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Embarked Craft of the USS Circe-A


Below is a listing of the different embarked craft on Circe. As one of the larger warships in the Star Fleet inventory, Circe has a wide variety of embarked craft, from the tiny shuttlepods to D-Warp shuttles to even the large Marine Dropships, capable of landing with armored personnel carriers and/or battle tanks, should the situation arise.

8 Shuttlepods

Shuttlepods carry a maximum of 2 crew and have room for only a small cargo or up to four passengers in liu of cargo. They are limited to sublight propulsion only and typically have very limited range. Their primary use is ship-to-ship or ship-to-planet personnel transfer. l Shuttlepods carry limited phaser armament, generally a pair of type IV phasers.

4 Small Personnel Shuttles

Small Personal Shuttles are the smallest warp capable vehicles in the Federation inventory. However, with a top speed of only warp 3 which can be maintained for 36 hours, they are suitable only for very short range warp trips. These craft typically carry a crew of two and up to six passengers. Most small personnel shuttles are unarmed, though some carry a pair of type IV phasers.

2 Large Personnel Shuttles

Large Personal Shuttles are, actually, only slightly larger than the small personnel shuttles. However, they carry a crew of two and up to eight passengers at speeds up to warp 4 for up to 48 hours and so are classified as medium range warp shuttles. Like their smaller cousins, they are usually unarmed. When armed, they usually carry two type V phasers.

3 Dimensional Warp Shuttles

D-Warp shuttles are the smallest hyperspace-capable craft in the inventory. They are generally used for long-range personnel transfers. Most hyperspace-capable starships carry four of these craft, though others may carry as few as one. D-warp shuttles are the fastest faster-than-light craft employed by the Federation. Capable of covering 10,000 light years in as approximately one week, they are able to cross all of known space in under 10 days. Dimensional warp shuttles have no conventional warp drive and cannot travel faster-than-ligh in normal space. They are not armed.

Note: These are redesigned Diplomatic Shuttles. All the comfort diplomats usually can enjoy on board such shuttles has been removed to have enough space for the d-warp engines in the same frame.

6 Cargo Shuttles

Cargo Shuttles, as their name implies, are used to move cargoes which cannot be beamed by transporters between ships, bases, and planets. They carry a two-person crew and a cargo specialist. Cargo shuttles are capable of maintaining up to warp 4 for 48 hours. Cargo shuttle are normally unarmed, but can be outfitted with two type V phasers.

2 Runabouts

"Runabout" is the term for a variety of relatively large spacecraft. These are the largest craft commonly carried aboard starships. They are, in fact, small starships in their own right. In general, runabouts are capable of sustaining speeds of warp 5 for extended periods of time and reaching speeds of up to warp 8 for brief periods of time. A runabout normally carries a crew of four and has modest sleeping and dining spaces. The range of most runabouts is approximately 30 light years (6 weeks). A normal runabout will be armed with six type V phasers, covering forward and aft arcs, and a type V mini-photon torpedo launcher.

4 Marine Dropship

Marine Dropship

Model 2412-A is a lifting body design with small winglets. The dropship resembles few things more than a streamlined brick. It has limited atmospheric maneuverability without the use of anti-gravity units. Slow by the standards of most space-capable vessels, the Model 2412, as its predecessors, survives by a combination of armor and stealth. Few craft of its size can match its sophisticated passive and active stealth capabilities unless they are equipped with an actual cloaking device.

4 Combat Shuttlecraft

Combat Shuttle Craft, often referred to as fighters or attack shuttles depending on their mission, are highly specialized sublight shuttlecraft intended to operate in or near atmosphere in the support of marine landings. They are also employed in a limited space-bourne roll in patrolling systems and enforcing commerce regulations.

The latest refit to Circe now allow it to carry the latest Star Fleet combat shuttle designs, the F-39 and the F-41. these designs require the shuttles to be "shot" from the starship via launch tubes found on the port and starboard sides of the engineering hull. These tubes fire the shuttles out away from the starship, as the shuttles cannot light their gravity-planing drives while inside of Circe's gravity envelope. The shuttles land within the hangar bay, either by remote tractor beam or by maneuvering thrusters.

2 F-39 Shikra Combat Shuttles

F-39 Marine Fighter

The production version of the new gravity drive combat shuttle replaces the limited production run F-36.

2 A-41 Caracara Combat Shuttles

A-41 Marine Fighter

The production version of the new gravity drive combat shuttle replaces the limited production run F-47 and A-117.