Davram Mineral Extraction Industries

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Davram Mineral Extraction Industries

Official UFPDOCA Megacorps Entry: Davram Minerals Extraction Industries

  • Company Name: Davram Mineral Extraction Industries
  • Creator: Marc Johnson
  • Email: marcj@aosi.com

  • Corporate Headquarters: San Francisco, Earth, Sol III
  • Major Sectoral Headquarters: Falora Prime, Andor, Vulcan
  • Principle Owner/Chairman of the Board: Richard Henry Davram III
  • President/CEO: CAPT James H. Dover (ret)
  • Founded (date): 2348
  • Founded by: Richard Henry Davram I
  • Public? (Y/N): Y
  • Major Shareholders:
    • Of common stock:
      • Davram Trusts (44%)
      • Hansen Trusts (15%)
      • Merrill Holdings (8%)
    • Of preferred stock:
      • Davram Trusts (69%)
      • Hansen Trusts (11%)
      • Merrill Holdings (5%)
      • balance held in various private portfolios
  • Wholly Owned Subsidiaries:
    • Davram Mineral Extraction (primary subsidiary; large scale mining including deep core extraction; large defense contractor)
    • Davram World Surveying (provides services for examining the viability of certain worlds for various uses; largely contracted by other small businesses and colony-builders)
    • Davram Terraforming (newly formed subsidiary; largely contracted by the Federation to do terraforming experimentation on a scale requiring some of the highly skilled experts employed by Davram)
    • Davram Planetary Engineering (umbrella subsidiary for all of Davram's various engineering consulting and operation firms)
  • Principle Competitors: Anchor Holdings, Chapman Mines
  • FY2409 Total Revenue (in UFP Credits): 560 Billion Credits

Brief Description/History

DMEI is not one of the larger megacorps because of its recent start into the market and its recent expansion into newer susidiaries. It started out as a primarily mining based corporation as the name implies and has only recently branched into related fields. In doing so, it has established itself as a rising competitor in the market. DMEI has been criticized by Federation Human Rights activists for its use of human labor in some of its mining colonies. Any charges brought against DMEI have thus far been defeated in court, but a mounting case of negligence is building.