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Welcome to the Central Database for KRIMA Expeditionary Force of GOLD Fleet!

KRIMAXFOR's primary area of operation stetches across a particularly sensitive area of the UFP frontier, from where the Gorn Hegemony/Tholian Holdfast/UFP borders meet, across the Gorn Confederacy down to the Romulan/Gorn/Federation 'Triangle', back into Federation space towards Voira Tundra and the Tybiiran Asteroid Belt, and finally back across past Deep Space 13 to the David and Goliath Nebula.

If you would like to know more about KRIMA and how it fits into the overall stroy arc of GOLD Fleet and ASR, having a look at the pages contained herein is a good start. if you don't find what you are looking for, however, please drop a note to Scott Lusby, who plays RADM Denton Vargas, the Commander of the KRIMA Expeditionary Force.

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