Daniel Wannaya

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Name:           Daniel Wannaya
Rank:           CDR
Serial Number:  05834-74K-51
Citizenship:    Earth
Race:           Terran
Place of Birth: Louisiana, North America, Earth
Age:            48
Assignment:     CMO, USS CIRCE-A

Weight:         65 Kg (140 Lbs)
Height:         1.83 M (6')
Hair Color:     Black (hair is often worn in a close cropped Crew cut)
Eye Color:      1 Pale Blue, 1 Brown
Marks:          Tattooed Stripes (1 red and 1 purple) on each side of head


Allergies:     None
Injuries:      None
Disabilities:  SD121022: Daniel hospitalized for post-traumatic stress.
                         Cleared for duty SD121122

Primary:       New Haiti Primary School (2395)
Secondary:     New Haiti High School (2399 AD)
University:    Harvard University, BS in Biology (2403 AD)
                Minor in Comparitive Theology

Graduate:      Harvard Medical, MD  (2407)
                  Speciality: Trauma

               Advanced Officer's Training (AOT)

Disciplinary Actions:
        Minor infractions involving contraband material in dormitories.
        Minor infractions involving unauthorized modifications to
          Starfleet Dress Uniform.
        (Both incidents were resolved through the Chaplain's office in
           the students favor)
Religion: Neo-Voodoo (also known as Techno-Voodoo. Essentially a mesh of the
           older Carribian Voodoo religion and modern sciences)
Personality type:       Calm, confident.

  "The level of confidence exibited in Daniel can be almost directly
attributed to his ferverent beliefs. He tend to approach things from the
aspect of wonderment. It appear that to him, all things occur for a reason
and he feels great joy when that reason is revealed to him. This surity
seemingly flows from him to his patients, and one can almost see the belief
each patient has in him."
                -Dr. Dimitri Xar, Starfleet Medical

Father:     Timothy Wannaya, Holographic Programmer
Mother:     Rhodarra Wannaya, Neo-Voodoo Priestess
Siblings:   None

   Born to Haitian parents, Daniel was raised with a deep belief in the
world of spirits and magic. Trained in the traditions of both herbal magics
and medical healing of minor ailments and injuries,  Daniel quickly took to
the Neo-Voodoo lifestyle, embracing technology and science in search of
   After graduating from high school, Daniel's temperment, training and
desire to help people led him to one of the leading medical school on Earth,
Harvard. Graduating with a major in biology, and with a minor in comparitive
theology, Daniel immediately applied to Harvard Medical, and was accepted.
After spending four years learning the healing arts and graduating with
honors, Daniel then set his sights on a carreer where he could both help
people and learn the secrets of the universe first hand: Starfleet.
   Arriving at starfleet for his Officer's training, Daniel was a model
student, save for several misunderstandings based on cultural obscurity.
After mediation with the Dean of Medicine by the Chaplain, Neo-Voodoo was
added to the exception list for both campus possessions and dress code
(following in the footsteps of both the Bajoran and Klingon religion's
nonconformity allowances).
   Daniel's residency aboard the USS CARMELLA was an eventful and rewarding
one, taking him to many outlying, non-aligned worlds. During this time, his
knowledge of xenobiology and xenotheology (a personal hobby) grew
exponentially, allowing him to cut short his residency by several months and
recieve a promotion to attending physician when the CARMELLA's CMO was

AD   2381:  Born in New Haiti
AD   2399:  Graduated from New Haiti High School
AD   2403:  Graduated from Harvard University
AD   2407:  Graduated from Harvard Medical 
SD  50616:  Comissioned at rank of LT (O-3), entered AOT.
SD  50719:  Recieved Starfleet Medical Certification, Graduated from
             Advanced Officers Training program.
SD  50724:  Assigned to SB 74 as intern
SD  60411:  Transferred to USS Carmella as resident.
SD  71012:  Awarded Crismson Star for courage above the call of duty, after
             assisting wounded civilians of Fulman II during raider attack.
SD  81230:  Completed Residency Requirements, promotion to LCDR (O-4), 
             transferred to attending physician USS Carmella
SD  91121:  Medical staff of USS Carmella and USS Apgar awarded "Ton Matoth"

             from citizens of Dailg IV for finding the cause of, and 
             eliminating, the Dalmani Plague
SD  91222:  Co-authored paper on Dalmani Virus in the Journal of Xenobiology
SD 100629:  Assumed Command of away team after team leader killed during
             suprise attack by border raiders.
SD 100720:  Transferred to USS Circe as CMO.
SD 150501:  Transferred to Starfleet Medical.
SD 220801:  Promoted to Commander (O-5); transferred to Starfleet Academy as
	     an instructor.
SD 270701:  Tranferred to USS Circe-A as CMO

RP Notes:
Daniel tend to carry with him a multitude of fetishes (chicken bone
necklaces, turkey feathers, etc.) as well as adorning his bolongings
(personal and starfleet issue) with glyphs and symbols. He also has a small
collection of various artifact/icons of multiple religions, some of which
are quasi-legal within the federation. All of these things, however, he will
defend on religious grounds.

Daniel seemingly never gets angry. Confused or pensive perhaps, but never
angry. He simply does not allow himself a worldview that includes his own

Moderate drinker, has a penchant for Vulcan Sitar music, extremely

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