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LCDR Kallesin n'Galeda- Acting OPS, USS Odyssey

Captain (O-6)

  • Player: David Martens
  • Contact: Email
  • Last Updated: SD 27710103.1700

Lieutenant Commander Kallesin n'Galeda, Researcher, USS Odyssey
Lieutenant Commander  Kallesin 'n Galeda 
Name: Kallesin 'n Galeda 
Current rank: Lieutenant Commander 
Current assignment: USS ODYSSEY 
Current position: Acting Operations Manager 
Service Number: K-167-L724615-S25178 
Physical Description 
Height: 1.878 meters 
Weight: 141.24 kilograms 
Hair: Chestnut 
Eyes: Grey 
Skin: Resembles Vulcan skin : pale and slightly blue but with a more light 
        copper shine 
Race: Soong-type android with the appearance of a Vulcan male 
Age: Date of first activation is not known. Reactivated in 2370  
[Appearance: 30 years] 
Background Information 
Citizenship: United Federation of Planets 
Home planet: Unknown 
Place of birth: Unknown; first reactivated on the science base Arkon 
Spouse: None 
Children: None 
Parents: Unknown 
Siblings: Unknown 
Religion: None 
Traditions: Fifteen minutes of Zen training each day 
Ambitions: To find his creators and his reason of existence, become a better 
android and, of course, to be worthy of the love of Vymora Einicrox, which he 
considers to be the most beautiful being his sensors ever registrated. 
Hobbies: Zen, martial arts, reading fantasy and SF novels from 20th and 21st 
century authors and entomology. 

13.0721 - 13.0824: Study on different research bases and facilities. Mainly 
learning the base rules of human culture and Federation sociology. 
13.0902 - 14.0913: Studies at the Starfleet Academy, takes more then fifteen 
different classes a day including exo-biology, artificial intelligence, Earth 
history, alien palaeontology and warp engineering. Also spends more then three 
hours a day reading, or better processing, any books, papers, photographs, 
movies and other data in the SFA libraries. 
Service Record 
13.0902 - 14.0913: Starfleet Academy 
14.0919: Assigned to USS Destiny 
14.1206: Graduates the USS Destiny and promoted to Ensign 
14.1207: Assigned to USS Hermes under CO LtCmdr. J'eran 
16.0202: Assigned to USS Athene after decommissioning of the USS Hermes 
16.0820: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade by Spencer Doon and assigned as 
            Chief of Operations 
16.1223: Assigned to USS Horizon after USS Athene has been taken out of active 
            service  after the Telmarc War. Assigned as CSciO under Commander 
            James Burke 
17.0511: Completes Command Grade Training successfully 
17.0704: Promoted to Lieutenant by Captain James Burke 
18.0401: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander by Captain James Burke   
20.0107: Transferred to the USS Olympus-Mons as new Science officer. 
20.0515: assigned as First Officer to the USS OLYMPUS - MONS 
210927: transferred to the USS DEMORA - SULU after nearly destruction of the USS 
OLYMPUS - MONS, current position Chief Science Officer 
220130: finds himself transferred into the 28th century of an alternate timeline 
where Starfleet is just starting the exploration of the M81 galaxy

220130: joins the crew of the USS ODYSSEY as a provisional crewmember
Personal Profile 
Kallesin 'n Galeda is a Soong-type android with the average looks of a young 
Vulcan male. He has the typical short black hair, the pointy ears and a light 
skin colour. 
He was found at stardate 13.0720 among the remains of a Borg vessel that crashed 
into a moon near the Arkon research facility. A salvage team took him to the 
research facility and a subspace message was sent to the android researchers in 
the sector. Investigation of the remains of the Borg ship, scans from particles on 
the android's exterior and data gathered from the ships in the system gave some 
clues, but it was unable to determine how long the probe was already on the moon. 
It is also unknown who created this android. There are no parts of Borg technology 
found on the android, neither the typical bionical implants that are common with 
the Borg. 
There are some indications (like metallurgic analyses) that might point to Vulcan 
or Cardasian technology but none of this has been verified by any of the Cardassian 
or the Vulcan scientists or embassies. 
At the moment of the discovery the memory banks of Kallesin 'n Galeda were not yet
activated. Only several weeks later the scientists were able to activate the android. 
At the moment of activation it was clear that the databanks of this android where 
not yet completely filled with all necessary data. He only could use his basic 
functions (movement, primary senses, ...) and had only a minor vocabulary in Standard 
English, Klingon, Vulcan, Romulan and Cardasian speech. This led some people to 
conclude that this android was created to be a highly versatile spy for either an 
unknown race or the Borg. 
Kallesin was not aware he was an android and some of his physical capacities where 
damaged by the crash and he seems to be the first invalid android. One of his legs 
doesn't function properly so he is not able to walk properly. It is not clear why 
this small defect has never been 
The looks of this android are similar to a young male Vulcan. His mental capacities 
are at some levels enormous but in others he lacks the proper humanoid capabilities. 
He has no emotion chip integrated and has of course not the mental abilities a Vulcan 
would have (like mind meld). Starfleet scientists have also discovered some of his 
positronic neural paths are blocked or not activated. There is no explanation for 
the reasons why. Again, this gives some the believe this android is a spy or follows 
an unknown and hidden program. 

