Devin Anastas

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SURNAME:             Anastas
GIVEN NAME:          Devin       
RANK:                Lieutenant Commander (O-4)
POSITION:            Counselor, USS CIRCE-A
RACE:	             Alpha Centaurian
AGE:	             40 Terran Standard years
GENDER:              F
HEIGHT:              5'4"
WEIGHT:              113 lbs.
HAIR:	             Dark brown
EYES:	             Light Green


Devin is a slight woman, appearing to be even more petite than she actually
is because of her build.  In fact, she was barely able to pass Star Fleet
Academy's physical standards.  She is olive in skin tone.


Devin has taken two separate Leaves of Absence during her career.  
She first took leave upon the death of her mother, and extended her leave 
for a year in order to help sort out the family's affairs.  She had planned 
on resigning her commission from Star Fleet; however, a chance note from 
then-LT Adrian Pierce Makkedor, an old friend from her Academy days, convinced 
her to request assignment to his posting, the RAMSES.  The relationship between 
her and Mak grew from there.

Her most recent leave was taken after the RAMSES was destroyed; as is her
personality, she decided to spend the last six months tending to Mak's
somewhat fragile psyche at that time.  While she really hasn't done much for 
him clinically, she is always there for him- and that, to her, is at least as 

She was married to CAPT Makkedor on SD 230726; since then, they have always
been assigned together.

Devin is the twin sister of LCDR Dev'rar Anastas, one of the chief developers
of the Mark III CIRCE-class command battlecruisers.  There are times when Devin can 
pick up a faint emotional twinge from her brother.


Devin is Mak's romantic interest, and should be treated as such.  She is, 
most definietely, NOT a party girl and will not do anything that would 
comprimise her relationship with Mak.