Delbrak Dommo

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NAME: 		Delbrak Dommo
RACE:		Bolian (Bolarus IX)
AGE:		35 Terran Standard Years
POSITION:	Operations Manager, USS CIRCE NCC-27000-A,
HEIGHT:		6'0"
WEIGHT:		192 lbs.
HAIR:		None (ritually shorn)
SKIN:		Pale Blue
EYES:		Gold

Delbrak is one of the Dommo identical triplets.  His skin tone is
slightly darker than that of the typical Bolian, a trait that
he shares with his brothers.  The one definable physical
difference between Dremak and his brothers is that Delbrak 
possesses a cleft chin; the other two do not.  Otherwise, his
basic build- height, weight, bearing, etc.- is so close to that
of his brothers that it impossible to distinguish them without
from one another without a tricorder.

Of course, Delbrak does not behave entirely like his brothers.
If such a thing could be said about Bolians, Delbrak is the more
authoritative of the three (probably the reason he is a
department head over the other two); however, he still resists
the urge to indulge this authoritative side unless it is
necessary from a chain of command standpoint.  In practice, he
treats every exercise and assignment like a giant group project.
While somewhat less formal, he DOES get results- and excellent 
ones at that.

This is Delbrak's 4th assignment as a department head.  However,
one notable piece of information is that he has never served
anywhere without his brothers; in fact, they have always been
assigned to the same department.  His last billet- TAC on the
CEASAR AUGUSTUS-CA USS LEE, was the first time he had been
placed in a position of direct authority over his brothers.

Most of the time, he chose to ignore that fact.

----------------End Bio chip--------------------------