Blue Fleet Powers of Interest

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Blue Fleet Powers of Interest

A, B, C

D, E, F

Dominion - The Dominion is a Gamma Quadrant empire ruled by the Founders (Changelings native to the Omarion Nebula). Due to its remote location it has only limited access to Federation and Romulan Space through two wormholes: the Bajoran Wormhole near Deep Space 9 and the Herod II wormhole near Deep Space 12. The latter is located in the Romulan Neutral Zone between the Romulan Star Empire and the Blue Fleet patrol cordon.

Echen F'don - The term 'Fardons' refers to the Terran Standard transliteration (and pronunciation) of the self-described 'Echen F'don' which they equate in Terran standard to 'Fardon Empire.' The Fardons are a technologically modern space-faring empire with discernible territorial ambitions on several systems in Federation Space. The Empire is composed of at least two major races which seem to have equal participation in the government despite the numerical dominance of the An'oke within the empire. The Empire is located to the coreward of the Tholian Holdfast. The exact extent of their territory is not known. No major contact between the Federation and the Fardons has occurred since 2410 and no diplomatic relationship exists between the powers.

G, H, I

Gorn Confederacy - The Gorn Confederacy is a fragment of the original Gorn territory which was conquered and subsumed into the Romulan Star Empire. Ironically, it represents the more stable body of Gorn people and has the strongest ties with the Federation. Part of this stems from the long-standing history of support of the Federation for the suppressed slave races under the stay of the Empire. With the warming of relationship between the Federation and the Romulans since the most recent assistance in battling the Dominion in 2407, they have allowed the Gorn Confederacy renewed access to the former Romulan-Federation Neutral Zone.

The territory lies to rimward of the Gorn Hegemony and is wholly surrounded by the Romulan Star Empire and United Federation of Planets. It shares no border with the Gorn Hegemony. It is not ruled by the totalitarian Hegemon of the Gorn and clan rivalries have mellowed under Romulan domination. The government is comprised of a nine-member democratically-elected ruling council, three from each district. The small territory is densely populated with nearly every remotely colonizable world and moon populated and terraformed or being terraformed to suit the Gorn.

Gorn Hegemony - The Clan-dominated Gorn Hegemony is a society in near constant civil war with periods of peace either due to marriages between major waring clans or brutal suppression at the hands of the Hegemon of the moment. The current Hegemon has largely maintained the peace for the better part of the last decade with only limited scale hostilities. This may, or may not, spell a permanent end to the blood feuding. They have maintained an uneasy peace with the Federation, though internal strife has sometimes spilled out of the nominal borders of the Hegemony.

J, K, L

Kzinti Republic - The Republic is less than two decades old. Replacing the ancient Patriarchy with a more tolerant and open democratic goverment has not been a completely smooth transition. But the Kzin no longer had the means to continue to prosecute war against their neighbors and this caused much upheaval within their traditional warrior society when the Patriarch was finally overthrown after nearly four hundred years of struggling to maintain power. Unlike the other felinoid races, Kzin females (Kzinret) are nonsentient. This is, apparently the result of ancient genetic tampering by the Kzintosh (male Kzin). No one in their right mind would every say this aloud around a Kzin unless they wanted to see their intestines clawed out by a 2-2.5 meter-tall bipedal tiger.

In appearance, they are much like bipedal terran tigers with a naked, rat-like tail and large, bare fan-like ears. In the days before warp drive, the Kzinti ruled an interstellar empire. It spanned more than thirty light years, and a number of slave races. In 2049, the Kzinti finally met a species that did not fall before their advance: humans. Over the next decades, the Kzinti and humans fought a total of four wars. By the last war in 2064, the Kzinti had assembled a huge fleet that would have been able to smash any human opposition, save one factor. By that time, they fought a human species that had discovered warp drive. Human ships were able to dart in and out around the Kzinti fleet, allowing hit-and-run tactics which the Kzinti warships could not match with only sublight drives.

The republic is now composed of only a dozen star systems.

Lyraen Empire - Ancient enemies of the Kzinti, the Empire is -- somewhat ironically -- composed of the most closely related species to the Kzinti themselves. The empire holds only eight star systems which it rules from Czyrath in the Beta-Lyrae system.

The Lyraen race was on the verge of interplanetary flight when an outrider from the expansionist Kzinti Patriarchy encountered the system. There followed 107 years of warfare at sublight speeds which the Lyraens eventually lost. The race was enslaved for over forty years, but as Patriarchal attention was turned elsewhere at the time (Terra, in fact) the Kzinti overseeing force was rapidly overthrown. With the development of warp technology several bloody wars of attrition followed with large losses on both sides, but few truly decisive battles were fought. The Lyraens harbour a lingering hatred of their foes from these times, and some may even attack a kzin on sight even though an uneasy peace exists between the two governments.

M, N, O

Oessa, the only local species in the Daru Zhaiur Sector to develop the technology necessary for interstellar travel. The Oessa control trade and religion in the sector, but do not have an empire in the traditional sense. Any planetary population that accepted the Oessan faith was allowed to control its internal affairs without significant interference.

In 2412, the Oessa suddenly withdrew from their border worlds and did something unprecedented, by requesting Federation assistance. This resulted in the USS Indefatigable traveling to Illeshon, one of the border worlds the Oessa had recently abandoned. Some light was shed on the mysteries surrounding this species; it seemed that the Oessaâ's ships were all powered by the lifeforce or will of the deity they worshipped, and that possibly this deity was no longer as powerful as it had once been.

After the Indefatigable's mission, the Oessa returned to their traditional isolationism.

P, Q, R

Romulan Star Empire - Encompassing over half a million square light years of space, the Romulan Star Empire is a large interstellar empire dominated by a single species. While slightly larger that the Klingon Empire in terms of total volume of space dominated the Romulans control fewer systems because stars are less dense in the region spanned by the Star Empire. Moreover, the Romulan systems tend to be mineral poor. This has led to some differences in technology. For instance the Romulans use a quantum singularity, an artificial miniature black hole, for primary power generation rather than a dilithium mediated matter-antimatter reactor. Each ship of the Star Empire is also correspondingly more costly to build and so virtually all are protected by cloaking devices.

There is a long history of conflict between the Star Empire and the Federation. Recently that long history has seen much more congenial relations. The peak of this alliance was seen in 2407 when the Romulans came to the rescue of Starbase Gamma, the Blue Fleet Command Starbase, in their battle with the Dominion. In the following decade, relations have cooled somewhat. But are still better than they have been through most of the preceding three and a half centuries.

S, T, U

V, W, X

Wyn Cluster - The fiercely independent Wyn cluster is composed of Kzinti and Lyraen refugees from the Wars of Attrition. To both governments embarrassment these refugees have built a vibrant and colourful society under the infuriated noses of the Empire and the Patriarchy. The region of space occupies a region at the edge of Kzinti, Lyraen and Klingon space and is surrounded by a heavily radioactive cloud. Because of this the area was unsettled before the cluster was colonised during the Wars. The radiation shell is thin and can be breached with minimal damage at warp eight.

The interior of the nebulous cluster contains a pair of white dwarf suns and assorted sub-planetary chunks of rock . Life within is harsh, even with imported gravity generators and habitation domes, and Wyn residents adopt a hard no-nonsense approach to life for survival. The colony was originally supplied by Orion traders and pirates, and because of this the residents of the Wyn cluster tend to be treated as either pirates or romantic heroes. In fact, the fortunes of the cluster are based on the skills of its many independent traders and their fleet of second-hand patched-up small craft.

Y, Z