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I. Personal Data
Full Name:			Callista Veld [SEC-514981-4821]
Surname:			Veld
Given Name:			Callista
Nickname:			Cal
Current Rank:			Lieutenant Commander (O-4)
Current Billet:			Executive Officer, USS CIRCE NCC-27000-A
Species:			Homo sapiens sapiens (Terran Human)
Gender/Sex:			Female/XX
Age:				36 Terran Standard Years 
DOB:				17 August 2391
POB:				Alexandria, Virginia, Terra
Parents:			COL Kenneth Veld, UFPSFMC (Deceased)
				Lauren Hamilton, Research Assistant, 49 TSY
Siblings:			None
Spouse:				None
Children:			None

Physical Description:
HT:				5'4" 
WT:				119 lbs
EY:				Green
HR:				Strawberry Blonde
SK:				Olive
Blood Type:			AB+
Vision:				O: +.25, S: +.000 
Religion:			Roman Catholic
Citizenship:			Terran, United Federation of Planets
Languages:			Terran Standard (native speaker), Modern 
				Spanish (proficient), Romulan (proficient), 
				Klingon (basic knowledge)

II.  Educational Background
A. Academic Institutions Attended:

	-- Star Fleet Academy {Graduated *cum laude*}
		(Bachelor of Arts, Military History)
B. Service Schools Attended:
	-- Star Fleet Space Warfare Officers School

C. Qualifications: 
	-- Qual:  Navigation/Astrogation Officer
	-- Qual:  Shipboard Operations & Command
D. Star Fleet Academy Record:
Honors:				None 
Final Cadre Rank:		Cadet Lieutenant
Academic Major:			Military History
Professional Major:		Small Unit Tactics
Class Rank:			79/250
Reprimands:			2
Commendations:			0
Athletics:			Terran soccer
Activities:			Cadre

III. Biographical Notes
A. Chronology (tabular form):
0-6:		Lived with parents in Alexandria, Virginia
6:		Father is killed in action in Borg Incursions of 2398
6-18:		Lived with mother in Alexandria, Virginia
18:		Nominated and accepted into Star Fleet Academy.
18-22:		Attended Star Fleet Academy.
22-Present:	Active duty in Star Fleet.

B. Background Summary:
Callista Veld- who is called "Cal" by almost everyone except her mother and
her more famous older cousin, Cayle- is relatively new to Star Fleet, having
graduated from the Academy only within the past year.  However, her drive
and determination have already earned her a promotion and a new billet-
Operations Manager on Star Fleet's new destroyer testbed, TESLA II.

Cal is what one would call "bright-eyes and bushy-tailed," meaning that
she still sees things with an almost child-like enthusiasm- and the naivity
that invariably goes hand-in-hand with such a perspective.  This is generally
due to having lived a mostly sheltered life; after the death of her father,
a colonel in the Marine Corps (and ADM Conrad veld's younger brother) during
the Borg Incursions of 2398, her mother attempted her to steer her away from
all things military, overprotecting her in an effort to keep her from
following in the Veld family footsteps.  This, obviously, eventually failed;
when Cal was accepted into Star Fleet Academy, her mother, for a time, refused
to allow Cal to attend.  Only the timely intervention by her older cousin
Cayle, then a brand-new LCDR and XO on Deep Space 13, allowed Cal to go.

Cal was relatively untouched by Cayle's return from her abduction for a
couple of reasons: firstly, Cal was just starting her 3rd year at the
Academy when Cayle returned; secondly, the families, since Kenneth Veld's
death 17 years ago, have not been as close as they had been beforehand,
largely due to Lauren Veld's resentment of the military in general.

As a result of this, Cal has managed to retain the idealistic prinicipals
she learned growing up.  Her first tour of duty was relatively quiet; her
promotion comes largely due to need.  However, Cal is at least a competent
officer who has shown the potential to become more than her grades and 
records from the Academy suggests.

On another note, Cal is a superb, world-class athlete, much more athletic 
than anyone else in her family.  She played soccer at high levels through 
high school and the Academy, eventually being chosen as a member of the Sol 
system-wide and Earth teams in 2312, 13 14 and this year.

As an attacking midfielder, she displayed a flair for both creating and
scoring goals the likes of which are rarely seen in a single individual.
As such, early in her competitive career, she was often played at either
striker or center-forward.  As a natural goal scorer, she excelled in
that position; however, the creative side of her game that broke down 
oppposing defenses was rarely seen.  It was only after her selection to the 
Sol team- a team with a glut of strikers already- that forced her move to
midfield general and allowed the rest of her game to reveal itself.  Her
performances on the intergalactic level have ranged from merely "solid"
to "breathtaking" and "exquisite."  (NPRG- think of her as a 25th century
version of Mia Hamm combined with the finesse and grace of Zinedine Zidane.)

