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USS Mithras Classified Logs


In 2412, the Office of Star Fleet Intelligence and the Security and Investigative Services collaborated on a combined mission to discover any and all information concerning the mysterious and dangerous race known only as 'the Others'. To this end, Starfleet Command and the Federation Security Council ordered the MONTU-class USS Mithras, NCC 59015, BLUE Fleet to the disposal of OSFI and SECIS.



Class Name       : MONTU
Classification   : Warship
Type             : CL (Light Cruiser)
Model Number     : I  (AKIRA II)

Length           : 464 m
Beam             : 317 m
Draft            : 87 m
Displacement     : 3,700,000 mt

Total Standard   :   500
Officers         :    50
Crew             :   270
Marines          :   130 (military duty 160 maximum)
Passengers       :    50 (scientific and military 80 maximum)

Warp Propulsion System
Drive Type       : ILN-505 Mk X
     Number      : 2
Main Reactor     : FRAM-1200

Impulse System
Drive Type       : KRLT
     Number      : 2
Secondary Reactor: FRIF-700 Network

D-Warp Drive     : Dim-IV M1i

     Standard Cruise Speed   : 7.0
     Maximum Cruise Speed    : 9.45
     Sustainable for 12 hours: 9.85
     Maximum Emergency Speed : 9.92
     Core Failure Imminent   : 9.95

     Phaser, Type X
          Number : 6 banks
          Range  : 300,000 km
          Arcs   : saucer dorsal array
                   saucer ventral array (p/s)
                   aft hull dorsal array (p/s)
                   aft hull ventral aft array

     Phaser, Type Xa, Pulse Phaser Turrets
          Number : 4 turrets
          Range  : 200,000 km
          Arcs   : fwd firing (p/s)
                   aft firing (p/s)

     Flux Torpedo Mk III Seeking/Direct
          Number : 3 tubes
          Range  : Flux 3,500,000 km, Photon 3,000,000
          Arcs   : 2 forward, 1 aft

     Point Defense Lasers, type I
          Number : 12 (4 turrets of 3 lasers each)
          Range  : 150,000 km
          Arcs   : saucer dorsal turrets (p/s)
                 : aft hull mid turrets (p/s)

Deflector System : FD-10e enhanced cocoon multiphasic deflector shields

Limited Ablative Armor

     Standard, 6-person  :  4
     Combat, 12-person   :  3
     Emergency, 16-person:  3
     Cargo               :  2

Shuttle Bays     : 1
Embarked Craft (Standard, specific ships may vary)
     Shuttlepod              :  4
     Personnel Shuttle, Small:  3
     Personnel Shuttle, Large:  2
     Shuttle, D-Warp         :  3
     Cargo Shuttle           :  1


The MONTU class cruiser is the first descendent of the successful AKIRA class warships 
that entered service early in the 2330's.  The revolutionary catamaran configuration of 
the AKIRA's had proven itself as an efficient and robust design through diverse tactical 

The prototype vessel, USS MONTU, was part of Starfleet's competition to devise a true 
successor for the aging HOOD class vessels.  Final testing had been awarded to the MONTU 
and HIRYU project submittals of which the latter eventually won.  However, the impressive 
capabilities demonstrated in the competition eventually led to a full refit of the active 
AKIRA class warships as well as the construction of a new block of ships using the 
upgraded design.

A series of technological advancements projected into the MONTU class have resulted in a 
warship worthy of her predecessors.  The incorporation of the revolutionary new SCIMITAR 
system allows for faster and more accurate deployment, targeting and coordination of all 
weapons and defensive systems during an engagement.  The SCIMITAR incorporates a new 
series of tactical sensors, a dedicated computer core, advanced software, and all 
available weapon systems into one integrated package capable of providing tactical 
dominance greater than the mere ordinance itself would suggest. 

Application of ablative armor to critical areas of the structure, as deemed necessary from 
the AKIRA's, has also provided a much needed defensive boost to the refit design. Likewise 
the incorporation of a point defense system adds to defense by providing an additional 
defence against missile and projectile attacks.


The following document has been declared 'Top Secret' by the Office of Star Fleet Intelligence and the United Federation of Planets Security and Investigative Services.