Technical/Biological Profile 
Being an android, Kallesin 'n Galeda is built around an artificial skeleton. Detailed 
scanning and examinations at SF laboratories have revealed some, but not all 
technical details. 
The positronic brain of Kallesin has an ultimate storage capacity of more then 
5,900 quadrillion bits. His total linear computational speed has been rated at 320 
trillion operations per second. This makes his storage capacity almost ten times as 
large as that of the famous Data and his capability of processing data more then 
five times as fast. 
His body contains approximately 25 kg of tripolymer composites, 12 kg of molybdenum-
cobalt alloys, 1.3 kg of bioplast sheeting, a cortenide and duranium skull, and a 
polyalloy spinal support. This makes his exterior extremely durable and resistant 
to heat, cold, radiation, tension and pressure. Tests have shown he is capable of 
working in conditions from temperatures around 260 degrees Celsius below zero to 600 
degrees above zero. However some small damages will occure when working at extreme 
temperature or pressure (his artificial skin can melt, the hair can break from 
frost, etc.). 
From what could be discovered without disassembling the android, the internal of 
Kallesin 'n Galeda consists of mainly a power core, multiple CPUs, ODN cables, 
wiring, several backup systems and a completely artificial sensorial equipment. This 
all is protected by a dual layer of dura-steel and tri-carbon poly-duranium that 
is capable of absorbing shocks up to 250 G and pressures as high as 250 kg/mm². 
This armament is not capable of stopping a phaser shot or disruptor beam or even a 
hard blow from a sharp knife, but it will absorb as much damage that a plain piercing 
of the artificial skin will not do much damage. 
An intensive set of repairs and adjustments have happened after a attempt of 
assassinating Kallesin 'n Galeda.  In those repairs and upgrades his internal 
structure was protected more intense by a extra layer of tritanium-carbon alloys, 
extra powerlines to the positronic brain and a new developed self-repairing system 
was incorporated in his body. 
During this repair and upgrade it was also discovered parts of his body existed of a 
rare, unknown mixture of organic and mechanical compounds in a very unusual way.  
the experts present at that repair have never seen anything before and have no 
explanation how the main part of his internal systems can function at all. 
The power core and energy source of the android have been studied, but not all 
details are known. Some parts even remain uncertain and there are probably back-up 
systems or unknown power sources present. From what is known we can say it is verry 
similar to other known Soong-type androids: a central power cavity that distributes 
the energy created by the decay of a small quantity of the isotope strontium-90. 
This energy is then distributed through the entire unit through a flow of charged 
electrons in a fluid nutrient base of a consistency similar and equivalent to the 
human bloodsystem. 
Being an artificial being, Kallesin is also equipped with some particularly features. 
He is able to remove or open small hatches and some of his fingertips to gain access 
to direct plugs and data wires so he is able to connect directly to computers, ODN-
cables and other wires. When at the USS Athene he had experimented with a direct wireless 
link with the ship's computer core so he was able to gain access to the ship's 
computer without being physically at a console. This made it possible he could give 
orders and control the ship from any place in the ship. The neural link network was 
tested but some errors occurred and the link seemed to become unstable by frequent 
use so it was disconnected. 
Being anatomically correct till the smallest details, he is fully functional and 
programmed with multiple techniques in acting as Human or Vulcan. He has no built-in 
emotion chip (at least not known to SFA) but is capable of calculating any possible 
responses to most situations and act as a Human (or any kind of known race). 
Addendum to Psychological and physical profile of Kallesin 'n Galeda: 
Somewhere around SD 19.0410 Kallesin n'Galeda found out his internal structure 
was related and connected to Borg technology.  It seems there where used bits and 
pieces of a Borg droid in his internal system that in some way adapted to his 
current function.  That might explain why Starfleet Science and Starfleet Intel where 
not able to correctly determine his construction.   
It is not clear if this makes Kallesin 'n Galeda a threat to the Federation or not.  
His current state of service makes SFI believe he deserves a proper chance, only he 
is tightly monitored in any action he makes. 
Psychological Profile 
Starfleet Headquarters, Counsellor's Office - Fit for Duty Review 
Cadet 'n Galeda is an android different from most Soong-type androids the 
Federation has ever seen. First of all it is not clear who the creators of this 
android were. This makes him a potential threat to the Federation. During his 
time in the research facilities where he was studied and interrogated Kallesin 
stumbled on an old database with mid 20th to early 21st century earth literature 
on fantasy and SF novels. Also, books about the ancient oriental cultures like 
Japan, China and other long forgotten countries intrigued him to study the Zen 