With her taking this deep-space assignment, her soccer career has been 
placed on hold for now.  However, one can expect the invitations to represent 
Earth and the Sol System in the Galactic Cup and other intergalactic 
tournaments to continue to flow in...

There is no animosity between Cal and Cayle, though there is no strong
binding relationship either.  In fact, one might wonder if Cal is becoming
a bit tired of hearing about he rolder cousin from other officers.  This
makes the assignment to TESLA II very interesting...

C. Personality Summary:
As mentioned above, Cal is very idealistic and naive as to the ways of
the "real" galaxy; as of yet, Star Fleet service has not managed to burn
this naivity from her.  She often sees things in black and white, with
little room for anything in between- things are either good or bad, right
or wrong, with little room for differing perspectives.  As such, she
can be closed-minded at times.  However, this is not due to a lack of
intelligence- it is just a lack of real-world experience.

As a general rule, when things happen that do not fit into her little
world, she acts as though they never happened.  However, at some point
in her Star Fleet career, she will find that she won't be able to do
this.  When that happens, one can expect the famous Veld temper that
she shares with her cousin and uncle to surface.

Despite her average grades in the Academy, Cal is a leader, one of the
confidence and self-assuredness one would expect from a world-class
athlete.  This makes her a natural department head and manager of
people- ideal as Operations Manager. 

However, while her natural leadership talents have served her well in Star 
Fleet, her reliance on "natural gifts" has not always done so; she doesn't 
do a whole lot of preparatory work, relying on her natural abilities as 
all gifted athletes do.  In short, she doesn't so much "think" about a 
problem so much as she just "does" the work.  This is the curse of the 
natural athlete- rarely do they make good coaches, as they never to actually 
learn to play the sport of their choice.  They always just did what came 
naturally instead of practicing to learn to do the same thing.

One note on her physical appearance: she looks as though she could be Cayle's
kid sister- a bit shorter and stockier due to her greater muscle mass, but
the facial features and structure, as with the hair and eye color, are the
same as her older cousin's.

IV. Official Star Fleet Record
A. Promotion History:
Star Date 140221:	Commissioned as Ensign (O-1)
Star Date 150510:	Promoted to rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade (O-2)
Star Date 190701:	Promoted to rank of Lieutenant (O-3)
Star Date 250301:	Promoted to rank of Lieutenant Commander (O-4)

B. Service History:
Star Date 100528:	Accepted into Star Fleet Academy, San Francisco, Terra
Star Date 140530:	Graduated Star Fleet Academy, 21st in class of 250
				Major: Military History		
				Minor: Small Unit Tactics
Star Date 140601:	Assigned Space Warfare Officer School for training.
Star Date 140615:	Graduated Space Warfare Officer School; 
				Assigned to Star Base Alpha for assignment 
Star Date 140630:	Commissioned as Ensign (O-1); Assigned TAC, 
Star Date 150510:	Promoted to rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade (O-2);
				reassigned as OPS, USS TESLA II
Star Date 180630:	Tour of duty as OPS on USS TESLA II ends.
Star Date 190701:	Promoted to rank of Lieutenant (O-3); assigned as CIC, 
Star Date 241115:	Tour of duty as CIC on USS CASSANDRA ends.
Star Date 241201:       Assigned to Command Officer's School.
Star Date 250301:       Graduated Command Officer's School; promoted to Lieutenant
				Commander (O-4).
Star Date 250308:	Assigned as XO, USS SEKHMET NCC-59116
Star Date 270630:	Tour of duty as XO on USS SEKHMET ends.
Star Date 270701:	Assigned as XO, USS CIRCE NCC-27000-A.

(Note:  Ships recorded at classification at the time officer was assigned, 
not their current re-classification.)

C.  Medals and Commendations
None on file to date.

V. Skills Profile
A driven officer who has natural leadership talents.  Ability to understand
tactics is bourne from athletic gifts- has "vision" both on and off field
field of play.  Break down opposing forces as she breaks down defenses on
soccer pitch.  Good at hand-to-hand combat; average with phaser.

VI. Recent Fitness Reports
None on file to date.

VII. Current Recreational Interests
Soccer in the holodeck.

---------------------------End Bio chip------------------------------------