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An Introduction to the Blue Fleet Story

After a decade of peace, the treaty with the Romulans is fraying around the edges. It is a matter of small incidents rather than outright hostilities. Overall, the Star Empire is benefiting more from peace with the Federation than it would from hostilities. But that doesn't mean that the more reactionary factions of the government are happy with the situation or do not with to assert more control over the military, intelligence, and trade operations along the border. There have been an increasing number of incidents of Federation merchants being "harassed" by Romulan inspections. These are mostly cases of impounded cargoes, fines, delays, "misplaced" paperwork, etc.

And even as the Federation and Star Empire are beginning to cooperate on Gamma Quadrant exploration around the edges of the recently more quiescent Dominion, the command of DS-12 has passed from the Federation back to the Romulans. Somehow, the traditionalists have gotten an officer sympathetic to their position posted to the base. So tensions on DS-12 herself are quite high. The Romulan commander has not been hostile in any outright sense. There are too many admirals in the Romulan High Command sympathetic to the alliance to show his sympathies too openly. However, the Federation XO is being frustrated by an attention to the letter of every little regulation and specification that would make a Vulcan go mad.

While all this if going on, the Klingon Empire has imploded into a civil war that is tearing, quite literally, the Empire apart. The part of Klingon space nearest the conjunction of Federation and Romulan borders (and so only 20-30 LY's from DS-12) is controlled by Chancellor Mor'vath (q.v. USS FEARLESS archive). Federation-Klingon (and for that matter Romulan-Klingon) relations are at best rocky. On the other side of the old Empire, a new government has coalesced, the Klingon Confederacy. Neither Empire not Confederacy have enough military force to conquer the other. But Mor'vath, in particular, is more than a bit outraged at the very existence of the Confederacy.

The main connecting thread to all of Blue Fleet is, of course, the ongoing and complicated political situation with the Star Empire. Klingons, Dominion, minor Alpha and Beta quadrant powers (Kzin, Lyrean, Wyn, Orions, etc.), and newly discovered races of the Gamma Quadrant are critical to the central story of the fleet mainly in how they impact the Romulan-Federation tension.

Jeffrey Jenkins
aka the player behind
Admiral John R. Brooks
Commander in Chief Blue Fleet

P.S. If you have an interest in learning more about ASR, by all means, let me know and I'll put you in touch with the administrators in charge of new player orientation.