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Borg Fact Sheet
Updated SD 220112

  • RELIABILITY CLASSIFICATION: B (information is dated, but was compiled through numerous confrontations by multiple friendly and reliable assets)


The Borg are a collective of cybernetically enhanced humanoids. The Borg expand their sphere of influence by attacking and assimilating entire worlds into the collective. First contact between the Borg and the Federation came in 2365 as a result of the actions of Q. The first Borg attack on Earth came in 2367 and was repelled. The android Lore led a group of Borg on a series of attack against the Federation in 2369. The Borg made a second attempt to assimilate Earth in 2373 and were repelled.

Although many details are still unclear, the Borg appear to have invaded the Romulan Star Empire, assimilating several worlds on the antispinward side of the Empire and launching several series of attacks against the Romulan Star Empire between 2398 and 2406. In 2406, they pushed out of Romulan Territory and again attacked the Federation at SB Gamma. That attack was repelled by a joint Federation-Romulan force. In 2407, the Borg withdrew from Romulan space. No serious encounters with the Borg in proximity to the major governments of the Alpha and Beta Quadrant have been noted since 2407.


The Borg are a threat species which has largely been driven back. It is highly likely that enclaves of the Borg collective exist in the Delta Quadrant, but the Borg have not been a major threat presence in nearly a decade. Because of their technology and tenacity in the past, the Borg are still considered a high threat species and should be treated with extreme caution if encountered.


The Borg collective uses a variety of technologies of advanced design. The greatest strength is their ability to rapidly adapt to the technologies of other races, apparently by drawing on the diverse and manifold technology bases of assimilated species. They are also able to rapidly repair their starships in place from massive.

Individual Borg are linked together in a hive mind and continuously monitored and repaired by a series of advanced nanoprobes which circulate through the individual's bloodstream.


TACFLEET Technical Memorandum - Revised SD:110610

To some the Borg are the ultimate merging of organic and inorganic life into a single, sentient conciousness. To most observers, however, the Borg are a relentless collective, devoid of any individuality, that grows through the assimilation of any species that would benefit them.

The initial merging of humanoid life and technology that eventually became the Borg is lost in history. Based on direct observation, there is evidence that the Borg reproduce biologically and that the introduction of electro-mechanical devices begins at a young age. The Borg are also readily able to assimilate captives into the collective quickly and with a high degree of success. Much of the assimilation process is carried out by nanoprobes that are injected into the captive.

The equipment incorporated into individual Borg (often referred to as drones) serve a wide variety of functions. All drones are equipped with a subspace tranciever that ensures constant contact with the rest of the collective. The drones are also outfitted for increased visual acquity and with data ports for computer interface. Each drone will also have specialized equipment suited to the task to which they are assigned. Borg on boarding parties on Federation starships have been equipped with random modulating personal shields and, in some cases, cybernetic energy weapons. These weapons operate along the same lines of the disruptors used by the Jem'Hadar, which suggests prior contact between the Borg and the Dominion.

For all the advances that the Borg have been able to achieve through assimilation and a merging with technology, the price has been their humanity and the benefits that come with it. The Borg gain new technology through assimilation, but they appear to be incapable of the innovation required to develop new technology on their own. This has driven the Borg to continue to assimilate new species in order to advance.

The first Borg ships encountered were cubic and ranged in size from 800 meters on a side to about 1500 meters. Subsequently, spherical and torpedo shaped ships were encountered, although these were significantly smaller than the cubes. A typical sphere is 400 meters in diameter. All of these ships are fairly densely packed with equipment. Some cubes have an independent, spherical module that appears to be an escape module containing critical systems.

Borg cubes have a central core which houses a distributed power generation system. A distributed systems is not as space efficient as a single component, but it is consistent with the Borg philosophy (for lack of a better term) of infinite redundancy. Just as any drone can be replaced with any other, the loss of a single power cell does not affect the operation of the entire cube.

Borg warp propulsion systems exhibit a similar level of redundant function. The outer regions of each ship contain small clusters of warp coils. The positioning of the coils maintains a warp field around the cubic ship. In this case, the use of a distributed system has a great deal to do with the geometry of the cube. It is highly unlikely that even the Borg have assimilated enough knowledge to develope a centralized warp propulsion system that will generate a balanced, efficient cubic warp field.

The Borg has also assimilated the technology to generate a transwarp conduit that enables them to reach extremely high speeds. Federation analysis of the transwarp technology show that the conduit is a stable tunnel through hyperspace. It allows the Borg to quickly transition into the kappa band of hyperspace and traverse it safely. The opening of a transwarp conduit involves creating a stable passage into hyperspace which remains open for a few seconds after the Borg ship has passed through. It is therefore possible to follow a Borg ship into the transwarp conduit.

It is possible to cause significant damage to Borg cubes if they are engaged at warp velocities and enough warp nodes on one face of the cube can be damaged. The asymmetric warp field that results is sufficient to tear the cube apart.

The Borg use fairly conventional gravitic shielding. They adjust their shields to an optimum frequency to impede incoming fire. This makes it very difficult to engage the Borg using phasers. The phaser harmonics must be adjusted often to have an effect on the Borg ships.

The Borg's primary aim is generally not the destrustion of another vessel, but rather the assimilation of its technology and crew. The Borg use a directed energy weapon, similar to a disruptor, in two modes. It can be used as a high-powered disruptor over great distances to damage and disable starships. It can also be tightly focused into a cutting beam to remove a portion of a ship's hull. The hull section is analyzed by the Borg, and if it contains technology that interests the collective, they begin the assimilation process.

The other device that allows the Borg to assimilate the crews of ships is an extremely high powered tractor beam. Usual Borg tactics involve the use of weapons to damage a target ship. The target ship is then drawn in toward the attacking Borg ship and held by the tractor beam. Once the ship is immobilized, assimilation of the ship and crew proceeds swiftly.



  • The Borg pages were developed by Jeffrey Jenkins for OSFI and BATA.
  • The TACFLEET Memorandum was written by Alton Reich.