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CAPT Vertiax- Commanding Officer, USS Odyssey

Captain (O-6)

  • Player: Marco Mueller
  • Contact: Email
  • Last Updated: SD 27710103.1700

Captain Vertinax's Mask of Agamemnon
Containment Unit for Captain Vertinax
FIRST NAME:            Vertiax 
SURNAME:               --
CURRENT RANK:          Captain
GENDER/SEX:            male (personality)
AGE:                   100 Standard years
POB:                   Medusad (Medusan homeworld)

PARENTS:               Vertia and Aronax of Medusa (currently both residing on
SIBLINGS:              none
SPOUSE:                none
CHILDREN:              none

HEIGHT:                50 cm (containment unit), 1.90 meters (holo-image) 
WEIGHT:                --
HAIR:                  brown (holo-image)
EYES:                  dark-brown (holo-image)

SKIN TONE:             fair (holo-image)
BLOOD TYPE:            --
RELIGION:              Neoplatonism
CITIZENSHIP:           United Federation of Planets
LANGUAGES:             Medusan (native), UFP Standard, Klingon, Orion


A. Academic Institutions Attended:
   -- Collective Schooling on Medusa Prime
   -- Star Fleet Academy

B. Service Schools Attended:
   -- Advance Office Training
   -- SF Command Training

C. Qualifications:
   -- Astrophysics
   -- Astrogation
   -- Diplomacy

D. Star Fleet Academy Record:
Professional Major: Astrogation
Professional Minor: Astrophysics
Reprimands: -
Commendations: -
Athletics: --
Activities: Member of AAI (Advocates of Artificial Intelligence)


Born on Stardate 26710501 on Medusad and raised with an intense curiosity about 
the rest of the universe. Soon (by Medusan standards anyway) abstract philosophical 
theories about life and creation were not enough for him anymore and Vertiax 
applied for Starfleet Academy in SD: 27300901.

Among his fellow students the "hovering tea kettle" who interacted with humanoids 
by means of a speech synthesizer and holograms was a novelty. Although Medusans 
had been given honorary ranks in Starfleet as emergency navigators for the last 
two-hundred years, a Medusan cadet was still an extremely rare sight.

In Vertiax´ own words, "I never excelled in sports but did a decent enough job on 
the helm to be called Ensign afterwards."

Soon he would be called more than just Ensign. Vertiax capitalized on the unique 
way Medusans naturally perceived the universe as a road map of energy patterns and 
gravimetric lines both as a navigator and an astrophysicist. His physiological 
state (or lack there of) allowed him to perceive stellar phenomena in a way no 
humanoid or sensor could. 

His robust ethical convictions qualified him for command. Soon LT Vertiax was 
conducting science missions under his own responsibility. LCDR Vertiax was leading 
small science teams and away missions. Commander Vertiax was First Officer of 
large research vessels and later CO of his own smaller ships. 

After being promoted to Captain Vertiax commanded the USS COCHRANE on her mission 
to survey the last unknown sectors in the outer rim of the Milky Way galaxy. The 
next logical step as Admiral Subek of Vulcan phrased it, was to assign Vertiax as 
Commanding Officer of the USS ODYSSEY the first ship to conduct a large scale 
exploration of M81.

C.  Medals and Commendations
Einstein Medal of Science
Cochrane Award of Deep Space exploration 2x
Prism of Command

Trained astrophysicist and diplomat and natural-born navigator; According to 
Vertiax the Medusans read space time like a road map. A skilled Medusan could 
navigate a ship without artificial means but of course technology makes the 
process much more practical and speedy.
Vertiax possess only the minimum tactical training necessary to pass the Captains 
exams. Known to prefer assignments with a minimum risk of tactical situations 
such as dedicated science missions. If that is not possible, he will surround 
himself with officers skilled in space warfare, would likely let his current XO 
take effective command of the ship in battle

ALLERGIES:             None
INJURIES:              None
DISABILITIES:          None

Soft-spoken, calm and patient with a dry and sometimes self-depreciating sense 
of humor, wisdom is the term that comes to ones mind when listening to Vertiax.

Music and philosophy of the Federation


Medusan "facts" (non-canonical):

Medusad is a hot class Y world much like Mercury in the solar system. The 
Medusans evolved in the ionized upper atmosphere rather than on the planets 
partially molten surface and take nourishment from the fluctuating energy 

Genders in the physical sense do not exist but are recognized based on 
personality by humanoid scientists. Medusans propagate when two individuals 
merge their energy matrixes to produce a new unique matrix. The offspring's 
name is usually an amalgamation of the names of the parents.

Since the Medusans are beings composed of energy they do not have technology of 
their own like other species, no cities, no technology, no starships. Instead 
Medusans evolved into beings of pure intellect favoring philosophical debates, 
poetry and a form of subatomic music incomprehensible to corporeal beings. 
Astronomy was also a favored subject as the Medusans have the inborn abilities to 
read gravimetric lines and to travel on them through empty space although no 
faster than the speed of light. 

First contacts with the Federation ended in disaster as the sight of the Medusans 
drove the Federation ambassadors mad and afterwards killed them. The Vulcans were 
the first to be able to establish meaningful communication with the Medusans.

Dr. Miranda Jones who some time after the events of "Is There In Truth No Beauty?" 
married Ambassador Kollos is regarded as sort of a national hero on Medusad as 
the person who brought Medusans out of their isolation.

As non-corporeal beings the natural lifespan of a Medusan is theoretically infinite. 
Still, surprisingly many Medusans (usually those who have lived in excess of a 
millennium) decide to "dance with the sun". They travel to the star of their home 
system and enter the sun's corona where their energy matrix disperses and merges 
with the sun, effectively ending their accident. Whether this "suicide" is a real 
physiological need - the Medusan equivalent of old age, the result of depression 
or a social custom is not yet clear to members of other species. Medusans rarely 
if ever discuss this aspect of their society with aliens.

Medusan Insanity:
The sight of a Medusan renders any Human mad, and soon afterwards causes death 
by massive organ failure. This is still true in the 28th century although a limited 
antidote existed for the last twenty years. If administered early enough it will 
prevent the fatal organ failure although the victim still needs to be confined 
to a psychiatric ward for at least several months  to fully recover mentally. 
Many survivors develop Medusaphobia - an intense fear of Medusans that lasts for 
the rest of their lives. Some prankster I medical research named the newly-
developed antidote Persenite after Perseus who slew the Gorgon Medusa and the name 

Since their contact with the rest of the Federation intensified, Medusans have 
taken up the habit of confining themselves to containment unit that are 
aesthetically pleasing to most humanoid eyes. A box of filigree metalwork surrounds 
a crystal prism that in turn holds the energy matrix of the Medusan. The glowing 
energies can still be seen but now have a calming rather than an insanity-inducing 
effect. Neural interfaces allow for two-way audio communication and a sensor array 
allows the Medusan to experience at least an approximation of physical sensory 
input (think Geordie's visor). Currently Sotal Industries on Vulcan is the 
Starfleet contractor for production of these units. The containment unit is able 
to effectively "disguise" itself as a humanoid by means of a built-in holo 
projector. When on duty Vertiax usually makes use of this option and appears as a 
tall, bearded human male in Captains uniform. Rumor has it that the appearance of 
the hologram ( known as the Mask of Agamemnon) is based as much on the legendary 
Starfleet officer and diplomat Conrad Veld in his younger days as it is based on any 
ancient Greek hero.