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Official Name in Standard: The Caecellians

National Name:  The Federated Republic of Caecileanna

Title of the Head of Government: President of the Planetary Congress


Quadrant/Sector/System: Ortellia System, coreward of Federation Space

Suns/Planets/Planetoids/Moons: Caecileanna is the second planet of the
Ortellia system.  In orbit is a  SETI Satellite Array and  Space Platform.
Their one moon, Voliano, is inhabited by 9 000 colonists and a manned
research station.

Population:  19 000 000

Capital City: The Prime Sea

Race(s) of Native Sentients:  Caecellian(100%)

Largest Cities:

                The Prime Sea: 4 000 000



The Caecellians abolished money in year 38 of the Age of Humility
(38 AoH), choosing instead to base their market on an
administrated system of need.

Private industry does not exist on Caecileanna.  The Planetary
Congress is in strict control of all industry, commissioning
goods as determined for the needs of the populace.

Exports and trade are virtually unheard of.  However, the
government has, in recent years, been exploring the idea of
buying raw materials from offworld, in hopes of reducing further
damage to their own planet.  They have sold their services as
environmental and reclamation consultants, as well as mediators;
occassionally, too, they do run freighters on short-range
courier missions.  Again, these services are provided and
referred by the government; all funds returning to the Prime Sea
in exchange for furnishing the private citizens with a modest
lifestyle at no cost.

Member of Federation?  Pending.  The Prime Sea petitioned the
Federation Council for membership in 2407; the process is

The planet is organized as a federated republic, centered around
a unicameral legislature.  Local elected councils, generally
comprising three or four municipalities, send liaisons to
Planetary Congress at the Prime Sea.  The President is elected
from the Planetary Congress and serves a term of roughly eight
years.  There are no term limits.  In addition, the council who's
member is chosen as President must hold a byelection to replace
their representative.

The President may be unseated prematurely by a vote of
non-confidence, if a 2/3 majority of the Congress votes to recall
the President, he may be relieved of office and sent home.


According to Caecellian archaeologists, the first sentient life
to arise on a younger, colder Caecileanna were bipedal felinoids
who settled a now-submerged continent 40 million years ago.
Apparently the culture was extremely sophisticated, but in the
early stages of industrial development, radical alterations to
the planet's climate created irreperable damage, and the
"Beformen" died out when the planet heated up and the polar
icecaps melted to a fraction of their former size.

The Caecellians themselves arose out of a series of feudal
kingdoms on the Prime Sea some 6 000 years ago.  Finding few
places on the planet without an abundance of water, they were
quickly able to spread out across the planet, settling every
landmass, and produce a peaceful, thriving civilization.

Like their panther-like predecessors, the Caecellians found their
own struggle between industry and envirionment; in fact, were it
not for the discovery of Beformen settlements on the ocean floor,
it is entirely likely that they too would have wiped themselves
out.  The Age of Humilty, beginning 1 000 years ago, sent ripples
of change from all the overcrowded cities to the Prime Sea.
Population (numbers and density) is now rigidly controlled.
The Prime Sea conducts an annual sustainability survey to match
agricultural and industrial growth with envirionmental standards.
"Cities" as the Federation knows them no longer exist.  The
Caecellians chose to adopt small, communal villages instead, in
the hopes of minimizing the noxious effects of life on their

The Caecellians first made contact with the Federation in 2399,
when an unmanned probe contacted Deep Space 239(Now SB OMEGA).


Caecileanna is a warm, watery world, boasting a 21%/79%
land/water ratio.  What landmasses there are consist of volcanic
archipeligos, stretching across the equatorial regions surrounded
by shallow, freshwater oceans.

One continental mass exists at the center of the archipeligoes
and coral atols, a low, swampy land which is dominated by the
inland sea that the Caecelians first emerged from.  An abundance
of carbon dioxide and other 'greenhouse gasses' appear in the
upper atmosphere, lending credit to the widely-accepted
hypothesis that the current Caecelian climate exists as a new
ecological equilibrium on the planet, and that early in
Caecileanna's prehistory, the world was much colder and drier.
According to archeological theories, this climate came about by
accident, as a result of a previous, now extinct, life form's
industrial development.


The Caecellians are an amphibious race; they must immerse
themselves in water every 72 hours or they run the risk of their
skin drying out.

They are orange skinned, bipedal, with vestigal tails and fins.
Their hands and feet are webbed.  Also, the males of the species
have a series of blue rings around their necks, often enhanced by
silk 'chokers' to denote status.

The Caecellians also have a highly developed sense of taste; in
addition to a formal, phonetic language, they have developed a
more primal mode of communication based on secreting various
chemicals from skin pores.  By sluicing the water surrounding
them, or on dry land, kissing open flesh, a Caecellian can gauge
the mood of a comrade.  Because of a lack of a conventional "body
language", the Caecellians have proved to be extremely effective

The Caecellians rarely wear clothing in the company of their own,
although as they spread out through the galaxy, they have found
it prudent to wear loose-fitting robes for the benefit of other


The Caecellians are a strictly pacifist, virtually druidic race
who openly shun trappings of power and material wealth.  Although
diplomatically they have kept as high a profile as possible for
such a minor galactic power (participating in every summit
involving galactic peace and conservationism) they are
notoriously isolationist both politically and economically.  When
the petition to join the Federation was presented, it surprised
and mystified the council; it is now believed that their main
goal as a UFP member world is to find a larger mouthpiece for
their diplomatic agenda.

The tendency, as a race, for the Caecellians, is toward
self-righteousness, and even arrogance. It cannot be doubted that
they have built something of an impressive society; war, poverty,
and ecological damage have been nonexistent on the planet for
almost a millenium.  Nevertheless, their attitude towards the
galaxy tends to be that of a guiding parent towards an infant.
Although they shun any idea of imperial conquest or any offensive
military action, it is clear that they believe someday all the
races in the galaxy will adopt the Caecellian lifestyle.


Tech level: Early warp-era.  The Caecellians only discovered warp
capabilities some 50 years ago, comparatively, they are at a late
22nd century stage of development.  They have basic warp
capabilities, subspace communications, but no transporter system,
no replicator, and only the most basic of weaponry. (Lasers, ion


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