Calyx IX

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Official UFPDOCA Colony Entry: Calyx IX

  • Colony Name: Calyx IX
  • Creator: Lynnaea AelCaymarth


  • System/Location: Calyx system
  • Distance to Nearest Starbase: 8 weeks from DS 4
  • Planet Classification: M-class (similar to Earth)
  • Satellites/Space Stations: 1 large, red moon, rich in iron ore, supporting heavy mining operations. A number of communications satellites used for interstellar communications and government crime-tracking
  • Land/Water Ratio: 80%/20%
  • Climate Controlled: No
  • Native Sentient Life: None


  • Colony Age (approximate): 425 standard years
  • Population (approximate): 2.7 million
  • Species Present: Humans -- 52%; Variety of other major Federation species (Vulcan, Betazoid Risan, Klingon, etc.) -- 48%
  • Colony Status: UFP Protectorate
  • Government: Parliamentary Democracy
  • Major Cities/Settlements: Capital city: Chrytonos


As a distant outpost, Calyx IX received little attention from the UFP until said neglect made it one of the most favorable places for black market business in charted space. By the time the UFP established major lawkeeping organizations on the planet, it was too late, and now it's an even struggle between law enforcement and the crime bosses.


Latinum-based. Large and varied mineral deposits and manufacturing provide the basis of the economy. Needless to say, business also thrives on Calyx IX. Home planet of the business giant, InterStellar Shipping, which is headed by Theresa Keyrin.

Tech Level



Calyx IX is a large, well-established colony with an unrivaled history of organized crime and thriving piracy in various black markets. It is largely urbanized; people crowd together for safety. Major crime organizations present include the Thieves' Guild, Assassins' Guild, and Mercenaries' Guild, (collectively known as the Trinity) and the Orion Mafia, known as Prota Canna.

As a result, Calyxi are worldly, wary, distrusting, and generally paranoid. There are few of them who have remained untouched by the crime culture.


Planet originally created for CSO Aelyria Keyrin of the CHESAPEAKE. For information on the *Prota Canna* (Orion mafia), contact James Bowman-- that was his addition, since he specializes in Orion (Shrevashal) culture.