Dominion Jem'Hadar Phantom-class Corvette

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Dominion animated logo

  • RELIABILITY CLASSIFICATION: C (limited contact by multiple neutral/hostile assets)


Phantom-class Corvette
  • Class Name  : PHANTOM
  • Classification  : FL
  • Type  : Corvette
  • Model Number  : 3


  • Length  : 115 m
  • Beam  : 94 m
  • Draft  : 21 m
  • Displacement  : 65,000 mt


  • Total Standard  : 40


Warp Propulsion System

  • Drive Type  : DjhFTL-FL1-3a
    • Number  : 2
    • Main Reactor  : DjhRAM-FL1-2c

Impulse System

  • Drive Type  : DjhSL-FL1-1b
    • Number  : 1
    • Secondary Reactor: DjhRIF-FL1-2b


  • Standard Cruise Speed  : 7.0
  • Maximum Cruise Speed  : 9.4
  • Sustainable for 12 hours: 9.8
  • Maximum Emergency Speed : 9.9
  • Core Failure Immenent  : 9.92


Phased Polaron Beams, Type 1

  • Number : 4 banks
  • Range  : 350,000 km
  • Arcs  : 2 forward/port, 2 forward/starboard

Photon Torpedo, Type 1 Seeking/Direct

  • Number : 1 tube
  • Range  : 2,850,000 km
  • Arcs  : forward

Deflector System

  • DjhD-6e



  • Standard, 8-person  : 2
  • Cargo  : 1


All Jem'Hadar are virtually born ready for combat. Any of the ship's complement are fully capable of operating the ship or acting as foot soldiers. The ship needs only four Jem'Hadar to be fully operational, though a full squad of 8 will normally remain onboard at all times.

The phased polaron beams are a particularly effective energy weapon. Using an organic technology which Federation scientists have been unable to duplicate, the beam control attenuates the operating frequency of the beam to penetrate another vessels' energy screams as if they were not present. Although the Federation has made progress with rapid shield modulation routines which prevent the full magnitude of the beam's power from reaching the unshielded hull, the phased polaron beam still poses a great threat. Dependeding on the relative development of the polaron beam controller and Federation shield controller at any given time, a starship captain could experience either an encounter during which his shields were as effective as against normal phaser or disruptor fire or one where the polaron beams passed through the shields without being impeded at all.

The photon torpedo used on the Jem'Hadar vessels has an advanced ECM suite making it difficult to distract from its target. Otherwise, it is an unremarkable combination of an anti-matter warhead and warp field sustainer coil similar to those in use by various races in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants (Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, Federation, etc).