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Blue Fleet Orgniaztion

United Federation of Planets Star Fleet 2nd Fleet

"The Big Blue 2"


The forces detailed below account for a portion of Blue Fleet. These units are all deployed in close proximity to the Romulan Border.

Task Force 20 - Battle Force

The battle force comprises the core of the battleships and battlecruiser forces and their screening elements. This represents the heart of the fighting strength of the fleet. Task Group Bellatrix usually does not deploy long distances from their home system. Task Group Herod is far smaller than the normal defense for such a key system. However, trety restrictions with the Romulan Star Empire have resulted in relatively small mobile units being the only ones permanently deployed to the system. The system has significant static defenses, particularly around the wormhole.

Each battlecruiser of TF20's Battlecruiser Squadron 21 is assigned a screening element which, in practice, often operates independently of the battlecruiser. These screening elements engage in regular exercises with their tactical squadron leader so as to help in coordination in the case of emergencies.

  • Task Group Bellatrix, system defense forces "Home Fleet"
    1st Battle Squadron
    USS NIKE, NCC-7502 (ZEUS-class battleship NPC)
    USS HADES, NCC-7508 (ZEUS-class battleship NPC)
    201st Escort Squadron 6 DD
    202nd Escort Squadron 6 DD
  • Task Group Herod, system defense forces
    1 CL, 2 DD
    Romulan counterparts of equal rate and number
  • Battlecruiser Squadron 21
    Tactical Squadron 23
    USS NOVA, NCC-1776-A (SOLAR-class command battlecruiser)
    destroyers 2
    light cruisers 2
    Tactical Squadron 24
    USS EXCALIBUR, NCC-1844-B (BASTION-class command battlecruiser)
    destroyers 2
    light cruisers 2
    Tactical Squadron 25
    battlecruiser 1
    destroyers 2
    light cruisers 2
    Tactical Squadron 26
    USS HECATE, NCC-27003 (CIRCE-class battlecruiser NPC)
    destroyers 2
    light cruisers 2
    Tactical Squadron 27
    USS PERSEPHONE, NCC-25013-A (AGAMEMNON-class battlecruiser)
    destroyers 2
    light cruisers 2

Task Force 21 - Patrol-Reconnaissance Force

TF21 is comprised of smaller starships tasked with overseeing activities within the Blue Fleet Patrol Cordon.

  • 221st Patrol Squadron 2 DD, 6 FF
  • 222nd Patrol Squadron 2 DD, 6 FF
  • 226th Patrol Squadron 2 DD, 6 FF

Task Force 22 - Ready Force

The ready force is comprised of cruisers and destroyers not normally deployed as part of a larger formation. They represent the majority of the available fast-response forces in the fleet.

USS YORKTOWN, NCC-1717-F (KIROV-class heavy cruiser)
USS FEARLESS, NX-56000 (FEARLESS-class heavy cruiser)
USS WARRIOR (FEARLESS-class heavy cruiser NPC)
USS TENJIN (YASURAGI-class heavy cruiser NPC)

Task Force 23 - Aerospace Assault Force

The aerospace assult force is used to support marine operations and for system patrols. The new advanced fleet carriers have combat shuttles with limited dimensional warp capability. This gives the carriers unprecedented comabt shuttle patrol ranges and flexibility.

  • Carrier Strike Group 21
    Destroyer Squadron 6 destroyers
  • Carrier Strike Group 22
    Destroyer Squadron 6 destroyers

Task Force 24 - Sensor Net Maintenance Forces

The Blue Fleet Patrol Cordon is a long-established and well monitored region of space. There are a significant number of system-wide sensor nets as well as many sensor platforms operating in interstellar space. This task force is dedicated to maintaining these installations.

Task Force 25 - Logistics Support Forces

TF25 consists of fuel and supply ships and includes the fast freighters of military transport command as well as larger supply vessels.

Task Force 26 - Merchant Protection Force

Second line combatants and older starships are used to patrol near the most frequented by merchant ships. They tend to be deployed away from tactically critical areas.

Task Force 27 - System-based Patrol Craft

Many systems have light patrol craft such as corvettes or gunships with limited deployment range. These graft are sufficient to dissuade most marauders, but not proper warships. They are also used for merchant ship inspections.

Task Force 28 - Special Operations Force

All special operations forces acting within the Blue Fleet area of operations fall under the overarching organization of TF28.

Task Force Sierra (former RP Unit)

  • HEADQUARTERS: Starbase GAMMA(Bellatrix System)
  • NOTES: Task Force Sierra is an covert operations joint venture between OSFI, SECIS and Star Fleet proper tasked with uncovering and disrupting Section 31 operations.

Task Force 29 - Landing Forces (Marine Expeditionary Force)

The elements of TF29 are Marines of the expeditionary force and their support ships. This group does not include permanently deployed marine formations or the Fleet Marine Force shipboard detachments elsewhere in the fleet.