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Basic Information

  • Official Name in Standard: The Dezeld
  • National Name: Drecanis
  • Title of Head of Government: Ara'Akko
  • Inhabitied Areas: Draakin III
  • Population: 605
  • Race Breakdown
    • Dezeld (including those of Dezeld Blood) 99%
    • Various Other Humanoids >1%


Alpha Quadrant/Delarus Sector/Draakin System

Draakin system.PNG


  • Draakin I
    • Planet Type: Rock, Tidally Locked, Low-G, Hot, Airless
    • Distance from star: .366 AU
    • Mass: .025 Earth Mass
    • Surface gravity: .29 Earth G
    • Surface Pressure: 0 millibars
    • Surface Temperature: 118.4 C
    • Temperature Range: -215.5 to 308.3 C
    • Radius: .3 Earth Radii
    • Density: .96 Earth density
    • Eccentricity: .053
    • Escape Velocity: 3.3 Km/sec
    • Year Length: 85.36 Earth Days (1 Local Day)
    • Day Length: 2048.67 hours
    • Hydrosphere %: 0
    • Cloud Cover %: 0
    • Ice Cover %: 0


  • Draakin II
    • Planet Type: Rock, Tidally Locked, Low-G, Hot, Airless
    • Distance from star: .457 AU
    • Mass: .068 Earth Mass
    • Surface gravity: .40 Earth G
    • Surface Temperature: 77.4 C
    • Surface Pressure: 0 millibars
    • Temperature Range: -225.6 to 257.3 C
    • Radius: .41 Earth Radii
    • Density: .97 Earth density
    • Eccentricity: .094
    • Escape Velocity: 4.5 Km/sec
    • Year Length: 118.93 Earth Days (1 Local Day)
    • Day Length: 2854.37 hours
    • Hydrosphere %: 0
    • Cloud Cover %: 0
    • Ice Cover %: 0


  • Draakin III
    • Planet Type: Cool, Wet, Thick Atmosphere (Class L)
    • Distance from star: .900 AU
    • Mass: 1.623 Earth Mass
    • Surface gravity: 1.19 Earth G
    • Surface Temperature: 11.1 C
    • Surface Pressure: 2965 millibars
    • Temperature Range: -12 to 55.0 C
    • Radius: 1.2 Earth Radii
    • Density: 1 Earth density
    • Eccentricity: .131
    • Escape Velocity: 13.2 Km/sec
    • Year Length: 328.77 Earth Days (546.83 Local Day)
    • Day Length: 14.43 hours
    • Hydrosphere %: 93.5 (Acidic)
    • Cloud Cover %: 53.8
    • Ice Cover %: 2.8 (Water Ice)


  • Draakin IV
    • Planet Type: Gas Dwarf
    • Distance from star: 1.667 AU
    • Mass: 3.075 Earth Mass
    • Radius: 1.4 Earth Radii
    • Density: 1.0 Earth density
    • Eccentricity: .015
    • Escape Velocity: 16.4 Km/sec
    • Year Length: 828.83 Earth Days (1586.69 Local Day)
    • Day Length: 12.54 hours


  • Draakin V
    • Planet Type: Jovian
    • Distance from star: 2.895 AU
    • Mass: 70.796 Earth Mass
    • Radius: 6.4 Earth Radii
    • Density: .27 Earth density
    • Eccentricity: .079
    • Escape Velocity: 37.1 Km/sec
    • Year Length: 1896.08 Earth Days (4569.70 Local Day)
    • Day Length: 9.96 hours

Economic Summary

The Draakin System has very little in the way of economic power, except for the 2nd asteroid belt which contains several latinum rich asteroids. This source of income allows for good trade for items the Dezeld race needs to finish making Draakin III a livable place.


  • Member of Federation: No
  • Form of Government: Meritocracy


Leadership within the Dezeld society is dependant purely on skill, and challenges are normal for higher ranking positions. However, unlike thier past where all challenges were executed through combat, present day challenges depend on the position sought after. Generally, once a position was won, it was kept until signs of incompetance was shown



Military Ranks

The Dezeld Air Wing is an elite force of fighters who excel in both areial and space combat. Their ranks are concidered permanent, and are carved into their very scales. Once a rank is gained, it can not be removed, meaning promotions are taken very seriously. Because of this, the ranks are designed to be built on each other.

