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AgriGro Interests

Official UFPDOCA Megacorps Entry: AgriGro Interests

  • Company Name: AgriGro Interests, Inc.
  • Headquarters: Shanghai, China, Earth (Sol III)
  • Major sectoral headquarters: New Damascus, Prius, Farius
  • Principle Owner/Chairman of the Board: Jon Kabat-Zinn
  • President/CEO: Sergei Gasparov
  • Founded (date): 2217
  • Founded by: Sharon Li
  • Public? (Y/N): Y
  • Principal business activities: large-scale farming, colonial development, foodstuff production, pharmaceuticals production
  • Wholly owned subsidiaries:
    • AgriGro, Ltd.: one of the largest large-scale corporate farming companies; purchases, operates, supervises, and finances farming of all kinds (both agriculture and livestock); also one of the larger colonial development companies; sells products to a number of other corporations, including subsidiaries of AgriGro
    • Newmark Survey Company: a planetary survey company, which sells survey results to other corporations, after the mother company has its choice; highly profitable enterprise-originally formed to act as the AgriGro survey division
    • AgriGro Industries: parent company for the numerous foodstuff and pharmaceutical production companies owned by AgriGro; generally hands-off, unless necessary
    • Newmark Labs: biotechnology company; one of the industry leaders in biotech development; a relatively recent purchase (formerly independent company)
  • FY2409 Total Revenue (UFP Credits): 715 Billion Credits

Broker's Notes

Very popular with investors, due to the nature of the industry they are in, and the relative lack of sizable competitors in their field. Also has remained relatively out of the public/legal eye, and has been a haven for a number of investors who have decided to get out of the mining field and their companies. Stock price over the past five years has grown at a vastly accelerated rate. Company is continuing to use stock splits to allow private investment by casual investors.

Brief description/notes

Founded in 2217 as an amalgamation of a number of large-scale corporate agricultural and production companies. Operations were quickly expanded to off-world colonies during the early days of colonization attempts. Was quick to consolidate as a single entity instead of a loose alliance, which resulted in quick profits.

Newmark Survey Company is one of the most highly respected survey companies in the Federation, and has become something of a haven for retired Star Fleet personnel, particularly science personnel. It is well known for its professional behavior and the excellence of its survey results. It was originally formed as the survey division of AgriGro, however, with the number of surveys they began to perform, a sequence of CEOs saw the profitability of selling these results to other companies. Newmark is widely used by the courts in disputes of survey results.

A number of its employees have gone on to work for numerous government agencies and branches, including the Departments of Colonial Affairs and Agriculture.

Additional queries should be addressed to: Public Affairs, AgriGro Interests, Beijing, China, Earth, Sol III