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There is ample discussion on the net about what constitutes Star Trek 'canon.' Star Trek canon is generally considered to be any material presented in the live-action series or movies. Novels, comics, Star Trek: The Animated Series, and even the reference books are no themselves canon.

In ASR this definition is not sufficient. ASR was founded in 1991 and has been in its curent location on the Usenet, [[1]], since 1993. Since that time, the club has also developed a significant web presence.

The club's reconning of history starts with the records from 1993 which correspond to the year 2405, 39 years after the Battle of Wolf 359. As a club, ASR has significant history and sometimes has needs to add history and explain technology beyond what has been shown in the available information from Paramount Pictures.

Information on this site should be considered 'game canon.' That is, this information is an attempt to be internally consistent with the events which have occured in ASR. It may deviate from official Star Trek canon. While an effort is made to minimize the differences, certain aspects of history and technology in the ASR universe are well established from years of writing and have remained different than later information from the official Star Trek canon..