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==Personal Details ==

Name: Cassandra Ann Stephens 
Rank: Lieutenant 
Current Billet: Chief Science Officer on USS HOKKAIDO
Race: Human 
Gender: Female 
Height: 5'10 in 
Weight: 130 lbs 
Hair: Brown 
Eyes: Blue 
Skin: White 
Age: 35 (Terran years) 
Service Number: I 32823-808 NFIA 
Place of Birth: Earth, U.S. in Rhode Island 
Father: James P. Stephens(Deceased) 
Mother: Fiona I. Stephens (Engineer:Retired) 
Siblings: Tim (Married. Engineer with Colanial Operations), David (Single. Writer) 
Marital Status: Single. 

Distinct physical markings: She has burn scars on her left arm from 
the elbow to the wrist. These were obtained during her first mission 
with the USS HOOD when the ship was attacked in the Alpha Sagitterii 
system. She could have had the scars removed, but kept them to 
remind her of the ill fate of the HOOD, and those crew members who 
lost thier lives during that attack. 
Annoyances: She has a negative(but not hostile) attitude towards 
Medical Officers. This came about after her father's death. She 
holds a grudge against Medical personnel because she believes it was 
because of Medical personnel that her father died. In other words, 
she didn't think they did everything they could to save him. These 
feeling still remain to some extent, yet she has made progress at 
getting over them through her friendship with Dr Mara on the Yamato. 
Also, in terms of her father, any discussion about him is still 
difficult for her. 
In addition, Even though unecessary violence bothers her, she is not 
a pacifist. She just prefers to find a nonviolent solution 
first--with violence as a last resort. 
Lastly, she only lets close friends and family call her Cass. 
Quirks: She is a work-a-holic. She always wants to be doing 
something, she finds it hard to *relax*. However, over the years, 
she has gotten a bit better at finding time to relax. 
Interests: Sports include fencing, archery, and equestrian. She 
likes ancient and 20th century theatre. She also likes to read a 
good mystery or fantasy novel. Cassandra is fond of the flute as 
well. The last few items seem to be the only things that help her to 
actually relax. 
Personality: Cassandra is adventurous(somtimes overly so), 
determined, and eager to learn or discover new things. She is pretty 
even tempered, open minded and friendly, but 
cautious in giving her complete trust to everyone. 
On the downside, she finds large social gatherings uncomfortable, 
but will 'grin and bear it' if needs be. 
Goals: She is a science officer who enjoys working 'in the field', 
as well as exploring space. So she doesn't mind postings on 
planetary research bases or science vessels. A posting on a starship 
for exploration interests her as well, but she will go where she is 
needed. She hopes some day to help with the colonization or 
relocation of a people on a planet. 
Special areas of study: Exobiology, Zoology, Botany, and Geology. 
Also, after graduating from the Academy, and before starting 
advanced training at ALB, Cassandra took a 1 year tour with Colonial 
Operations to gain some 'in the field' experience. 
She worked with a science team on Arathconia 4(created by me).  The 
project delt with the domestication of the planet's Flora and Fauna.

== Recommendations: ==
Lt. Cmdr. Thomas Cederberg 
Arathconia 4 colony: Science team 
Ensign Stephens was of great value to the team. She listened and 
took direction well. Also, she went about here research with 
enthusiasm even when the task was mundane or minor. Stephens' 
meticulous analyses of specimens often caught information that other 
seasoned officers missed. She is a fine officer and I believe she 
will go far in her career choice. 

== Some stardates or general years == 
June 12, 2385: Born on Earth, U.S in Rhode Island. 
2395: Spent on Delphinius 3(created by me). When Cassie's father was 
posted here by Colonial Operations, he took his family with him. 
2398(SD:80812.2300): Raiders wanting to get at the planet's rich 
mineral deposits attacked the colony. 
2398(SD:80813.1200): Cassandra's father died from injuries attained 
from protecting the colony and his family from the Raiders. 
2403(SD:30915): Cassie Entered Starfleet Academy. 
2407(SD:70525): Graduated and went on tour with Colonial Operations. 
2408(SD:80525): Finished tour. 
2408(SD:81205): Started training at ALB. 
2408(SD:81228): Graduated from ALB. 
2409(SD:90114): Posted to USS HOOD as CSciO. 
2409(SD:90702): Finished up on USS HOOD after it was seriously 
damaged and then decommissioned. 
2409(SD:90714): Promoted to Lieutenant, Junior Grade and Posted to 
2412(SD:121001): While the Uss Yamato was in route to the coal sack 
nebula, Cassie was given near omnipotent powers by someone calling 
herself 'mother'. Later, it was discovered that 'mother' had been 
given powers by the entity Q. Later, Q removed the power from both. 
Cassie still retains the memory of this incident and at times still 
thinks about that brief time she had such a power. And even though 
the power is 
gone, she still has a vague affinity to the being Q.  Former Yamato 
crew members, Dr Mara and Leo Jones are the only ones who recall 
Cassie's incident of having Q powers. 
2413(SD:130726): Promoted to Full Lieutenant. 
2413(SD:130817): Cassie is stripped of the powers 'mother' gave 
her by Q. 
2422(SD:22620): Assigned as CSciO on USS HOKKAIDO.

Bronze Star 
Battle of Terrebellum Service Ribbon