Blue Fleet Timeline of Events

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Blue Fleet Timeline


What follows is a general timeline of events in the history of Blue Fleet. (Please note that items listed are in order of newest to oldest.)


  • Lieutenant Thevis dies saving the Remeans from destruction by the Romulan Fleet during the Civil War. The Remeans name their newest Battlecruiser "THEVIS" in her honour.
  • USS FEARLESS, on a joint mission with the Romulan Star Navy, discovered a possible tie between the Tal Shiar and a captured Borg cube. It is suspected that the Tal Shiar were using a bastardized version of Borg technology to develop a extreme long range cannon, capable of hitting virtually any target without warning. Once they realized that the weapon was an immediate threat, they were forced to engage the Borg station, which was powering the weapon by drawing plasma from the local sun. FEARLESS and a small fleet of Romulan and Federation ships were joined in our attack by Species 8472. When the stations were damaged from the inside, the flow of stellar plasma destroyed the Borg stations but caused a backlash in the sun, causing it to explode, vaporizing any evidence. The explosion threw FEARLESS and the other Federation ships into the Delta Quadrant near Dominion space. The Romulan ships were able to get out of the effect of the explosion in time and were not pulled through the rift.
  • USS YORKTOWN joined forces with the Romulans in study and evaluation of planet, P959D. A recently discovered planet in a nebula near the Romulan Neutral Zone. Recent explorations on the planet have suggested that it was once inhabited by early Vulcan settlers, possibly the same group that colonize Romulus. An incident after the initial meetings involving an intimate encounter between a Federation officer and the son of the Romulan Commander, Tavul, sets the mission off on a rocky start. The Tal Shiar officer on the scene has the son executed for endangering the mission. Tavul blames the Federation for the incident. A group of Star Fleet scientists discover an ancient control-center in some caves and accidentally trigger a Doomsday device that is able to create an artificial wormhole. When this happens the whole planet, maybe even the whole star-system will be destroyed and converted to energy to create the wormhole. When Hall confronts Tavul with his discovery, Tavul threatens the Federation and detonations a small but powerfull bomb on the YORKTOWN and makes Hall believe the YORKTOWN is destroyed and the Romulans will put all blame for the wormhole and destruction of the planet on the Federation in a plan for the Romulan Empire to start a war between the Federation and the Empire. The Tal Shiar Colonel Dar'sall is convinced by Hall and Klondike that a cooperation between the two teams is the only way to stop the wormhole projector from destroying the system. A team from the YORKTOWN is mysteriously transported by an old android that guards the control center to be witness of the creation of the wormhole. Meanwhile, Hall and the Tal Shiar colonel -- who has relieved Commander Tavul of duty -- come to an agreement for evacuation to the Romulan ships since the YORTOWN is badly damaged and not able to send significant help. The YORKTOWN scientists manages to disable the control center and destroying the caves so it never will be used again.




  • Federation uncover Romulan possession of bursite mines within Orestes


  • War between Romulan Star Empire and Federation averted after uncovering Dalriadan plot to de-stabilize relations between Romulans and Federation
  • Romulans discover a source of bursite within the Orestes sector


  • Assasination attempt on Ambassador Linkri Saresh on Cestus III
  • Biogenic weapons-smuggling ring, run by Section 31, uncovered on Cestus III involving Gorn Hegemony and Orion Syndicate middlemen


  • Point Gideon Station construction completed



  • Destruction of Red Fleet by spacial rift
  • Destabliization of Klingon Imperial Government
  • K'Goth (Qeghotlh), House of Duras, seizes Klingon Imperial Throne
  • Second Klingon-Federation War begins
  • Formation of the Blue-Gold Joint Task Force based at Point Gideon Station in orbit of Rigenna (Asurras III)



  • Federation confrontation with forces of the Echen F'Don in GREEN Fleet's Area of Operation; destruction of USS SABRE and USS WYVERN


  • Second Battle of Bellatrix, defense of SB GAMMA from the Dominion
  • Romulan Entente
  • Caitians order Star Fleet to abandon Silver Fleet Command Starbase Epsilon and leave Caitian space


  • Romulan Star Empire's Borg War ends when the Borg mysteriously withdraw from Romulan space


  • First Battle of Bellatrix, defense of SB GAMMA from the Borg
  • Battle of Cait, defense of system from the Kzinti Patriarchy


  • Borg invade Romulan Star Empire (estimated)

Older history (pre-ASR)

  • 2380 Klingon Empire recognizes the break-away Imperial Romulan State under Empress Donatra
  • 2379 USS TITAN travels to Romulan space to attempt to create a working coalition of rival factions to stabilize the Star Empire
  • 2379 Tal'Aura claims Praetorship of the Romulan Star Empire
  • 2379 Launch of USS TITAN, NCC-80102
  • 2379 Shinzon of Remus attempt to destroy all life on Earth using the thalaron weapon aboard his flagship, the Scimitar, but is stopped by the USS ENTERPRISE, NCC-1701-E
  • 2379 Shinzon of Remus engineers an attack on the Romulan Senate that kills Hiren and all of the senate except Tal'Aura
  • 2379 Hiren replaces Neral as Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire
  • 2374 Romulan Emperor Shiarkeik assassinated
  • 2373 Praetor Narviat of the Romulan Star Empire sends a fleet of ships to join in the Dominion War
  • 2373 Cardassian Union forms an alliance with the Dominion; Federation enters an uneasy alliance with the Romulans and the Klingons in repsonse
  • 2372 Klingon Empire dissolves Khitomer Accords and attacks Cardassia; USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701-E, SOVEREIGN class, launched under Captain Picard
  • 2371 USS VOYAGER lost in the Badlands
  • 2369 Cardassians withdraw from Bajor; Deep space 9 opened
  • 2368 Klingon Civil War
  • 2367 Battle of Wolf 359 with the Borg
  • 2363-2371 USS ENTERPRISE, NCC-1701-D, GALAXY class, launched under Captain Picard
  • 2344 USS ENTERPRISE, NCC-1701-C, AMBASSADOR class, launched under Captain Garrett and is destroyed at Narendra III
  • 2335 First contact with Cardassians
  • 2294 USS ENTERPRISE, NCC-1701-B, EXCELSIOR class, launched under Captain Harriman
  • 2293 Khitomer Accords
  • 2291 USS ENTERPRISE, NCC-1701-A decomissioned
  • 2286 USS ENTERPRISE, NCC-1701-A launched
  • 2285 USS ENTREPRISE, NCC-1701 lost in orbit of the Genesis planet
  • 2267 Organian Peace Treaty
  • 2264-2269 ENTERPRISE's first five-year mission under Captain Kirk
  • 2253 Axanar Rebellion
  • 2245 Launch of the USS ENTERPRISE, NCC-1701
  • 2218 First contact with the Klingon Empire
  • 2161 United Federation of Planets founded
  • 2156-2160 Earth-Romulan War
  • 2151 Launch of the USS ENTERPRISE, NX-01
  • 2113 Founding of the New Earth Republic
  • 2063 Cochrane brakes the light barrier
  • 2053 World War III
  • 1992-1996 Eugenics Wars