MISSION SUMMARY: Collated Logs of CAPT Nova Brightman


The MITHRAS left SB ALIGHIERI on schedule after Vulcan Ambassador Sehval and Deltan 
Ambassador Sheyrena boarded.  Our official mandate, as issued by Starfleet Command, OSFI 
and SECIS, is to locate and gather as much information as safely possible about the 
'Others', and, if possible, fully explore any peaceful avenues of communication.  We are 
to avoid starting a war, or any intelligence-gathering operations that violate Starfleet 
regulations, interstellar law, or the moral imperatives Starfleet operates under.  That 
last gives me great comfort; I've never been comfortable with the kind of operations the 
old SFIA was said to have run.

Our mission is going to start fairly simple, by visiting and investigating the sites of 
every know Other contact in Starfleet's records and work from there.  We can only hope 
our initial surveys don't come up as dead ends; this will be a very short two years if 
there's no trail to follow.


I have to wonder if commanding the MITHRAS is an honor, or a punishment.  Full captains are 
almost never given small ships like this one unless they screwed up or pissed someone off.  
But here I am.  In command of a new ship that I find myself growing annoyingly fond of, and 
in command of a crew so full of eccentrics I think the folks over in BuPers were probably 
in perverse moods when assigning people to MITHRAS.  

Over half the crew has an intelligence background of some kind, or has a 'psionic' talent 
of some kind.  And every member of my crew is a specialist of some kind.  And they are all 
competent, skilled and efficient.  I think I lucked out.

But a few of them disturb me on some visceral level.  The Vulcan Ambassador, for one -- the 
way he looks around at everything, it's as if he knows something the rest of us don't.  And 
he's not sharing.  I don't like that.

Then there's my OPS/2O.  Mistaya.  A strange bird if there ever was one.  Shimmering eyes, 
as old as my mother, and looking like some immortal creature right out of Tolkien.  She's 
eerily quiet most of the time, and when she does speak, I never expect it.

And I don't know what's between her and the Ambassadors.  She avoids Sehval like he's a 
leper, which is odd considering how much time she's spent on Vulcan and serving with Vulcans.  
But she's all but inseparable from Sheyrena.

I need to know what's between her and Sehval, considering they're the two supposedly going 
to keep these 'Others' from mind-controlling my crew.  This is, of course, why we have 


We found them.

Or they found us.  Six months of dead ends and fruitless searching and we run across a single 
unknown scoutship just inside Federation borders.  After Tigria keeps our CEO from 
overloading the warp core and our NAV from flying us into a star, the scoutship opens fire on 

I think, in retrospect, they panicked because their psionic domination failed so miserably.  
I get the feeling they are normally far more subtle.


Tigria helped me make sense of their tactics, but not the why.  The how makes sense.  The why 
eludes me.  We both think Sehval is hiding something, but after almost a year of running 
battles with these people, my crew and I are so worn down I think I'm about ready to slug him.  
Ambassador Sheyrena has kept the peace...and Tigria has kept my peace of mind.  I don't know 
what I would do without her.  She's been a friend, a sister, and a damn good officer.  I'm out 
of my league with this mission and I know it.  We all are, except maybe Sehval.  One of these 
days, I'm going to find out what he's hiding.


We're dead in space.  We don't know who or what attacked us.  The Others are on my ship...they 
have us.  I think we may have annoyed them, or gotten too close to something.  In less than a 
minute, we are going to activate the inhibitor field.

If it works, we stand a chance of getting our ship back.


Captain Brightman is in sickbay under the care of our doctors.  The psionic attack on her mind 
by the Others has left her catatonic, however, LT Mistaya was able to activate the inhibitor 
field, although Ambassador Sehval fears permanent trauma may have been inflicted on his protege.  
We sustained more than 70% casualties and recovered no prisoners.  In my capacity as acting CO, 
we are en route back to Federation territory at our best speed.  

This mission is over.

          --LTCDR Tal Orison

MISSION SUMMARY II: Final Report to Starfleet Command

The USS MITHRAS succeeded in it's mission to gather needed intelligence on the Others; they are a 
danger to the Federation and are classified as extremely hostile.  The MITHRAS will be 
decommissioned and her crew re-assigned.  

Captain Nova Brightman remains in critical condition and has been transferred to the Ilasa 
Institute for Psionic Studies on Delta IV.  

LTCDR Tal Orison has been promoted to full CDR

LT Tigria Mistaya, due to her mental state post-battle, has been denied promotion to LTCDR.  This 
does not reflect on her performance, only her current mental state.

Ambassador Sehval has been thoroughly debriefed and none of Captain Brightman's suspicions have 
been confirmed; many have been laid to rest.  It is suspected she was under the influence of the 
Others long before the final attack.

Ambassador Sehval will investigate this.


  • version 1.0 written by Alan M Rogers 26 Apr 2004