
  • Star Date (24)120220: Received brevet promotion to Lieutenant Commander (O-4).
  • Star Date (24)120730: Brevet to Lieutenant Commander rescinded; reassigned TAC/SEC, USS KUSANAGI NCC 45054
  • Star Date (24)130417: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander (O-4); assigned XO, USS MAELSTROM NCC-57104
  • Star Date (24)150101: Tour of duty as XO, USS MAELSTROM ends.
  • Star Date (24)150201: Assigned XO, USS KUSANAGI NCC-45054.
  • Star Date (24)161009: Tour of duty as XO, USS KUSANAGI ends; reassigned CO, USS MANCHESTER NCC-64018.
  • Star Date (24)180923: Tour of duty as CO, USS MANCHESTER ends; promoted to Commander (O-5); reassigned XO, DEEP SPACE 13.
  • Star Date (24)200101: Reassigned to TACFLLET, Starbase BETA.
  • Star Date (24)200601: Promoted to Captain (O-6); reassigned as CO, USS REPUBLIC NCC-5013-A.
  • Star Date (24)210101: Reassigned as CO, USS CIRCE NCC-27000.
  • Star Date (24)220515: Reassigned as CO, USS LEVIATHAN NCC-25002.
  • Star Date (24)270701: Reassigned as CO, USS CIRCE NCC-27000-A.

(Note: Ships recorded at classification at the time officer was assigned, not their current re-classification.)

Medals and Commendations

  • Star Date (24)071001 Bronze Star - Awarded for bravery and leadership during rescue of participant during the Star Fleet Academy Marathon.
  • Star Date (24)100301 Combat Action Ribbon.
  • Star Date (24)100301 Fardon Sector Service Ribbon.
  • Star Date (24)100301 GREEN Fleet Service Ribbon.
  • Star Date (24)101201 Starfleet Commendation Medal- For efforts in discovering a saboteur while serving as CSO/TAC of USS AURORA.
  • Star Date (24)101201 Romulan Sector Service Ribbon.
  • Star Date (24)101201 GOLD Fleet Service Ribbon.
  • Star Date (24)120220 Tybiiran Campaign Ribbon- For role in the Battle of the Tybiiran Asteroid Belt.
  • Star Date (24)120220 Combat Action Ribbon.
  • Star Date (24)120220 Gorn Sector Service Ribbon.
  • Star Date (24)120720 Bronze Star- For actions which resulted in the recovery and ultimate rescue of USS RAMSES during operations against Gorn Hegemony forces in the Tybiiran Complex at great risk to his own life.
  • Star Date (24)160930 Starfleet Commendation Medal- For role in Teneriffe Conflict.
  • Star Date (24)160930 Combat Action Ribbon.
  • Star Date (24)160930 BLUE Fleet Service Ribbon.
  • Star Date (24)171031 Combat Action Ribbon.
  • Star Date (24)171031 Briol Campaign Ribbon.
  • Star Date (24)171031 Bronze Star- For actions which resulted in the victory against overwhelming forces of the Gorn Hegemony in the Briol system.
  • Star Date (24)181001 Combat Action Ribbon.
  • Star Date (24)200531 Distinguished Service Medal.
  • Star Date (24)201231 Silver Star- For actions which resulted in the victory against overwhelming forces of the Gorn Hegemony in the Jar'mas system.
  • Star Date (24)201231 Combat Action Ribbon.

Skills Profile

Successful and ambitious officer despite age. Natural tactician and strategist, emerging Negotiation/Diplomacy skills. Outstanding leader- able to inspire loyalty in those under his command. Eventually will be a fine starship Captain.

Recent Fitness Reports

"Cadet Commander Adrian Pierce Makkedor was one of the finest students it has been my pleasure to teach at Star Fleet Academy. His shear brilliance in my class on Advanced Starship Combat Strategy and Tactics notwithstanding, his transcript (and discussions with other instructors) reveals a young man dedicated to his duty. His leadership qualities are exceptional, and his acceptance of nothing short of excellence makes him not only an ideal officer, but an officer who has all the makings of a fine commander. Star Fleet will benefit immensly from his service."

