DT'ral Holiday Lloann'mhrahel Lupa

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LT DT'ral Holiday Lloann'mhrahel Lupa - Counselor, USS Odyssey

Captain (O-6)

  • Player: Richard Broders
  • Contact: Email
  • Last Updated: SD 27710227.1100

Basic Information 

Name: DT'ral Holiday Lloann'mhrahel Lupa
Player Name: Richard Broders

Character Details:

NickName/Rehi*: Lupa* Capitolina, Nei'rrh
Hiehgt: 171cm
Weight: 120lbs
Gender: Female
Age: how rude (22 Vulcan years)

Growing up she had been confronted by both Vulcan and Roman and mocked for having "Dirty Blood". In both societies she had been raised. 
Father who is a retired Roman Ambassador(currently retired). Mother a modest poet. Things began to change for her as she got older. 
The opinions of her peers and superiors changed. Many, even have referred to her as a "pure blood", sometimes. Given the nickname (
or as romulans call it and more accurtely "rehei" [a name shared only with loved ones, or the few. Normally chosen by the person and not given.] ) 
Lupa Capitolina from the Romulan empire. Consequently the Vulcans said nothing, almost as if it was approved.

By being daughter of a Romulan Ambassador, and Vulcan Poet. Both known for virtuously moving past the boundaries and closer to acceptance. 
Her father was overjoyed after-all it was a good sign to hear such words regardless if they were spoken quietly, or in the shadows. 
Her mothers response was simple, "Such logic is poetic".  Friends, Family, Respected members of both Vulcan and Romulan with even less 
Federation Members/Citizens are aware of her rehi. There are also a taunt that also came from the Romulan's (again vulcans said nothing, 
as if in approval, this suggests a few things about both romulan and vulcans feelings and actions towards her.). No-one has said that 
taunt twice. Also, there has been no proof that they have not been able to speak the taunt twice. The outcome of such events won her respect 
of the Romulans, and gained a public nickname Nei'rrh.

As of currently, follows; Her Romulan Name stands as follows: DT'nei'rrh t'Lisshiarr Lloann'mhrahel Lupa

Name translation, Neirrh is a name of a deadly bird. t'Lisshiar is intelligent bird of prey, Romulan Family Name. Lloann'mhrahel is the 
job title part of the name(romulans would say starfleet or federation but proper terminally say's united federation of planets).  

She is married to Thomas Theodore Holiday but the Romulan empire supporters (the opposition is unaware of the marriage) wishes that he take 
her name for convenience of romulan traditional names; overall supports the marriage. Her father has mixed filling about a human being apart 
of the family, but his own marriage is just as iffy in the view of others, no open objection was made. 

To her best of friends and closest associates of the pack, she is referred to as Lupa. She finds her nickname easier than her own name. 
Her number one phrase, if you become her friend is: "Your Friends are worth dyeing for, if it will save them. Make sure you live up to it.". 
She doesn't think to much about her bloodline.

As far as insults, there is only one that will go unforgotten regardless of who you think you are (more character point of view) 
"oal'lhih arrhem, arru-aptu kllhe t'Lisshiarr"*. The fear of the brig, left her long ago, though since joining starfleet only sparring 
mishaps have happened. Nothing life treating, permeant, or long-term has happened ether usually just painful.

She really hasn't memorized her Romulan name yet since its 33 letters long, and she hasn't been to any Romulan Planet in 10 years 
(oddly enough she speaks, reads, writes fluid Romulan. This is her only other language spoken other than Earth English's (writing in english 
is still troublesome for her.).  Overall, to the average person she presents herself as Vulcan as possible. She does embrace being half Romulan 
but only around thoughs who know her well. She is very aware that she represents the full embodiment of the possibility of unification 
between Romulans and Vulcans.

Translation*: All Hear, less worthless than slave, weaker women of the putrid worm family.

Although a very logical woman, is also a very proud woman. She still has seen emotions as a way of expressing logic and reasoning, vice-versa.

Service Record: Starfleet Academy Class 488 Commission Counseling, Class rank 180 (out of 581). Placed in the brig fifteen times for 
fighting. Disqualified during sparing matches three times for suspicion of unnecessary force.