DS13 Dedication Plaque

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Deep Space 13 Dedication Plaque and Other Official Regalia

Dedication Plaques

The station's motto, spoken by Winston Churchill over 400 years before DEEP SPACE 13's launch, speak to the grave task of defending one's charges:

"We shall defend our islands, whatever the cost may be."

This first plaque was the commissioning plaque for the first DS13, destoryed by terrorists on Stardate 131108.


Below is the re-issued original dedication plaque, in the original style.

DS13 plaque.png

This next plaque is the commissioning plaque for the new station, commissioned on Stardate 171001.

DS13 Re-opening Dedication Plaque

Shoulder Patch

The Unit Patch as worn by station personnel on the right shoulders of their duty uniforms.

Ds13 patch.png