Chidowill Research Colony

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Official UFPDOCA Colony Entry: Chidowill Research Colony

  • Colony Name: Chidowill Research Colony
  • Creator: Norman Lee


  • System/Location: Chidowill System; near Klingon border
  • Distance to Nearest Starbase: 9 days to SB Kappa
  • Planet Classification: Class M
  • Satellites/Space Stations: varied weather & communication satellites
  • Land/Water Ratio: 35% Land, 65%
  • Climate Controlled: Yes
  • Native Sentient Life: None


  • Colony Age (approximate): 72 years
  • Population (approximate): 52,000
  • Species Present: 58% Human, 42% other
  • Colony Status: UFP Protectorate
  • Government: Planetary Council, elected officials and Executive officer
  • Major Cities/Settlements: Havenwood Springs; This is the only city on Chidowill. There are several research facilities spread throughout the planet but most are concentrated at Havenwood.


The Chidowill research colony was founded some 70 years ago when a wealthy merchant's son came down with a rare and uncurable disease known as Hickson's syndrome, which attacks the brain's short term memory ability. Darren Chido founded a colony in a recently explored sector and funded the settlement of some 3000 scientists. Within 6 years the cure was found and was continued to be funded by the merchant until his death. Afterwards provided the colony with full control of all his assets as long as the colony remained a haven for scientists and researchers. Now the colony has grown and continues to research into various scientific fields.


Latinum-based. Mostly dependent on outside assets

Tech Level

Modern - advanced research


Scientific community


The colony's assets is controled by a board of directors that handles the transfer and investment offunds in various corporations and commodities. It is fairly well off and for the past several years has been rather prosperous.

The colony being no more than a week and a half away from the nearest starbase is close enough to recieve freighter shipments a couple of times a week. This however usually carries equiptment or research samples from nearby systems. The colony is mostly self-suffient, equiped with replicators and enough supplies to last several years without resupply.

The colony has a major center in the city of Havenwood Springs. The populace is grouped around this major administrative center, with research facilities all over the place. Research is this colony's name and they delve into all sorts of fields, from astro-physics to medical technology, from psychology to botany.

The one major rule that is never violated by all the researchers of this colony is that no research entails the development of weapons, whether biological or mechanical. Their goal is to contine to research and discover technology that will benefit all races.