Antares-Q Ship Specs

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SS Fortune Ship Specifications


SS Fortune
  • Class Name : ANTARES-Q
  • Classification : Light Freighter
  • Type : Q-Ship
  • Model Number: I


  • Length: 80 m
  • Beam: 45 m
  • Draft: 25 m
  • Displacement: 28,473 mt


  • Standard: 8


  • Warp Propulsion System
    • Drive Type: ILN-278 Mk VII
    • Number: 2
    • Main Reactor: FRAM-919
  • Impulse System
    • Drive Type: uSAN/TRAC
    • Number: 2
    • Secondary Reactor : FRIF-505 Network
  • Velocity FORTUNE
    • Standard Cruise Speed: 6.0
    • Maximum Cruise Speed: 6.8
    • Sustainable for 12 hours: 8.0
    • Maximum Emergency Speed: 8.2
    • Core Failure Imminent: 8.5


  • Phaser, Type VII
    • Number: 4 banks
    • Range: 300,000 km
    • Arcs: forward ventral dual retractable turret; dorsal aft dual retractable turret
  • Photon Torpedo, Mk V mini-Photon torpedo
    • Number: 2 tubes
    • Range: 500,000 km
    • Arcs: forward
  • Deflector System: FD-5 multiphasic deflector system


  • Transporters
    • Standard, 6-person: 1
    • Cargo: 1


ANTARES-class freighters are short-range cargo haulers. They often operate between nearby systems or are used to ferry cargo from large super-freighters and planets as they are far more efficient than either using large numbers of cargo shuttles or operating the massive super-freighters themselves. The ANTARES class is an Vulcan design with the a narrow-boxy hull surrounded by a wing-like ring which contains the warp nacelles and impulse manifolds.

SS FORTUNE is a highly modified ANTARES-class freighter. Despite all of her improvements, she is still a short-haul freighter at heart. So, while there have been substantial upgrades in her propulsion systems, her speed and manoeuvrability are still limited. Moreover, her damage control sections are limited in scope and scale.

Command functions are still located on the upper of two decks. However, the lower cargo deck contains weapon mounts, shield generators, and auxiliary power and communications systems. Because of the small size of the ship and the need to camouflage the outside of the ship, it was impossible to truly hide the modifications to the cargo deck. While the main hold it separated by bulkheads from the specialized modifications, it is not possible to hide the massive changes once one leaves the main hold.

The command deck of a conventional ANTARES contains 3 stations, one for the mission commander, flight controller, and engineering. Into this space, the ANTARES-Q has also crammed a science station, a tactical station (for dealing with combat with external threats), and a security station (which can be configured to deal with internal threats or to monitor planetary operations). The centre of the compartment is occupied by a small conference table that allows meetings of the operations team.




Because cargo carrying capacity has been severely reduced on the main deck, each crew member in the Q-ship's complement is allotted the luxury of their own "compartment." The compartment is limited in size, being little more than a closet with enough room for a bunk and a locker. The medical bay sits aft of the crew quarters and, while well-equipped with modern diagnostic equipment is little larger than would be needed for the operation of the single biobed. The computer core occupies the space across from the bay.

The layout of the command deck is:

Quarters - Medical - Wpns Locker - Impulse Reactor
Command - Engineering - Phaser Turret
Quarters - Computer - Transporter - H2 Storage

The layout of the cargo deck is:

Torp Storage - Main - Secondary Reactor
Torps Phaser Turret - Cargo - Engineering
Capacitors - Hold - Warp Core/A-M Storage