way of life and martial arts. 
His particular interest in entomology and any lack of emotion rather isolates 
him in Starfleet academy. Most of his fellow students find him a "nutty android" 
because he acts rather shy and quiet and shows no emotions in any situation. 
Also the fact that one of his legs doesn't function properly and his lack of 
repairing this made him somewhat strange and unusual to his fellow students. 
However his android capabilities allow him to study faster then Humans do 
and soon he was involved in some science clubs and became more social. 
Also his knowledge of ancient Zen and martial arts, especially the sword and 
bat'leth fighting demonstrations at "android speed", made him popular among the 
more aggressive races like Klingons and Romulans. 
Cadet Kallesin doesn't need any sleep or rest; however, he tries to have a 
fifteen minute Zen session everyday. From time to time he needs some maintenance 
and check-ups, especially because some of his neural functions don't seem to 
be fully functional. While Kallesin has not yet shown any special ambitions in 
Starfleet so far his special interests in science, martial arts and precision 
point out that the light be an excellent Science officer, security officer or 
navigation officer. 
On the other hand we have to admit that he has some annoying features too: one 
is his contentious search to understand organic life and social behaviour. 
More then once he has driven fellow students to anger while digging deeper and 
deeper into social and cultural aspects and behaviour. 
It is know he has disturbed a Klingon marriage by asking the bride why she had 
chosen as specific type of weapon and armoury and where the groom had found 
his splendid armour for the wedding. 
Remark on current relation with Lt Cmdr Vymora Einicrox 
In the recent past Kallesin 'n Galeda has been engaged with Vymora Einicrox, 
an Andorian female who he had meet on board of the USS Horizon. As they are 
growing in their relationship Kallesin tries to discover and work out the 
meaning of love, sexuality, the courtesy of a female and all pleasant and 
less pleasant things that are confined in a relationship. 
Kallesin finds Vy, as she is called by him, "the utter most fascinating 
combination of beauty, pleasure and challenge he ever had encountered".  He 
also refers to her as a being of a remarkable and intriguing joy but yet 
illogical and emotional as most humanoids tend to be, probably even far 
beyond the average. This all makes him often doubt his capabilities to be 
worthy of her love which can bring them both sometimes in embarrassing 
Although there had been several attempts to get married it seems there is 
always something interfearing with that.  Things as the outbreak of an 
illness, the nearly destruction of a starship or just the showing up of a 
jealous, older partner of Vymora. 
Despite these problems they still are looking forwards to getting married 
sooner or later. 
The latest interfering with their relation had been an illusionary illness 
that has shown up on the USS OLYMPUS - MONS causing a corporal Mason to fall 
in love with Kallesin 'n Galeda.  In her attempts to get the attention of 
Kallesin she made some rather awkward attempts to approach him, causing a 
'catfight' between Corp. Mason and Vymora Einicrox.  After the disappearing 
of the symptoms,  things are more or less sorted out between Vymora and 
Mason, but there is still an unpleasant tension. 
Disciplinary Record 
Starfleet Academy - Year 0.24 
Cadet 'n Galeda got a remark for taking a Zen session during an extremely 
dangerous experiment in physics class. It was stated clearly that "it was 
no proper time to perform Zen sessions while an artificial black hole had 
to be observed and monitored in a reaction chamber." 
Starfleet academy - Year 0.32 
Cadet 'n Galeda got a disciplinary warning that "break a leg" is an 
expression not to be taken literally! 
USS Horizon: SD: 17.0306 
Reprimanded for AWOL and risking his own and other SF personnel's life in an un-
authorized away mission on Anabaron. 
USS Horizon: SD: 17.0309 
Letter of reprimand added into personal record for breaking the chain of 
command during the Anabaron mission. 
Honors Bestowed 
None till now. 
Personal remarks: 
Since a few years Kallesin 'n Galeda is involved in a rather unusual 
relationship with Vymora Einicrox, a Andorian female.  They have come to 
live in a rather comfortable relationship that is strange and filled with 
twists and arguments for the outer-world but that holds strength, unity, trust 
and understanding highly praised.  They both understand they have different needs 
and urges and both have accepted the faith that, although Kallesin is more 
sensitive and passionate then most man of flesh and blood (as Vymora once 
declared to a friend) Kallesin 'n Galeda is undoubtly an android with all 
strange quirks and manners. 
The have been several times on the verge of a marriage but each time; sometimes 
for ships duties or unexpected circumstances and sometimes for personal matters, 
this has been postponed.   
So untill now they are not married but they live together as husband and wife. 
They still are looking forward tot he day they get married and become truly 
husband and wife also in official ways. 
Lieutenant commander  Kallesin 'n Galeda is played by David Martens.