Uan'aragos Uanaragos.GIF Admiral Das'aragos Dasaragos.GIF Vice Admiral
Fes'aragos Fesaragos.GIF Rear Admiral Gol'aragos Golaragos.GIF Commodore
Uan'akkogos Uanakkogos.GIF Captain Das'akkogos Dasakkogos.GIF Commander
Fes'akkogos Fesakkogos.GIF Lieutenant Commander Gol'akkogos Golakkogos.GIF Lieutenant
Uan'gos Uangos.GIF Lieutenant Junior Grade Das'gos Dasgos.GIF Ensign
Fes'gos Fesgos.GIF Chief Warrant Officer Gol'gos Golgos.GIF Warrant Officer
Uan'ende Uanende.GIF Master Chief Petty Officer Das'ende Dasende.GIF Senior Chief Petty Officer
Fes'ende Fesende.GIF Chief Petty Officer Uan'tuwy Uantuwy.GIF Petty Officer 1st Class
Das'tuwy Dastuwy.GIF Petty Officer 2nd Class Fes'tuwy Festuwy.GIF Petty Officer 3rd Class
Uan'aero Uanaero.GIF Crewman Das'aero Dasaero.GIF Crewman Apprentice
Fes'aero Fesaero.GIF Crewman Recruit Gol'aero


General Physical Appearance

Dezeld: Reptillian Quadraped
Dezeldi: Reptillian Biped
Kerynwyr: Same as Non-Dezeldi parent

Social Structure

The Dezeld race as a whole are seperated into four distinctly individual subraces, each its own set of responsibilities to the race as a whole.

The Kerinwyr are the offspring of a Dezeldi and a Non-Dezeldi. They are recognized as members of the society, but beyond that have no rights other than what is given to the parents. Equal rights activists have had their concerns quelled, by the simple fact that every kerinwy is conciderd a child. As they go through natural genetic changes at maturity, they become a Dezeldi.

The Dezeldi are responsible for the procreation of the race, and are required to find a non- Dracon mate. Two dezeldi seem to be incabable of bearing young together.

Two Dezeld are capable of bearing young, however, the maturity rate for these is much longer han that of a Kerinwy, due to their longer lifespan. When a Dezeldi reaches near the end of the natural life span for their parent’s race, he or she begins a rapid, final change into a Dezeld.

The Dezeld, are the highest level for one of the Dezeld race. Only a Dezeld can hold a position of authority within the society, with the exception of the Ambassador position, which is given to a Dezeldi or a Des who has blood ties to the target race. The Dezeld have no known limit to their lifespan, as their blood contains a copy of their DNA, and works to prevent genetic and cellular damage. However, it has been noted that the older a Dezeld gets, the more reckless they become.

The Des (or Desa for a female) is the highest social rank. Even Dezeld respect the Des. They are Non-Dezeld, who have chosen a Dezeldi as a mate, and have through them, helped ensure the survival of the Dezeld Race. The first known Des was Rae Sterling, mate to the first Dezeldi Valareos Draconrouge. It is the custom of the Dracon to assign the title to the mate, and from there, respect the traditions of the Des' original race. The Des’ can choose, however, to take on a Dezeld name, as Rae chose to do.

The name of a Dezeld is broken up into 3 Parts. First can be considered similar to Mr, or Mrs in common, it represents the social class, and color of the dragon, or in the Des’ case, the color of their mate. The second is a given name, and is their true name. The third shows who hey are mated to. Rae Sterling, therefore, became Desa’figret Fferyllt fi’Valareos, which means Lady of the Red Fferyllt, mate of Valareos. Valareos became Dezeldi’figret Valareos fi’Fferyllt. For identification with rank, only the second name is used, so Commander Sterling became Commander Fferyllt. Certain ranks, such as that of the military or leadership, have an additional part added to the front of their name


  • Draconic
  • Terran Standard

Creation Information

Bryan Bartlett (
Madonna Eagle (

Created for
Valareos Draconrouge aka
Dezeldi'figret Valareos fi'Fferyllt

This is an original Race. All Rights Reserved by creators listed above