  • Captain U'Bann Elysee
  • Instructor, Star Fleet Academy

"In his time here at Star Fleet Academy, Cadet Commander Adrian Pierce Makkedor has performed exceptionally, in the finest tradition of Star Fleet. While his grades certainly reflect this, one particular circumstancestands out. During the annual Academy Marathon (StarDate 24070916), CC Makkedor's detatchment was assigned as field security along a particularly dangerous part of the course, the infamous "Dead Man's Pass" at kilomarker 27. This pass is an extremely narrow, uphill climb for over a full kilometer. Only two at a time can fit through the narrow pass, as one side is a wall of rock, the other a shear drop of almost a half a kilometer at its highest point. Special notches had to be cut into the rock face for the security detatchment's deployment. As a pair of runners approached CC Makkedor's position, one of them tripped, knocking him into the other. The other runner lost her balance and fell off from the path, dangling 10 meters below the ledge by a tree root. CC Makkedor immediately sprang into action. He quickly organized those of his detatchment in the area, and before the root could give way, CC Makkedor had effected her rescue.

The fact that CC Makkedor was given command of the detatchment patrolling "Dead Man's Pass" speaks for itself. However, CC Makkedor's ability to quickly organize subordinates and resolve a critical situation without loss of life demonstrates his natural ability to lead- especially in times of crisis. It is precisely why CC Makkedor was assigned. Such actions saved a fellow cadet's life. CC Makkedor is the kind of leader Star Fleet strives to mold. He is an asset to our service."

  • Admiral Horatio Drallas
  • Commandant, Star Fleet Academy

"In my opinion, Cadet Makkedor should be held back for additional training, with specific focus given to the Star Fleet Codes of Ethics and the Chain of Command. Cadet Makkedor, while undeniably a diligent Cadet, refuses to follow the guidelines of the aforementioned when his opinion differs from his Commanding Officer's. While Cadet Makkedor may eventually be a fine officer, his unwillingness to follow either the Code of Ethics or the Chain of Command detract from his natural leadership abilities. I am afraid that, without further training, Cadet Makkedor may find himself at the bottom of promotion list time and time again."

  • Captain Sufik
  • Instructor, Star Fleet Academy

"Lieutenant Commander Makkedor is an officer of the highest quality. During the 2nd Battle of Tybiiran, Commander Makkedor prooved invaluable in the efforts to keep RAMSES alive after she was rammed by Gorn attackers. It was largely through his efforts- his demeanor under pressure, his leadership, and his quick decision-making skills- that RAMSES survived long enough to deliver all those who remained alive to SB BETA in like condition."

  • Captain Christine Xiao-Ping Archer
  • Commanding Officer, USS RAMSES

"Lieutenant Commander Adrian Makkedor is the ideal XO- resourceful, efficient, and, most importantly, willing to offer plausible alternatives to potentially violent situations. His diplomacy skills continue to imporve to the point where he is a capable negotiator, and his tactical mind is first-rate. I'll hate to lose him, but the good ones don't stay XO's for long."

  • Commander Sabin Samaalak
  • Commanding Officer, USS MAELSTROM

"Lieutenant Commander Makkedor served with distinction during the Briol Campaign, keenly aware of his delicate responsibilities as the commanding officer of an escort ship. His performance in Briol was exemplary."

  • Captain Caylebreth Veld
  • Commanding Officer, USS CIRCE/Tactical Squadron 13

Psychological Profile

  • PATIENT: Cadet Commander Adrian Pierce Makkedor

FINDINGS: Cadet Makkedor, while not an exceptionally brilliant man in his own right, possesses a tremendous drive for excellence, even perfection. This combined with his innate ability to lead allows him to overcome just about any obstacle put in his path. Cadet Makkedor has an extremely high chess rating, one of the highest in Star Fleet. He is also known to be a brilliant poker player. This explains his excellence in combat situations. His ability to feign, bluff and outflank an enemy can be traced directly these activities. However, Cadet Makkedor, despite being a reasonably attractive man with an engaging personality (as all natural leaders do), does not seem to have many close friends, if any at all. He believes this to be "a conflict of interests." He believes that getting too close to anyone could adversely affect his judgement in a crisis situation. Cadet Makkedor also, at times, can come off rather cocky, which also contributes to his lack of socializing. As stated before, Cadet Makkedor is an engaging person; however, it is my belief that others may find him arrogant at first, which may dissuade some from pursuing a friendship further.

