Cardassian Keldon II-Class

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  • RELIABILITY CLASSIFICATION: A (multiple direct exposures by multiple friendly/Star Fleet assets over a protracted period of time)


  • Class Name: KELDON II-Class
  • Classification: Warship
  • Typical Roles: Strategic Front Line Attack.
  • SFE Designation: CA (Heavy Cruiser)
  • Introduced: 2394
  • Model Number: II
  • Number in service: 300+
  • Known Registries: CUS Keldon, CUS Prakesh, CUS Aldara, CUS Bralek, CUS Galor, CUS Kraxon, CUS Rabol, CUS Reklar, CUS Trager, CUS Vetar


  • Length: 585 m
  • Span: 260 m
  • Draft: 82 m
  • Displacement: 5,000,000 mt


  • Total Standard: 960
  • Officers: 60
  • Crew: 400
  • Troops: 500


Warp Propulsion System

  • Drive Type: GroBaH type VII
  • Number: 2
  • Main Reactor: DanBaH Dilithium M/AM Reactor type V

Impulse System

  • Drive Type: PokBaH Dispersed Thrust Engine, Type II
  • Number: 2
  • Secondary Reactor : DanBaH Dilithium M/AM Reactor type II


  • Standard Cruise Speed: 6.0
  • Maximum Cruise Speed: 9.0
  • Sustainable for 12 hours: 9.3
  • Maximum Emergency Speed: 9.5
  • Core Failure Imminent: 9.55


Heavy Phase Disruptors, Beam Type, Class 11 Power Output.

  • Number: 1
  • Range: 300,000 km
  • Arcs: Forward 30 degree arc

Phase Disruptors, Omnidirectional Crystal Type, Class 10.

  • Number: 8 banks.
  • Range: 300,000 km
  • Arcs: port/starboard hull mounted (6), Forward port/starboard (2).

Photon Torpedo Launchers

  • Number: 4 tubes, 250 torpedoes.
  • Range: 3,200,000 km
  • Arcs: 2 forward, 2 aft Port/starboard

Deflector System

  • DuganBaH-class Conformal Multiphasic type, Grade 12.

Cloaking Device

  • ToskinBaH-class Plasma Matrix Strategic type.



  • 6-person, small cargo: 6
  • 25-person, Troop movement: 2
  • Cargo: 2

Cargo Bays

  • 2, Midships and Aft section – ventral access.

Embarked Craft

  • Travelpod, 4 man: 4
  • Tin’Na-Class Troop Carrier: 2
  • Bok’Na-Class Cargo Shuttle: 1


Originally designed to be a significant improvement on the earlier GALOR-Class Heavy Cruiser, the original KELDON I-Class proved to be somewhat of a disappointment. Despite the successful introduction of additional automation to reduce crew levels, the complexity of the design meant a long time to build it. The need to minimize power output so as not to compromise the cloaking system (a new development at the time) meant that the ship had only a marginal edge in firepower over the Galor-Class. It was not until some twenty years AFTER its introduction that the type was finally upgraded to meet its original design expectations and re-designated the KELDON II-Class.

Since the Cardassian Union was prevented from designing and building new ship classes for some forty years after the end of the Dominion War, the Cardassian military began a slow, arduous program of upgrading ALL their earlier GALOR and KELDON I class ships to KELDON II standards. While it lacks the high-technology capabilities of Federation, Romulan and, in some areas, Klingon ships, it is tough, with powerful weapons and shields, heavy armour and reasonable engines which has proved sufficient to guard the Cardassian border from future assault and invasion.

The forty-year moratorium has now passed and Starfleet's eyes are turned with interest on the Cardassian Union to watch and see which design will be chosen to replace the aging KELDON II-Class.