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Blue Fleet Places of Interest

Galactic directions

Coreward - towards the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. "North" on most conventional Federation star charts.

Rimward - towards the outer edge of the Milky Way Galaxy. "South" on most conventional Federation star charts.

Spinward - towards the direction of spin for of the Milky Way Galaxy. "West" on most conventional Federation star charts.

Trailing - opposite the direction of spin for the Milky Way Galaxy. "East" on most conventional Federation star charts.

A, B, C

D, E, F

Daru Zhaiur Sector

This region is five days away from PGS at standard warp.

Although effectively surrounded by Federation members, Daru Zhaiur Sector contains no Federation worlds, colonies or research stations. No Federation ship has been permitted to penetrate beyond the sector's outer star systems. In consequence, there are many mysteries concerning this region of space.

The sector is dominated by the Oessa, the only local species to develop the technology necessary for interstellar travel. The Oessa control trade and religion in the sector, but do not have an empire in the traditional sense. Any planetary population that accepted the Oessan faith was allowed to control its internal affairs without significant interference.

In 2412, the Oessa suddenly withdrew from their border worlds and did something unprecedented, by requesting Federation assistance. This resulted in the USS Indefatigable traveling to Illeshon, one of the border worlds the Oessa had recently abandoned. Some light was shed on the mysteries surrounding this species; it seemed that the Oessa’s ships were all powered by the lifeforce or will of the deity they worshipped, and that possibly this deity was no longer as powerful as it had once been.

After the Indefatigable's mission, the Oessa returned to their traditional isolationism.

Deep Space 12

A joint venture between the Romulan Star Empire and the United Federation of Planets, this base is building a bridge of understanding between the naval officers of both powers. The base is administered, from the Star Fleet side, by Blue Fleet. It is located in the Romulan Neutral zone near the Herod wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant. The current commander is Romulan.

G, H, I

Gideon Cluster, The

Viewed from the perspective of Earth, these stars form a narrow isosceles triangle, with the star Asurras (aka Point Gideon) at the point of the triangle.

The Cluster is nominally in Blue Fleet territory, though it is actually on the border of Blue Fleet and Gold Fleet. It is Patrolled by the Blue-Gold Joint Task Force.

J, K, L

M, N, O

Neutral Zone Outpost 1

The most trailing of the small monitoring outposts along the neutral zone is the only one of these bases to fall under Gold Fleet administration. It falls within the patrol zone of the Blue-Gold Joint Task Force.

P, Q, R

Point Gideon Station

PGS is in geosynchronous orbit around Rijenna (aka Asurras III), located near the conjunction of Romulan, Federation, and Gorn space.

Construction on this starbase began in 2411. Although only half-completed, it was operating as Blue Six headquarters by the beginning of the following year. For most of 2412, the lower decks were noticeably incomplete.

The station was completed in April 2413.


Rijenna is a world of approximately Earth's size, with an atmosphere easily breathable by humans. It is a very green world: green seas, and landmasses that, for the most part, are covered in forests and jungle.

Once, there had been a civilization there. However, the Rijennans (orange-skinned, sharp-featured humanoids) had long ago become extinct, for reasons that remain a mystery.

From 2408 to early 2413, only survey teams and archaeologists were permitted to visit Rijenna.

In May 2413, the first colony was set up, on the island of Murri.

In 2414, the planet was opened up to large-scale colonization. The colonists, of course, almost invariably passed through Point Gideon Station.

S, T, U

Starbase 11

The most trailing of the Starbases that serve the ships patrolling the Romulan-Federation Border, this base is home to the Blue-Gold Joint Task Force.

Triangle, The

Located just coreward and trailing of the Daru Zhaiur Sector, it is actually one of many "triangles" referred to in space terms. An area of unclaimed space between the Gorn Hegemony, Romulan Star Empire, and United Federation of planets. Its Federation border is patrolled by Task Force Orestes.

V, W, X

Y, Z