Anaphasic Lifeforms Report

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Anaphasic Life Forms

Reporting Officer: Yelana Gorokhovskaya
Unit: USS Chesapeake
Fleet: Green
Player: James Bowman

Anaphasic lifeforms are believed to exist at another level of quantum reality. Most hypotheses concerning these sentient beings believe that the level of quantum reality in which they exist is very unstable, as opposed to the more stable lifeforms of our own universe. There are two hypotheses as to what these beings actually are.

The first states that at the moment of death, there is a disturbance in the quantum state of the body and that the person is "duplicated" in a less stable quantum universe. The second states that these beings are actual living beings residing in the unstable universe, and that by observation, they learn to mimic other sentient beings in our universe. Neither theory has been subjected to rigorous scientific proof. Most information about these beings is anecdotal.

Some hypotheses indicate that Tholian "Webs" use anaphasic technology to trap ships. The most thorough data concerning anaphasics were gathered from an incident from Caldos IV involving crew members of the USS ENTERPRISE 1701-D when several crewmembers interacted with one such being.

It is clear that anaphasics can take on humanoid form. Anaphasics tend to be attached to some particular object. A hypothesis has been formed that a stable object in this universe serves as a "quantum anchor"; a bridge between this universe and the anaphasic alternative.

In the Caldos IV incident, the destruction of a candle lamp destroyed the anaphasic being to which it was anchored. Anaphasics have very long lifespans, over 100 years in some instances. To some degree, anaphasics are telekinetic. It is not known whether object manipulation powers are due to telekinesis or some form of invisibility.

Anaphasics have been known by unexplained means to manipulate dead bodies and control living ones, at least for brief periods of time. Indeed, for some unknown circumstance, anaphasics are ylemkinetic. At particular moments, their abilities defy any logical explanation. All of the above particulars could qualify as ylemkinesis; however the above attributes are the ones most commonly attributed to anaphasics.


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