Atlantis Omega

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Official UFPDOCA Colony Entry: Atlantis Omega

  • Colony Name: Atlantis Omega
  • Creator: Masako Goto (


  • System/Location: Atlantis System
  • Distance to Nearest Starbase: sixteen hours to SB ALPHA
  • Planet Classification: M-Class
  • Satellites/Space Stations: None
  • Land/Water Ratio: 30% Land/70% Water; Three continents of about the same size surrounded by ocean
  • Climate Controlled: No
  • Native Sentient Life: None


  • Colony Age (approximate): 100 years
  • Population (approximate): 50,000
  • Species Present: 60% Human, 40% Others
  • Colony Status: Federation Protectorate
  • Government: Board of Trustees (appointed) headed by a President elected by popular vote
  • Major Cities/Settlements: Mayfield (city), Strauss (city)


Colony originally formed as privately-owned science research base. Original Board of Trustees consisted of stockholders of the scientific corporation. Association with corporation ended with death of founder, but colonists elected to remain on Atlantis Omega to establish scientific traditions.


Credit-based; conversion services available for travel to latinum-based economic systems. Major resources are advanced scientific equipment and research opportunities.

Tech Level



Society is based on University Academician system; an individual's societal level depends on his or her scientific contributions. Teaching, Service, and Research are the three fundamental values of Atlantis Omega.


Over 90% of the population is involved in direct scientific research; the other 10% maintains the largely automated food production and waste management systems as well as goods production and foreign relations.

Individuals are addressed by their last names, except among immediate family, and the naming of children follows a strict code.

Academic standards are quite high, and those failing to achieve those standards are often considered mntally subnormal.

The main interplanetary contact Atlantis Omega has is to Starfleet, which a limited number of citizens are allowed to join in the interest of scientific development and cultural diversity.

Atlantis Omegan is a language somewhat similar to so-called programming languages of late 20th Century Earth. It is used mostly in textbooks and technical specification manuals. Though rarely used in normal speech, most of the governmental documents have been translated into Atlantis Omegan, and some particularly pompous Presidents have been known to give speeches in Atlantis Omegan.