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Past, Present, Future: Timeline of the activities of the USS ENDEAVOR as she attempts to rescue the inhabitants of the Avyx Worldship before it self-destructs, killing hundreds of thousands.


Kyungmi K.	?.????		93-years-from now and 500,000-years-ago - Etsuko 
				begins her final log entry from the Avyx worldship

Kyungmi K.	?.????		Etsuko gives some information and simple instructions in 
				her log. (“Destiny Continued”)

Greg P.		-2.1940		Theros contacts his uncle on Andor and gets a glimpse of
				the hawkish movement to preemptively attack the 
				Romulans (“On the Homefront(Part One)”)

Greg P.		-1.0220		Theros gets contacted by his daughter and catches up on 
				things at home (“On the Homefront(Part Two)”)

Stacey S./	1.0800		After a command briefing and dropping out of warp, 
Kyungmi K./			ENDEAVOR receives the strange message from the Avyx 
Greg P.				Worldship. (“Distant Message[JP]”)

Kyungmi K.	1.0805		In far shorter than the blink of an eye, the Endeavor's
				senior staff are copied, the originals not even aware of the 
				event, while the duplicates arrive in the distant past of a 
				distant galaxy, confused. 

Greg VDM	1.0810		Midge narrows the origin of the distress call to a nearby 
				planet and discovers that the message is almost a 
				thousand years old. (“Holy Split Personalities Batman!”)

Greg P.		1.0930		ENDEAVOR arrives in the Lamarin System; the 
				worldship arrives on a collision course with the starship
				moments later. (“Close Encounters”)

Greg VDM	1.0940		The ENDEAVOR's crew are teleported to the Earthship 
				where an unusual reception awaits them.  (“That's No

Stacey S.	1.0943		T'Lara makes a startling discovery about the Worldship 
				after being transported over with S'Treena, Theros, Oda, 
				Midge and M'Barra (“That's a Worldship, Baby!”)

Greg P./	1.0955		As Theros takes stock of the amazing surroundings, 
Stacey S.			T'Lara delivers the news that the Worldship's systems are 
				already starting to shut down.(“Gods & Worldships[JP]”)

Kyungmi K.	1.1000		Etsuko ponders the pros and cons of godhood, and 
				decides best to leave all religious issues to Theros while 
				she investigates the ship itself. (“Past, Present, Future”)

Greg P.		1.1000		Cat contacts her employer, Ronald Houseman, to let him 
				know about the Avyx Worldship; she's reminded to keep 
				her project, the AMOS Array, on track at any cost. 
				(“Threat Unknown”)

Greg VDM.	1.1030		Midge enters the core of the Worldship and meets 
				somebody unexpected. (“Definitely not in Kansas”)

Kyungmi K.	1.1030		Etsuko relieves a past life, in a sense (“Not Kansas, but
				perhaps Missouri?”)

>>> To be Continued <<<