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The Confederation Fact Sheet
Updated SD 220112

  • RELIABILITY CLASSIFICATION: F (limted exposure to non-intelligence and potentially hostile assets)


Not much is known about the Confederation yet as there have been no formal contacts between the Federation and Confederation yet. It is known through rumors that the Confederation operates on a stronger military footing in what is suspected to be close to a military state.

The Confederation traces its origins back to the Federation when a lost task force fell through a wormhole and was never seen again. The task force traveled into the Ansolon Galaxy before another wormhole brought them to the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy where they merged their assets and philosophies with another culture, laying the foundations for the "Confederation" as it is named today.

Although humans remain, their skin tones are in reddish hues due to interbreeding with an as yet unknown race.

Confederation warships possess some form of highly advanced transporter technology which can apparently penetrate Federation shields at will.

The Confederation is believed to possess some form of 'temporal' weaponry but details are unclear and there has only been one direct observation - A 'temporal' atmosphere mine that caused two Star Fleet dropships to 'skip' forward in time by a couple of hours.

Formally Neutral towards the Federation, this rating should not be used to consider the Confederation 'safe'.


  • The Confederation is the creation of Mike Tripp.