Blue Fleet Unit Patches

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Blue Fleet Unit Patches and Other Artwork

Fleet Command

Gamma patch wht.png

The patch for Blue Fleet, found on coffee mugs and conference room walls all over Starbase Gamma.

USS Fearless

Fearless wht.png
Explicit Nomen

Draft of the new unit patch for the USS Fearless.

USS Nova

Nova patch wht.png
"The light shines on in darkness, a darkness that did not overcome it."-Jn. 1, 5

The unit patch of the USS Nova. Note the incorporation of a nova-style starburst, as well as the different color stars in the patch, representing the different fleets Nova has been a part of since opening in ASR in 1991.

USS Persephone

Persephone patch wht.png

"Sometimes you are the pidgeon... and sometimes you are the statue."

The unit patch for the re-born USS Persephone. In the middle of the patch the silouette of Persephone as the greek embodiment of the Earth's fertility and at the same time that Queen of the Underworld. The red border encircling the patch are a reminder of the time the original USS Persephone spent serving in the ranks of RED FLEET.

Oresets Station

Orestes patch wht.png

The unit patch for Orestes Station.


These patches were created by Scott Lusby and Edward Bell.