While Cadet Makkedor's drive for excellence is commendable, the roots behind this drive are mildly disturbing. Cadet Makkedor has an extreme fear of failure. More to the point, Cadet Makkedor is extremely afraid of, through some failure of his, being directly responsible for a fellow officer's or a civilian's death. While this may serve him well as of now, it may become a problem if it advances to the point of obsession. There is some cause for alarm in this, as Cadet Makkedor has experienced nightmares during evaluations when presented with a potential crisis. At this point, however, his nightmares have never occurred during the crisis; they have only occurred the evening before, when given advanced notice. If a crisis was sprung upon him, he performed as his natural talents and training would seem to dictate. He also performed quite well in situations following the nightmares. In short, they have never interfered with his performance to date. In conclusion, I can find no evidence or precedent to restrict his future assignments. He should make Star Fleet a wonderful officer and commander some day- if he doesn't become obsessed with failure.

  • (Signed)-Captain Wilmington Harris
    • CMO, Star Fleet Academy
  • (Signed)-Commander Dana Relimar
    • Chief Psychologist, Star Fleet Academy


  • PSYCHOLOGICAL EXAMINATION: Star Date 100925 (Routine upon completion of Assignment)
  • PATIENT: Ensign Adrian Pierce Makkedor

FINDINGS: Ensign Makkedor experiences aboard the CHARLEMAGNE have provided him with growth material. His introverted personality has loosened somewhat; he is a more open, pleasant person upon first meeting than previously reported. This is a typical shift in personality for an officer returning from his first deep space assignment, as they learn to get along with others quickly and form the emotional ties essential to mental stability far away from "home." This is an extremely positive sign, considering only 6 months ago Ensign Makkedor reportedly almost resigned his commission after the horrific incident that resulted in the destruction of the YAKOLEV and the SABRE as well as the mutilation of several crew mates. After a crisis of that magnitude, a choice has to be made between moving forward and dwelling on the past. After a brief leave of absence from Star Fleet, Ensign Makkedor chose to move on.

Another thing should be mentioned here- since rejoining Star Fleet, Ensign Makkedor has not reported a single nightmare. We attempted to stimulate such a response without success here. Judging from this most recent session, for the first time since he joined Star Fleet, Ensign Makkedor seems to have found inner peace.

Ensign Makkedor is in excellent physical and mental health at this time, and is declared fit for duty. This office can find no reason to restrict his duty at this time.

  • (Signed) Lt. Tim Gladden
  • CMO, Deep Space 4

Current Recreational Interests

19th and 20th Century novels; Terran baseball and ice hockey

Miscelleneous Classified Information

Mak's drive for perfection comes from a deep-seeded fear of failure. More specifically, he is afraid at being directly responsible for a colleague's death. He wants to avoid this at all costs, which is why he has honed his skills at Starship Combat Strategy and Tactics to such levels; he'd rather be court-martialed and have his crew survive then live with their deaths on his conscience. Now, however, since he has found a rut in Star Fleet, he has begun dedicating more and more free time to learning the art of Negotiation and Diplomacy, as he has begun to realize how powerful a tool it can be, especially if his crew's lives are at stake... While Mak's superiors will undoubtedly have some knowledge of this fear (as mention of it is in his psyche file), his colleagues will not, unless they guess it.

He has gradually been whittling away at this fear, becoming more and more comfortable with the risks involved in his job with each passing day. This has led to more fraternization with fellow officers and a willingness to work in teams without confrontation. However, these fears have NOT completely receeded. They tend to come to the surface when Mak suffers a setback of some sort- the more serious the setback, the stronger the fears. There have been a few setbacks- though none has directly resulted in the loss of life- but, thus far, he has not withdrawn so far as to begin suffering his nightmares again.

The conquest of his personal demons were never more evident than in his performance at the 2nd Battle of the Tybiiran Asteroid Belt. He was cool under fire, composed, and proved he can lead other officers into and through a firefight and subsequent recovery operations. This has re-energized his career in the eyes of Star Fleet, and placed him back on track for command.

Since that time, Mak has steadily climbed the ranks in Star Fleet.