Danielle Bradley

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Name: Danielle Amanda Bradley

Age: 32

Place of Birth: Earth, Washington, DC

Date of Birth: 02-17-2392

Height: 5" 4

Weight: 130

Hazel Eyes

Reddish Brown Hair

Tattoo of a Viper wrapped around a rose

Nickname: Dani

Marital Status: Single

Children: None

Parents: Daniel Omar Bradley

Amanda Powell Bradley

Siblings: None


Beer, Fried Mud Clams, gambling and Martial Arts

Dislikes: Healthy foods, romance novels and sad movies

Disciplinary Actions:

3 Reprimands for gambling, 1 reprimand for coming to class intoxicated after partying all night

Awards and Accommodations:

John Glenn Award Excellence as a pilot and Navigator

Remington Marksmanship Award...Three years in a row

Meritous Service Award...Service above and beyond in the Argolis Cluster Crisis


2405-2409....Oak Ridge Military Academy

2409-2413...Starfleet Academy(Graduated with honors)


2417.....2418.....SB 27(Ensign)

2418-2419....USS YORKMONT(Ensign)

2419-2420....USS ALEXANDER(Lt, jg; Lieutenant)

2422-USS LEVITHAN(Lieutetant)

2424-USS EXCALBUR(Lt. Commander)

Danielle has an ancestry rich in military history. She attended the prestigious Oak Ridge Military Academy during her high school years.

She was an only child, and military school gave her a chance to get out from under her parents' scrutiny and to spread her wings. Unfortunately, she loved to party, which got her into trouble on more than one occasion.

Her Father had to bail her out of jail, and the family lawyer got her record sealed on one occasion when she was arrested in a raid on a party at one of her friends' house whose parents were out of town. The neighbors called the police because of the loud music and underage teens drinking.

Her Father threatened to cut her off financially if she didn't get her act together. Dani did manage to stay out of trouble until she reached the Academy, where she was reprimanded several times for gambling, drinking and partying. But she always managed to make good grades and graduated from the Academy with honors.

By the time of her first assignment, she had matured and, while she still liked to drink and gamble, she didn't let it interfere with her work. Her fellow officers found that she had a great sense of humor and she was well liked. Promotions and accommodations came quickly.

Two years before she was assigned to the USS EXCALIBUR, she was injured in the Argolis Cluster Crisis when the USS LEVIATHAN took heavy hits. Since her injuries she has been at Starfleet Medical receiving treatments and physical therapy. Her sense of humor helped her immensely in getting through all the surgeries and grueling routine to restore her health.